Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 169

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 169

Chapter 169: The Search Team Was Wiped Out! The moment the blank hit the special police helmet, red paint sprayed out and dyed his helmet red.

The sensor on his helmet also emitted smoke.

This meant that he had been eliminated.

This sudden attack made all the police officers stunned.

They still had smiles on their faces.

They were still excited about finding the robber’s stolen money.

But what was the situation now? Was there a sniper? Could it be that the robbers didn’t abandon the car and escape at all? Instead, they were lying in ambush nearby, and this car was just bait? “Attention, everyone, there’s a sniper, there’s a sniper! Take cover, take cover…” The temporary team captain saw this and quickly shouted, but before he could finish, a blank had already hit his helmet.




Smoke rose.

“Take…” the team captain’s heart sank.

Seeing this, he already knew that he had been eliminated.

Then, at the foot of the Little Alps, dense gunshots could be heard.

The bullets were fired at the police officers who did not have time to dodge.

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COM Two submachine guns, two automatic rifles, and a sniper rifle.

Because the police officers were still immersed in the joy of discovering the stolen money a moment ago, their mental states were relaxed, and they had already let down their guard.

So, all of a sudden, smoke rose from many people’s helmets.

The robbers caught them off guard! This was also the opportunity that Jon had been waiting for.

Because at this moment, the policemen were very relaxed, so they fired at this moment.

The policemen who had already been eliminated were naturally unable to make a move.

As for the other policemen who had not been eliminated, they hurriedly to find cover.

However, under such intense firepower of the robbers, even if there was cover, they would still be shot.

This was because they did not know the exact location of the robbers.

At the foot of the mountain, Jon held an automatic rifle and aimed through the scope.

Basically, he shot one person at a time.

“Boss, your shooting skill is amazing.

” Will Smith could not help but exclaim in admiration when he took the opportunity to change the magazine.

He was also holding an automatic rifle, but he had already emptied one magazine and hadn’t killed many.

But Jon never missed once.

Jon was not only had intelligence, but also could shoot.

His marksmanship was also pretty good.

Compared to Jon, Will Smith felt that he was completely crushed by the him.

Jon didn’t respond to him and continued to shoot.

Their sudden attack not only caught the police officers unprepared, it also caught the people in the temporary command room by surprise.

The 100 million viewers in the livestream also didn’t expect it.

Because in the previous drill, Jon had always been on the run.

And this time, when the audiences saw the abandoned cars in the abandoned factory, they naturally thought that Jon had given up the money and had run away.

Therefore, they did not even think about the scene of him confronting the police.

But who would have thought that not only did Jon not run away, he even took the initiative to shoot the police.

In the temporary command room.

The squad leader was completely speechless and stared blankly into the screen.

Not only him, but even the commissioner and the commander were also stunned.

This time, the search team was ambushed by Jon.

They were probably going to be wiped out! Previously, there were five casualties in the city.

Now, there were fifty casualties, which was ten times the number! Moreover, there was also a commander who was also been eliminated! In total, there were fifty-six people! The thing was, with so many people killed, they still did not catch the robbers! They still could not end the drill! Even the stolen money in the car was going to fall back into the hands of the robbers.

No, it did not fall back into the hands of the robbers.

It was because the police had never controlled the money in their own hands! In other words, if the police could not control the money, the robbers could still win.

With so many police officers were eliminated, this was undoubtedly very beneficial to the robbers.

From now on, the Florida State Police Department would lose face.

This was a disgrace! In the abandoned factory, the search team was almost wiped out.

Jon picked up his gun, stood up and said, “Will, follow me.

The other three cover us.

” Then he walked out.

They had killed 21 people in the dense fire.

According to Jon’s calculations, the hunting team was left with 25 people after the explosion of the bomb.

In other words, four of them survived.

Jon naturally wanted to find these four people and kill them.

Since he had already made his move, he had to kill them all.

No one should be left behind.

In the abandoned factory, four police officers hid behind a car.

They had handguns in their hands.

This meant that they were ordinary police officers.

Because only the special police officers would be equipped with submachine guns and automatic rifles.

But now, the special police officers were all dead.

Since the special police had all the big guns in their hands.

So, when the shots were fired, Jon had four people deal with the special police.

A few police officers hid behind the car and held their breath.

They didn’t dare to show their heads now.

After all, although they had weapons, they were only handguns.

The robbers had handguns, automatic rifles, submachine guns, and even sniper rifles.

Once they showed themselves, they would be eliminated in an instant.

Moreover, even if they retreated, they wouldn’t have a chance, and the robbers were closing in.

They could only fight to the death! The four police officers looked at each other and nodded to each other to encourage each other.

Since they couldn’t leave anymore, they could only keep fighting! If they happened to kill Jon, it would be a great merit.

Then, the four robbers got up and were ready to shoot at the robbers who were approaching them.

But at that moment, a sniper bullet hit one of the police officers’ helmet.

The remaining three police officers were shot three times by Jon, and all of them were killed.

The police officers fired two shots, but they did not hit the robbers.

Then, smoke rose from the helmets of the four police officers almost at the same time.

At this point, the search team that came to the abandoned factory were all wiped out! After confirming the number of people, Jon carried his gun on his back and came to the temporary team captain.

Then, under his gaze, Jon took off his helmet and took the walkie-talkie from his hand.

Then, Jon looked at the camera with a smile on his face.

“New commander, I’m very sorry.

These members of your search team have all been eliminated by me.

” “A total of 50 people, all in one place.

” “If you still want to chase us next, you have to be careful.

Who knows, the number of people who will be eliminated next time will be even more.