Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 127

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 127

Chapter 127: The Game Begins.

Jon’s Plan! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio As Gal Gadot’s voice fell.

The comments in the livestream surged wildly.

“Haha, I knew Jon had already made his move.

” “Jon robbed a bank.

The police have arrived at the scene.

The show has officially begun.

” “We’ve finally gotten to the main dish.

I’ve been waiting for an hour.

I’m so bored.

” “Jon took 10 million.

I really want to rob a bank with Jon.

” “Wake up.

Even if they rob a bank, they still have to return the money after the drill.

Do you think it’s yours just because you took it?” “It’s fine even if we return it.

After all, I’ve never seen so much money in my life.

It’s good to have a look and touch it for fun.

” “That’s right, dude.

Now that you mention it, I also want to rob a bank, even if it’s just for fun.

” “I want to go + 1.

” .



“We can suggest that when the next drill comes, we act as Jon’s teammates.

” “That’s right.

It doesn’t matter whether we rob a bank or not.

The main thing is to help Jon share the burden in time.

” “Are you trying to help Jon share the burden? You’re just greedy for the money, you’re dumb!” “However, do you think the robbers will be able to successfully escape from the city with a weight of 300 pounds?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “It’s hard to say.

This is the time to test Jon’s IQ.

” “I don’t think Jon will be able to escape.

After all, there are police stationed at every intersection, and they are carrying such a heavy amount of money.

” “Haha, I’m telling you, it’s not too late to let the bullets fly before making a conclusion.

If you make a conclusion so early now, you’ll be slapped in the face.

” The audiences in the livestream crazily sent bullet comments.

The number of viewers in the livestream had already reached 35 million.

When the last drill had just started, the popularity had already increased way too much.

Moreover, only an hour had passed since the start of the drill.

Now, the gifts in the livestream had reached three million dollars.

The police checked the nearby surveillance cameras according to the time of the crime, and soon identified the car that the robber was driving.

The commander quickly asked the technicians to send photos and information of the robber, as well as the information of the car, to all the teams that had set up posts.

Calculating the time, it had been nearly half an hour since Jon had escaped from the bank.

In such a short time, it was impossible for them to leave the city.

And once the robbers didn’t leave the city now, it would be difficult for them to leave the city again.

Because a large net that was enough to cover the loss had been set up.

At the same time, on a certain road in the city.

Brown Williams was driving.

In this half an hour, Brown went around the city twice according to Jon’s request.

And the routes he drove were mostly routes with surveillance cameras.

After driving aimlessly for two laps.

Jon let Brown drove the car to the route that he had originally planned.

“Boss, where are we going now?” Brown drove the car and asked Jon.

The route to escape had already been planned, and they had already gotten the money.

For Brown, the most important thing now was naturally to escape from the city.

It wasn’t just Brown, the other three also thought so in their hearts.

After all, if they escaped from the city early, they would win.

And if they stayed in the city for an hour longer, the chances of catch up by the police would increase.

“Who said we were going to escape?” Jon looked at the pouring rain outside the window and said unhurriedly, “Go and change a car first, then stay in the city for two days.

” As soon as he said this, the other four were slightly stunned.

Now that they had the money, instead of thinking of a way to leave the city quickly, but they need to change their car and try to stay in the city for two days? “Boss, why… Why we’re doing this?” Will Smith asked carefully.

Although he had listened to Jon’s arrangements for the entire drill, he was still very curious.

“You all think that after the robbers get the money, they should run away and leave the city as soon as possible.

So, the other party also thinks so.

” “Now that the drill has just begun, all the police officers are naturally full of energy and treat this drill strictly and seriously.

” “After all, there are so many people watching the live broadcast of this drill.

” “Therefore, the police must be very strict with the arrangements.

If we want to successfully escape from the city in this situation, it is obviously impossible.

” “We will go back and stay for two days.

When the police officers are exhausted, we will start to escape.

” Jon explained slowly.

Hearing Jon’s explanation, the four of them came to a sudden realization.

As police officers, under such circumstances, their first reaction was that the robbers would escape as soon as possible.

Therefore, the focus of the police would definitely be on the security of the various exits in the city.

And with Jon’s plan, the police officers would not be able to react in time.

It was a waste of manpower.

Venus was sitting in the back, looking at Jon through the rear-view mirror.

Her eyes were full of admiration.

The longer she stayed with Jon, the more she felt that he was too charming.

Not only was he intelligent, but he was also strategic and charismatic.

She was deeply attracted to Jon.

According to Jon’s route, Brown was driving on the street.

Because these roads were relatively remote, there were no cameras at all.

They drove to an abandoned factory, where the used cars that had been prepared beforehand were parked.

Because this place was abandoned, no one usually came.

It was not easy to find a car.

“Boss, I keep feeling that the space of this car is too small.

We’re carrying so many things, how can five people sit in it?” Will couldn’t help but speak again as he looked at the car.

The four bags of money were already very big, not to mention that they also had things like guns, plus five people.

This four-seater car obviously didn’t have enough space.

“If you think this way, the police officers who arrested us will also think this way.

We have a lot of things, and there are five of us.

Even if they find the car we abandoned, the focus of their investigation will definitely be on the seven-seater car.

” “A four-seater car like this is easy to overlook.

It’s very beneficial to us.

” Jon explained slowly.

As he spoke, he opened the trunk of the car and placed his backpack and firearms and ammunition in the trunk.

Although the space of the car was not big, it was not small either.

These things were just enough to fit inside.