Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 137

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 137

Chapter 137: It’s Not Jon.

Hope Shattered! “Yes.

” The squad leader replied and then led his men to the hotel to check the surveillance camera.

In the livestream.

“Did Jon run away? I knew it was impossible for him to be caught so quickly.

” “No way.

Jon is not in the car, but the car is here.

I think Jon should be nearby.

” “More than 200 pounds of money, the guns and ammunition aren’t in the car as well.

Could it be that the robbers were carrying it with them?” “I don’t think this is Jon’s car.

If it were, why would Jon just park it here?” “Yeah, and there’s a surveillance camera behind the car.

Would Jon let the surveillance camera capture him so easily?” “I also feel that this car can’t be Jon’s.

” “The police have spent so much time and manpower.

If this car isn’t Jon’s, then it’s a waste of manpower and time.

” In the livestream, the bullet comments were still surging wildly.




Now, a portion of the audience had already sensed that something was wrong.

They felt that this suspected car that the police thought was probably not the car that Jon and the others had switched to.

In the hotel.

The squad leader sent someone to check the hotel’s hotel records.

There was no information about Jon and the others at all.

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COM This was as expected.

After all, Jon could not have used his identity to check in.

Otherwise, the police would have received the info immediately.

Now, all hope was placed on the surveillance video of the underground parking lot.

If they could check the security footage and confirm that the person who got out of the car was the robber.

Then even if the robber used fake identity information to check in, the police can still catch them.

Hotel surveillance room.

A special police officer was accessing the security footage, and the squad leader was watching nervously.

Temporary command room.

The commander and a few technical personnel are also nervous.

Because this surveillance footage almost determined the direction of this drill.

If the persons who got out of the car were really the robbers, then it meant that they had really made a breakthrough.

But if this car wasn’t the robber’s replacement car, then it meant that their efforts over the past few hours had been in vain.

They started to play the surveillance footage.

The car slowly drove in from the door.

It stopped in the parking space.

During this time, everyone did not blink their eyes and held their breath as they looked at the surveillance footage.

The commander, the squad leader, the police officers, Gal Gadot, and the cameraman, all of them became nervous.

Under everyone’s gaze.

The driver’s seat door opened, and a young man walked out.

This young man was not one of the five robbers.

Seeing this scene, the commander’s expression changed from his anticipation and desire changed to disappointment and solemnity.

The driver was not the robber.

Then, a young woman got out of the car.

They walked out of the underground parking lot hand in hand.

It was obvious that they were a couple.

Their hopes were shattered! The temporary command room and the surveillance room were completely silent! In comparison, the comments in the live broadcast room were very lively.

“Haha, what did I just say? I knew it was impossible for Jon to be captured so quickly.

As expected, my guess was right.

” “When all of us thought that Jon was about to be captured, Jon always surprised us.

” “Is Everyone thought that Jon was going to be arrested? I’m sorry, I’m an exception.

I’m not one of them.

I didn’t think that Jon would be arrested.

” “I’m an exception too.

” “Only a portion of US thought that Jon would be arrested.

, but not us.

We always believed in Jon.

” “Sigh, I’m starting to sympathize with the police.

After all, they worked so hard for so long, but in the end, it was all for naught.

” “The drill has been going on for eight hours, but now, the police have to start from the beginning again.

Why do I feel a little sad?” “The police are quite miserable.

In order to focus all their attention on this suspected car, they spent a few hours and a lot of manpower.

” “Brothers, this is a drill! This is what we want to see in a drill.

” “It was five hours ago when the robbers switched cars.

At this time, could Jon be preparing to break out of the city at a junction?” “Probably not.

After all, the police are still strict at every junction.

Jon wouldn’t do such a thing.

” “Haha, while you are still wondering if Jon will break out of the city, Jon might be somewhere, looking at the rain outside the window gloomily, sipping red wine in his mouth, and then letting out a long sigh.

Being invincible is so lonely.

” “Oh my God, there’s a scene.

The robbers are enjoying the red wine, and the police are so busy.

Why is this scene so familiar?” “Of course this is familiar.

This is what happened in the last drill, and it was rated as one of the famous scenes of the year.

” “Haha, with such a let-down, I feel that the police are really frustrated.

” In the livestream, the audiences were still discussing intensely.

Jon did not fall into the net.

This was obviously a very good thing for the audiences who wanted to watch more live broadcasts.

However, a portion of the audience began to feel sorry for the police.

After all, they had worked hard for so long, spent time and manpower, but had not made any progress.

It was hard not to feel sorry for them.

At this moment, the popularity of the live broadcast room had also reached 90 million.

It directly broke the previous live broadcast record of Gal Gadot.

And the gifts in the livestream had also increased.

Temporary command room.

The commander looked at the surveillance screen and fell into deep thought.

Out of the few MPV cars with seven seats and above, only this one was suspicious.

But why wasn’t the robber’s vehicle? After the robbers entered North Freedom Road, it was impossible for the robbers to disappear into thin air.

What exactly went wrong? The commander’s mood was very solemn.

Even though this drill had been going on until now, not a single police officer had been eliminated.

It was much better than the previous two drills.

Right now, almost nine hours had passed, but there was still no progress.

This was a very embarrassing thing.

Not to mention, there were so many people in the country paying attention to this drill.

The pressure was huge.

Then, the commander let out a long breath and picked up the walkie-talkie.

“Team A, let’s pack up first.

” There was a hint of helplessness in his tone.

Originally, he had planned to let the search team continue to search around the Las Vegas Hotel.

But it was already so late, and it was still a rainstorm.

The difficulty of the search was too great.

And if they kept searching the hotel, they would delay the operation of the next day.

So, the commander let the team came back first.

Took a rest and didn’t affect tomorrow’s operation.