Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 140

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Checking the Surveillance Footage Overnight! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio While Venus was in shock, the replacement cameraman was still broadcasting the situation in the temporary command room.

In front of the console, a few technicians were still working hard.

They were still checking the vehicles from the surveillance footage.

Next to the table under the awning, the commander and the squad leader sat facing each other around the table.

They smoked and remained silent.

The commander held a red pen and frowned as he looked at the map.

After a long while, he sighed.

“Where do you think Jon will escape to?” “The Moses District in front of North Freedom Road? But that shouldn’t be possible.

After all, after Jon switched the car on North Freedom Road, he must have known that our attention would be on the Moses District.

” “And our focus is on this area.

Under such circumstances, Jon would definitely not choose to break out from here.

” “So, he wants to focus all my attention on Moses District and find a chance to break through from the opposite direction?” The commander seemed to be talking to himself, but also to the squad leader.




The squad leader looked at the commander.

On the map, there was a circle in each of the two districts he mentioned.

The squad leader also frowned and pondered but didn’t say anything.

According to the situation, Jon was most likely to attract the police’s attention to Moses District, and then leave from Moses District.

But, if he could think of it, Jon could also think of it too.

After all, Jon was very smart.

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COM If Jon could predict police’s action, would he do the opposite? Did Jon not flee to Morton or was he waiting for an opportunity in Moses? The technicians sorted all the cars with seven seats and above that came out from North Freedom Road within the time requested by the commander.

They recorded them on the notebook and handed them to the commander.

“There is a total of five new vehicles, but none of these five vehicles are from the rental car company.

” a technician said to the commander.

The commander looked at the notebook and listened to the report of the technician with a solemn expression.

On the notebook, there was no problem with the vehicle information.

It did not seem to be related to the robbers.

The commander had a blank look in his eyes.

They had already checked through the an-hour-later footage, but there was still no sign of the robbers’ vehicle.

If they still fast forward the surveillance footage, it would be around the time when the search team rushed over to the abandoned factory.

Could it be that the robbers had been waiting in the small Alps for more than two hours and left just before the search team arrived? If that was the case, wouldn’t it be a bit risky for the robbers? “Do you think it’s possible that the robbers didn’t take the car but left on foot?” Opposite him, the squad leader thought for a moment and said to the commander.

If they couldn’t find the robbers’ car, then it could only mean that the robbers left on foot.

“The possibility is very small.

Ten million US dollars is over 250 pounds.

With guns and ammunition, the weight of each robber needs to carry is about 90 pounds.

” “And it’s raining all the time.

How far can they go on foot?” The commander also thought of this possibility, but he quickly denied it, “Jon is such a smart person.

He will definitely think that as long as we find the abandoned factory and their abandoned cars, we will increase the police force at all the junctions in Moses District.

” “He wouldn’t choose to leave this way.

” the squad leader nodded.

Indeed, the robbers needed to bring too many things.

Even the SWAT team members wouldn’t be able to go far with a weight of 70 pounds.

In a rainstorm, they wouldn’t be able to go far.

Jon wouldn’t choose to leave this way.

“Everyone, work hard tonight.

Continue to extend the search time.

During daybreak, we must find the robbers’ car.

” the commander thought for a while and said to the technicians.

Since they could not find the robber’s car during this period of time, they would continue to extend the search time.

He did not believe that Jon and the others could really grow wings and fly away.

“Yes, sir.

” the technicians responded and continued to work.

Although it was already early in the morning, there were still more than ten million viewers watching the live broadcast.

“Guys, are you still awake? It will be dawn soon.

” “I heard that staying up late is not good for the body, so in order to avoid hurting the body, I decided to stay up until morning.

” “Reasonable, logical, and touching.

The genius lad.

” “But I’m quite curious.

The police have searched for so long, but they still haven’t found the robber’s car.

So how did Jon leave North Freedom Road?” “He should have left on foot, right? After all, although their things are very heavy, didn’t Jon and the other robber also carry gold last time?” “Now that you mention it, it seems to be true, right?” “You’re all bullsh*ting.

Think about it carefully.

How far is the bank from the hotel in the last drill, and how far they needed to travel to leave the city this time?” “Moreover, under the circumstances where the police put their focus here, or in a rainstorm, how far can they go while carrying such a heavy thing?” “It’s impossible.

The commander said that.

Are you more clever than the commander?” “Actually, I think that the commander was thinking to the wrong direction.

The cars that the police want to check are all seven-seater and above.

” “What if the robbers thought of this possibility and prepared a four-seater car in advance?” “F*ck, it seems to be true.

The cars that the commander asked the technicians to check were all seven-seater and above.

If Jon switched to a four-seater car, then the direction of the search would be completely wrong.

” “That’s unlikely, right? After all, there are five robbers and so many cash, guns, and ammunition.

How can a four-seater car fit them?” “That’s right.

Just ten million in cash would require a lot of space, right?” “I don’t think that’s possible either.

However, there’s no sign of Jon in a seven-seater or MPV cars, so it should be a good idea to focus on a four-seater sedan.

” “I just used ten million in cash and four young ladies to do an experiment.

The five of us together with ten million in cash wouldn’t be a problem to put in a four-seater sedan.

It’s just a little crowded.

” “And the remaining space is enough to put down some weapons.

” “Sh*t, four ladies.

Is this dude having a party?” “F*ck, I don’t have any ladies here.

The dude had four ladies in his car and he’s so f*cking rich.

I’m jealous.

” “Bro, do you lack any friend? We can be friend if you want.

” “Master, do you lack pet? I can learn how to bark like Huskies, Pomeranians, German Shepherds, and other dogs.

I can bark right now.


” “It’s not important, it’s not important.

You guys are focusing on the wrong topic.

What I’m, trying to say is that a four-seater car can totally let Jon escape!”