Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 136

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Suspected Robbers’ Vehicle! In the temporary command room.

With the efforts of a few technicians, they finally locked onto the location where the suspected vehicle disappeared in the surveillance camera.

And that place was only about a kilometer away from the Las Vegas Hotel where Jon had checked in before.

This also made the commander more certain that this vehicle was most likely the robbery vehicle.

“Search Team A, please pay attention.

” The commander picked up the walkie-talkie and said to the team leader who was searching near the Las Vegas Hotel.

“Through the surveillance video near North Freedom Road, we found the car that the robber had switched to.

This car drove from North Freedom Road to the Mesossipe District and finally disappeared at the entrance of the underground parking lot of the Toronto Hotel next to Skylark Road.

” “Please let Team A to check immediately!” “Suspected robber’s vehicle is a black seven-seater MPV, license plate number 30221.

” In the eyes of the commander, tit was most likely the vehicle of the robbers.

This could be a chance for the police to end this drill.




If not for the fact that they were too far away, the commander would have wanted to personally participate in the operation.

“Team A copy that!” On the walkie-talkie, the team leader’s voice was a little excited.

After all, after searching for so long, the police finally had some clues.

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COM The commander put down the walkie-talkie in his hand and looked at the surveillance screen.

He could not help but feel nervous.

He thought that this time, he should be able to make some breakthrough progress.

But he didn’t know, he was wrong from the beginning Because, after changing cars, Jon stayed at the abandoned factory for an hour.

And the time that the commander gave the order to the searching team, Jon and the others drove a 5-seater car were caught on the surveillance camera leaving the North Freedom Road.

He just missed it! After such a lethal mistake in the direction of the search, everything that happened next was destined to be wrong.

On the other side.

After receiving the orders from the commander, the squad leader hurriedly put away his walkie-talkie.

He ordered his team members, “All members, quickly get into the car, we have found the suspect vehicle!” All the team members hurriedly followed the squad leader and returned to the police car.

When Gal Gadot and the cameraman saw this, they also hurriedly got into their car.

After getting onto the car, Gal Gadot took the microphone and went on the camera, explaining the current situation to the audience.

“Just now, we received news from the temporary command room.

There was an intel stated that a suspected robber’s car was found.

” “And this car is in an underground parking lot not far from us.

This is very likely to be a key breakthrough for the police.

” “And now, we are following the search team to the place where the suspected car is parked.

If this car is really the car of the robbers, then this drill might end tonight!” This situation had changed in a sudden.

Before the audience in the live broadcast room could react, the police officers had all boarded the cars and the police cars had already started moving.

“They found a vehicle that looks like a robber.

Have the police finally made any progress?” “It looks like Jon has already been exposed, and the situation is not looking good.

” “Do you think that the current Jon has already fallen asleep and was captured by the police officers in his sleep?” “It’s very possible.

It looks like this drill is going to end early.

I still want to watch it for a few more days.

” “Since the beginning of the drill, it has been eight hours.

Jon has already held on for a long time.

After all, some people thought that Jon wouldn’t last more than four or five hours.

” “Good lord.

It seems like Jon’s arrest is already a certainty according to you guys.

” “Did you not hear clearly what happened? The police only said that it was a suspected car.

It’s not certain whether it was the robber’s car or not.

” “These people can’t wait for Jon to be caught.

” “I just hope that he will be caught as soon as possible.

Why are you guys still have high hope for Jon?” “The check-up is complete, these people are diagnosed as morons.

” “If you don’t want to watch it, then get lost.

Why are you still here? Please find your way out.

” “Don’t be angry with such a retard.

It’s not worth it.

” “But to be honest, I feel that the probability of Jon being caught this time is quite high.

Although it’s a suspected car, the police must be quite confident.

” “Sigh, do you still remember the last drill where the police found Jon’s room records? At that time, you guys also said that the probability of him being arrested is quite high, but what happened in the end?” “Ta, I think so true.

I remember I was slapped in the face as well last time.

” “Haha, keep watching.

The truth will be revealed very soon.

” Because the police seemed to have made a breakthrough, therefore the live broadcast room was very lively.

The viewers discussed on the comment section.

Many viewers thought the car that the police found was Jon’s car.

In their eyes, the police had a very good chance of winning.

The police quickly arrived at the underground parking lot that the commander said.

They could have parked the car in the middle of the road after entering the entrance.

In this way, when the robbers wanted to escape with their cars, the police cars parked in the middle of the road could also act as roadblocks.

All the special police officers got out of their cars and gathered, ready for battle.

The squad leader turned on the camera on his helmet.

He allowed the temporary command room to be able to see the situation at the scene at any time.

“Leave two people here to guard.

The remaining two people will go in with me.

” After the captain gave the order, he carried his gun and walked inside.

A few special police officers followed.

Gal Gadot and the cameraman also followed, maintaining a certain distance to carry out the live broadcast.

As the police officers moved forward, there were four or five forked roads.

Then, the captain signaled for the police officers to split up and search.

A few minutes later.

“Sir, we found a suspected vehicle.

” A police officer’s report was heard through the headset.

The squad leader quickly went over and indeed, he saw a black seven-seater MPV quietly parked in the parking space.

The license plate number was 30221! At this moment, there was naturally no one in the vehicle.

The squad leader quickly picked up the flashlight and shone it on the interior of the vehicle, but he did not find anything.

“Sir, we have found the car, but we do not see any trace of the robbers.

” The squad leader quickly picked up the walkie-talkie and reported the situation to the temporary command room.

But there was no need for him to report.

The commander also used the camera on his helmet to see the scene clearly on the surveillance screen.

“Go to the hotel and look at the surveillance video of the underground parking lot.

Check the hotel upstairs and confirm if the person who got out of the car was the robber.

” The commander gave an order to the squad leader.

Since the surveillance camera of the underground parking lot belonged to the hotel, the surveillance video could not be checked through the police system.