Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 130

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 130

Chapter 130: The Search Team Is On the Move! “Two days later, return the key and get back the deposit.

” The middle-aged woman placed the key on the counter.

After collecting the money, she continued to watch the drama with her head lowered.

She did not want to pay any attention to Jon and the others.

Jon picked up the key and gestured for them to follow him.

Then, he went straight upstairs.

A small hotel like this naturally did not have an elevator, and Jon’s five rooms were on the fifth floor.

When they went up to the fourth floor, they discovered that there was an iron door at the stairway.

There was a lock on the iron door, but it wasn’t locked at the moment.

“Why is there another iron door here?” Will Smith looked at the iron door and was a little puzzled.

After all, there wasn’t such an iron door at the stairway below.

“This means that this hotel should only be legal with the first four floors.

The fifth floor should be an illegal expansion.

Customers without identity registration are all arranged on the fifth floor.

” “If the police come to inspect the hotel, lock this iron door directly.

The police won’t be able to check the people without identity registration.

” .



“After all, if they find that there are guests staying in the hotel without registration, the owner of the hotel will also be punished.

They are more afraid of being found out by the police than we are.

” Jon slowly explained to the dour of them.

Will Smith and the others were police officers, they would sometimes enter and leave the urban village to handle cases.

However, they did not know about the unspoken rules of the hotel.

When Jon was on a mission in the past.

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COM He had been hiding in the village for a period of time, so he knew more about these things.

After hearing Jon’s words, the four of them were shocked.

They didn’t expect Jon to know so much.

Then, Jon handed out the keys to them, but no one had a room.

Then, he took the keys and opened the door of 501.

The room was not big, and the facilities inside were very old.

It was completely different from the presidential suite from before.

But since it was a hotel in the urban village, Jon didn’t expect it to be very good.

As long as he could stay there.

“Boss, do we still need to bring the money in the car?” While Jon was checking the surroundings in the room, Will Smith came to the door and asked.

Guns and ammunition.

They carried them on their backs.

After all, items were very important.

If they were lost, the consequences would be very serious.

However, the money in the backpack was still in the trunk of the car.

“No need.

The money is too heavy.

It’s not convenient to move it around.

Don’t wait for it to attract other people’s attention.

” Jon responded.

Although there were all kinds of people in the urban village, it was not so chaotic that it was easy to break into a car.

There was no need to worry too much.

In the temporary command room.

After the constant efforts of a few technicians, they finally figured out the escape route of Jon and the others through the surveillance camera.

They also determined the last place where Jon and the others disappeared.

The commander looked at the surveillance screen and the time showed that it was 3:40 pm.

It was already 6:30 pm, which meant that after Jon and the others disappeared from this intersection, almost three hours had passed.

The commander came to the table and marked a red circle where Jon and the others disappeared.

Then, he marked an area according to the direction Jon was heading.

He took out his walkie-talkie.

“Teams near the pyramid area, the robbers were in the area you deployed three hours ago.

Be careful!” “The robbers are very cunning.

They may be hiding in any vehicle.

Be careful.

” After giving the order, there was a response soon.

After doing these things, the commander came to the control panel.

“On the last road that the robbers disappeared, check the surveillance footage of other routes that intersected with this road.

” The commander gave the order to a few technicians.

The road that the robbers disappeared on was complicated and could lead to several main roads.

Therefore, after the robbers disappeared, there were many places that could be accessed from that road.

It was quite difficult to investigate.

However, there were only so many clues in the hands of the police.

Even if it was difficult, they had to continue investigating.

“Yes, sir.

” a few technicians replied.

Then, they quickly investigated the surveillance according to what the commander said.

At this moment, the commander brought the walkie-talkie to his mouth again, “Capture Team A, listen up.

Immediately rush to North Freedom Road and search for the robbers’ cars and robbers along North Freedom Road.

If you find any information, report immediately.

” “Yes, Sir!” the capture team replied.

The search team, which had been waiting for a long time, also began to appear.

They followed the road where the robbers disappeared for the last time and searched to see if Jon was hiding nearby.

The capture team was made up of the Florida State Police’s SWAT team.

Team A was led by the SWAT team leader.

Including the SWAT team leader, there were a total of eight people.

After everything was arranged, the commander came to the table and looked at the map on the table.

He was deep in thought.

In the livestream.

“Now, the police have only discovered the whereabouts of Jon and the others three hours ago?” “Is this still useful? Even if they send people over, by the time the police arrive, the robbers will have already escaped.

” “Whether it’s useful or not, the police can only go there now.

After all, this was the only information those police currently had about these robbers.

” “The drill has already been over four hours, and the police has only found traces of Jon three hours ago.

This is not optimistic for the police.

” “Yeah, look at the commander frowning and thinking.

He feels completely played by Jon.

” “What about those people who said that Jon won’t last more than a few hours? Why aren’t they talking now?” “Hehe, the drill has only started for four hours.

What’s the rush?” “Three hours have passed.

Is Jon already heading another way?” “It’s hard to say.

I can only say that it’s very possible.

What if he’s really looking for an opportunity on this road?” “If that’s the case, the search team has already moved out.

In other words, there are police sentries in front of Jon and the search team behind him.

Jon won’t be able to run for long.

” “It can’t be? Jon is going to be arrested?” “I’m just saying in case.

After all, with Jon’s IQ, since he has shown his face on this road, he definitely won’t continue to stay.

” The audience was discussing crazily.

Whether or not the capture team could make a difference was something that everyone was very concerned about.

The commander sat in front of the table.

His expression was solemn, and his brows were tightly knitted.

The current situation was that the road ahead was blocked, and there was a search team at the back, one at the front and one at the back, hoping to bring some good news.