Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 164

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 164

Chapter 164: The Robbers Entered the North Freedom Road! The team captain did not speak again.

He could see that the squad leader had already decided on this matter.

Even if he wanted to raise his opinion, the squad leader would not listen at all.

Under such circumstances, he naturally could not say anything.

Commissioner Raymond and the commander were listening to the squad leader’s orders.

Neither of them said a word.

Because the squad leader was now the commander of this exercise.

They could not interfere.

After drawing a circle on the map, the team leader picked up the walkie-talkie.

He began to set up posts in the circle on the map and gave the orders to the police officers who were stationed at all the intersection.

Except for the officers from Moses District, who were standing guard in place.




The police forces of the remaining parts of the district were drawn out by the squad leaders.

They surrounded Moses district from all directions.

The downtown area was too big.

Even if the robbers stayed in the downtown area, they could still play with the police.

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COM Now that the robbers had decided to go to Moses District.

The squad leaders had to narrow the circle to the vicinity of Moses District.

He wanted to see if the robbers could still cause trouble within this range.

Then, he went to the front of the control panel and stared at the monitor screen with a serious expression.

On the monitor screen.

The robbers’ vehicle was moving quickly.

It was about to enter Moses District.

The squad leader’s expression was very calm at this moment.

However, he was not as calm as he looked.

That was because the order he had just given was a decisive move to the outcome of this drill.

If it succeeded, he would be the hero.

If the operation failed, then the heavy responsibility would fall on him.

In the livestream.

“Isn’t this decision of the squad leader a little inappropriate? After all, once this order is given, they either win the drill or completely fail.

” “That’s right.

After this order is given, it will either be a victory for the police or a victory for the robbers.

There won’t be a third possibility at all.

” “Leader, aren’t he being too radical? Did he think about it before he give this order?” “He definitely thought about it.

I think there’s no problem with squad leader’s decision.

If it’s not broken, it won’t be established.

” “I think the squad leader is very bold.

After all, he has mobilized almost all the manpower that was previously deployed.

” “Yeah, other than the police officers from Moses District, the other police officers from the other intersections have been transferred here.

It’s a total gamble.

” “Actually, the squad leader made a very good decision.

After all, they have fought with Jon before and know what kind of opponent Jon is.

” “Yes, the drill had been going on for a long time, and there was no progress at all.

Now that they finally got an opportunity, they naturally had to use all their strength to catch the robbers.

Otherwise, if they missed this opportunity, they wouldn’t know when the next time would be.

” “It can’t be said that there’s a problem.

After all, the previous commander’s personality was steady, and this commander was more radical, so his thoughts were also different.

” “The reason why you think that the previous commander was steady is because he didn’t find any traces of the robbers at that time, so he had no choice but to be steady.

” “That’s right.

After the robbers killed the commander, they exposed themselves.

If it were the previous commander, he would probably have made the same decision.

” “The current situation is that Jon is about to be surrounded by the police.

Under such circumstances, how can Jon run away from this?” “I can’t think of a way to escape, but I think Jon must have a way to escape.

After all, he has faced similar situations so many times before, but in the end, he still managed to escape.

” “That’s right.

He’s a highly intelligent robber, the strongest robber in history.

It won’t be so easy to catch him.

” “With so many police officers surrounding him, Jon seems to be cornered, but I hope he can make another earth-shattering reversal again.

” “Why do you guys say again?” “Because Jon has made many earth-shattering reversals before, so this time we use the word ‘again’.

” The audiences were discussing crazily.

Seeing the squad leader decide to have a final battle with the robbers at this time.

At this time, there was something that no one thought of.

Some people thought that the captain’s actions were inappropriate.

After all, their opponent was Jon, the world’s strongest robber, not just any robber.

The squad leader made this decision.

If the police won, it would be fine.

If the police failed, there would be no way to stop Jon from escaping the city.

At that time, the squad leader would have to bear the heavy responsibility.

However, there were quite a number of people who thought that the squad leader was very bold and that this was a good opportunity.

After all, the drill had lasted for such a long time.

The police had almost never confronted the robbers head-on.

They were completely led by the nose by the robbers.

Now that they had finally locked onto the robbers, this was naturally a very good opportunity.

“Sir, the traffic department has already fixed the traffic light problem, but because of the current situation on Third Avenue, there was already a serious traffic jam.

” “If we want to completely clear up the road, we still need some time.

” At this moment, a technician reported the situation.

“I understand.

” the squad leader nodded slowly and replied with a calm expression.

After being stuck on Third Avenue for such a long time, it was obviously impossible to hope that the capture team could catch up to the robbers.

It was obviously impossible.

So, now the squad leader did not put his hope on the capture team.

But it is good news that the traffic department can handle the traffic lights.

Then the squad leader’s eyes continued to look at the monitor screen.

In the frame.

After driving for a while, the robber’s car suddenly veered onto North Freedom Road.

The squad leader frowned, he was confused.

He had already seen that the robber’s vehicle was heading towards Moses District.

However, the robber once again entered Freedom North Road.

This was something that the squad leader had never thought of.

What was the robbers trying to do? Were they going to change their car again? The police had already been fooled once.

It would be unreasonable to do this again.

Jon did not think that the police would be fooled a second time, right? Moreover, with Jon’s intelligence, he would not use the same method twice in a drill, right? It would be meaningless if they switched the car again.

However, Jon did not like to play some ordinary trick.

It was not impossible for Jon to repeat the same trick.

“Pull up all the surveillance camera footage on the road that can leave North Freedom Road.

Report immediately if you find the robber’s vehicle leaving North Freedom Road!” The squad leader continued to stare at the surveillance cameras.

He gave the order to the technicians.