Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 153

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Still Unable to Aim At the Target! “No way, the commander actually realized Jon might using a bug?” “It’s a little sudden.

I didn’t notice anything at first, but he suddenly thought of a bug?” “I seriously suspect that someone tipped them off.

Quick, which of you tipped them off?” “What the f*ck tipped them off? There’s a rule in this drill.

The robbers and the police can’t watch the live broadcast.

How are we supposed to tell the secret?” “Actually, there’s a reason why the commander was able to suspect the bug.

That’s because during the last drill, Jon also used the bug.

” “Good god, the previous commander used his failure to expose Jon’s method for the later commander.

This is what we called the predecessor planted the tree, letting the next generation rest in shades.

” “What you said makes sense.

After all, in the last drill, Jon had already used a bug.

Now that he had quickly evacuated before the police arrived, it’s normal for the commander to be able to think of bug installation.

” “Although the commander can think of a bug, whether or not he can find it is still a problem.

” “Yeah, after all, the bug that Jon installed is still very hidden.

” “Actually, it’s not that difficult.

As long as the commander can confirm that there is a bug in the temporary command room, he only needs to send a few people over and search it with a metal detector.

He will be able to completely discover it.

” “Yeah, that’s all I can think of.

Finding the bug is not a difficult matter at all.

” .



“If Jon’s bug is found, I’m afraid this drill will be reversed again.

” “I think so too.

Once the bug is found, the robbers will be deaf.

The odds of winning this time are still in the favor of the police.

” “But as I said, this drill was very exciting.

There were all kinds of reversals, especially when Jon descended on the temporary command room this morning.

I was extremely nervous at that time.

” “Yeah, at that time, I was sprinting while hugging someone else’s girlfriend.

In the end, I managed to hold on.

I was afraid that I would make some noise and let Jon get caught.

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COM “Good guy.

It’s very sexy when a brother sprints while hugging someone else’s girlfriend.

” “However, the commander is still not sure if there is a bug here.

After all, in the commander’s opinion, it is completely impossible for the robbers to set up a bug here.

” “That’s right.

The reason why the robbers placed the bug in the command room last time was because of the existence of the smelting furnace.

This time, the police did not have any contact with the robbers.

They would not have thought that the police would set up a bug here.

” “That’s true.

However, if the commander can confirm that there is a bug here, no matter what, he will have someone search the place.

When that time comes, Jon will be exposed.

” “Even if they are exposed, at most, the police and robbers will return to the initial equilibrium stage.

Both sides do not have higher odds of winning over the other.

” “That’s right.

This drill is complicated.

Whoever wins or loses, let’s continue watching.

” In the livestream, the audiences were shocked when they heard the commander mutter about a bug.

After all, before this, no one would have thought that the commander would be able to suspect that the robbers would install a bug in the command room.

If the bug that Jon installed was found by the police, then the robbers would have no advantage in this drill.

It was equivalent to both sides returning to the starting point.

In the temporary command room.

“You guys go and rest first.

When the squad leader returns, send a few people to replace you.

Then you can go to sleep.

” The commander patted a technician on the shoulder and said with a solemn expression.

These people had been watching the surveillance cameras for twenty hours during this drill, and they had not let down their guard at all.

They had already done their best.

“Yes, sir.

” the technicians replied.

At this moment, other than deep fatigue, there was also a hint of unwillingness on the faces of the technicians.

After all, they had been working for nearly twenty hours, and they were just about to capture the robbers.

But unexpectedly, they failed again.

They had been full of expectations, but all of their efforts ended up in disappointment.

How could they be satisfied.

They wished they could keep working until they captured Jon.

But their bodies could not bear the workload.

They were so tired that they could probably sleep as soon as they closed their eyes.

So, they could only listen to the arrangements of the commander and go back to sleep.

The commander left the temporary command room.

He looked around.

He was thinking.

If Jon had planted a bug after the bank robbery, before he left the bank, where would he have installed it? Why before he left the bank, and not after the temporary command room was built? Because in the commander’s view, he would not think or dare to think that Jon would come here to install a bug after the temporary command room was built.

This was simply crazy.

So, where would Jon install it? Because the bug could only record sound for a limited distance, if the location of the bug was too far away, it would not be able to listen to the information here.

It was just that.

If Jon had already installed the bug before he left the bank, then how could he be sure where the police would build the temporary command room? The commander was deep in thought.

On the rooftop.

The heavy rain was still falling.

Under the umbrella, there were two figures.

Venus was still holding the riffle, using the scope to observe the situation in the awning.

“What’s the situation now?” Jon, who was holding the umbrella for her, asked.

Just because Venus was a woman, it did not mean her his ability as a sniper were not valued.

Venus had been holding the sniper rifle for almost half an hour.

But she had not moved at all.

This kind of endurance surprised Jon.

How much terrifying training had he gone through to have this kind of endurance.

“Still unable to aim at the target.

” Venus spoke softly.

At this moment, looking through the scope of the sniper rifle, the position of the commander was coincidentally blocked by the cameraman who was standing behind him.

Therefore, Venus was unable to aim at the commander.

Jon raised his eyebrows and did not speak.

Through the earpiece on his ear, Jon had already monitored the situation in the temporary command room.

The commander gave the squad leader the order to withdraw the team.

Before long, two search teams would return to the temporary command room.

At that time, Jon would not have the chance to kill the commander.

Because, once the shots were fired, Jon and Venus’ positions would definitely be exposed.

If they were exposed, there would be two search teams in the temporary command room.

Before Jon and the others went downstairs, the search teams would be able to reach the building where Jon and the others were.

They’ll be surrounded by two search teams, and they’ll have less than a 50% chance of getting out of here safely.

It was a big risk, and Jon did not want to take it.