Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 145

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Find Out Which Car Jon Switched Into! 7:50 am, in the temporary command room.

The commander woke up, looked up at the sky, stretched his body and yawned.

He had only slept for about three hours.

He was still sleepy.

He rubbed his eyes to get rid of the drowsiness.

There was no time limit for this drill.

However, the commander still wanted to catch the robber as soon as possible.

After all, if the time dragged on for too long, his men would be exhausted.

This situation was not good for the police.

Then, he looked at the table and was stunned.

Because on the map, there was breakfast.




He looked at the temporary command room.

A few staff were still checking the surveillance cameras.

The commander touched the breakfast and found that it was already cold.

Although he didn’t know who bought it, the commander didn’t think too much about it.

He took out a hamburger and ate it.

Then, he ate the hamburger and walked to the temporary command room.

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COM The technicians were still the same as yesterday.

In the early morning, the commander told the squad leader that he would replace these technicians when the sun came up.

But now, there was no replacement.

It was probably because the branch leader had not woken up yet.

“Any progress?” the commander looked at the exhausted technicians and asked.

“Sir, we have already checked all the vehicles in the time period you mentioned.

” “As for the information of the vehicles, it will take some time.

” a technician said.

The commander nodded.

Just as he was about to return to the table, another technician said, “Sir, we found something.

” The commander heard this and quickly walked over.

He saw the display screen in front of the technician.

It showed the information of a vehicle.

“This four-seater car has been posted a second-hand platform for a long time.

It shows that there are transaction records a few days ago, but there is no transfer of ownership now.

” the technician said.

Looking at the display screen, the commander was a little excited.

The second-hand car market, the car that had just come out a few days ago.

It matched! It was very much the information of the robber’s car.

And the time also matched, so now, the commander could confirm in his heart that this car was the car that the robber had changed to.

“Are there other four-seater cars, rental cars, or cars that have come out of the second-hand car market recently?” Even though the commander had already confirmed it in his heart, he still had to ask the technical staff about the investigation.


” the technical replied, “We have already checked almost three-quarters of all the cars that have been sorted out.

This is the only one so far.

” Now, even the technical staff were a little excited.

After all, they had worked hard all night.

Now, there was a slight breakthrough.

If they could confirm that this car was the robber’s car, then it was worth it for them to stay up all night.

“Investigate the video of this car passing by the intersection.

” the commander said.

A smile could not help but appear on his face.

It had been nearly twenty hours since the start of the drill.

Now, there was finally a breakthrough.

Soon, the technician retrieved the surveillance video of the car passing by the road section.

“This intersection is where the robbers entered North Freedom Road, right?” the commander asked.

“Yes, sir.

This is the surveillance video of the same surveillance camera about two hours after Jon and the others entered this intersection.

” the technician replied.

“Two hours?” “From this intersection to the abandoned factory, it’s about half an hour’s drive.

Then, after Jon changed his ride, he stayed in the abandoned factory for an hour.

” the commander frowned and muttered.

This speculation was reasonable.

The possibility of Jon changing into this car was very high.

Under the control of the technician, the surveillance footage began to play.

The commander watched carefully.

The car appeared at the intersection.

The commander quickly said, “Pause and zoom in.

” When the technician heard this, he quickly pressed the pause button.

Then, he zoomed in on the surveillance footage.

Although the surveillance footage wasn’t very clear, they could see that there were five people in the four-seater car.

One person in the driver’s seat.

One person in the co-driver’s seat.

And in the back seat, there were three people.

No more, no less, there were exactly five people! “This is the robbery team!” The commander was extremely excited at this moment.

Even though he couldn’t see clearly, he could still see through the three people’s body shapes.

He could see that they were very fitting for the robbers’ body shapes.

Moreover, this car was sold in the second-hand car market, and it appeared at a reasonable time.

There were also five people in the car.

With this information, the commander was now completely sure that this was the car of the robber.

Hearing that, the technicians were very excited.

After all, they had spent the whole night investigating, and their efforts were not in vain.

They finally found a breakthrough.

In the livestream.

“Good God, I just turned on the live broadcast and saw that the police found the car of the robber.

This is a very big breakthrough.

It seems that Jon is not far from being arrested.

” “Yeah, as long as they find the car of the robber and lock onto Jon’s destination, the police will be on the move very soon.

I’m afraid that this drill will end today.

” “Haha, as a viewer of the livestream who watched the whole night, my mood did not fluctuate at all when I saw this situation.

I even felt like laughing.

” “Haha, me too.

If Jon had not sneak to the command room, I would have thought that this was a major breakthrough.

But Jon had already planted a bug, so every move of the police was heard by Jon.

How could this be considered a breakthrough?” “I don’t quite understand what you guys are saying.

What do you mean Jon planted a bug?” “Forget it.

You guys just watched the stream and don’t know anything.

I’ll explain it to you.

” “It was around six o’clock this morning when Jon himself came to the temporary command room and personally installed a bug here.

” “How was it? Was It a surprise? Was it unexpected? Was it exciting?” “Shut up, are you guys serious? Jon actually came to the temporary command room? And then he left unscathed? It’s fake, right?” “I strongly suspect that those who stayed up all night watching the live broadcast are trying to trick us who just opened the stream, the robber came to the police’s command room.

I can’t believe you guys make up such a story.

It’s simply ridiculous.

” “Whether it’s made up or not, you can go online and look at the hot searches on all the major platforms to find out.

” “D*mn, I just looked it up, it seems like it was true.

” “No way, no way.

Did the robbers really come to the police headquarters? How could they?” “Anyway, I told you guys to go online and find out the truth.

If you guys still don’t believe me, there’s nothing I can do.