Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 116

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 116

Chapter 116: If You See What’s Inside, There’s No Turning Back! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio The station manager was shocked.

Then, his face was full of smiles.

If Jon still chose their television station for the next drill, it did not matter if they if the station didn’t get a share of the profit.

The station head was very happy.

“The next drill between me and Florida has already been decided yesterday.

The drill will begin in ten days.

This time, the official live broadcast host for this drill will still be Gal Gadot.

” “However, we chose Gal Gadot and not the television station.

You have to understand this.

” Jon explained slowly.

Gal Gadot did not expect Jon to say this.

She could not help but look at him, her face turned red.

When the station manager heard this, he was first stunned.

Then, he looked at Gal Gadot.

At this moment, he understood.

There was something going on with the two.




“I understand,” the station manager replied.

After the matter of the gift sharing was settled, Jon would not stay at the television station.

And Gal Gadot also left with Jon.

Before they left, Gal Gadot also gave the station manager the press release for Jon’s upcoming joint drill with the Florida State Police Department.

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COM The station manager was naturally extremely excited.

After leaving the television station, they came to the FBI, he parked the car in the parking lot outside and got out.

While Gal Gadot stayed in the car and waited for Jon.

After all, this time, it was Jon who had something to do with the federal investigation.

And Gal Gadot had nothing to do.

Naturally, he did not have to go over.

Along the way, some colleagues greeted Jon one after another.

The current Jon was no longer the old Jon.

The current Jon was rich and famous.

It could be said that he was a winner in life.

With the title of a federal agent, they looked flashy, but compared to Jon, they were nothing.

This situation made many colleagues jealous.

They were FBI agents as well, but why there was such a big gap between them? Some of his colleagues who did not have a good relationship with Jon did not say anything when they saw Jon return.

Jon directly ignored them.

He came to the director’s office.

“Oh, the strongest robber in history.

I don’t have any money here.

” Seeing him return, the director smiled and said.

Jon also smiled.

“Money is something that you can’t bring with you after death.

What’s the point of having more money? It’s just a pile of paper.

” The director’s mouth twitched.

He felt that Jon was showing off to him.

After all, Jon had earned fame and fortune through these two drills.

Not only he was famous all over America, but he also got a cut of over $10 million gifts on livestream.

It was more money than a bank robbery.

Jon indeed was a millionaire now.

Naturally, money was less appealing to him now.

“If you continue to show off to me, I will let you leave my office immediately.

” the director said.

Jon grinned, then his smile gradually disappeared, and his expression became extremely serious.

“So, this time, can I get something I want?” Hearing Jon’s words, the smile on the director’s face slowly disappeared, and he sighed helplessly.

“Your obsession is too strong, Jon.

” Jon had been holding on to that matter.

Indeed, his obsession was too strong.

However, this was also what the director admired about Jon.

Otherwise, he would not have help Jon in many things.

Jon was a person who valued friendship very much.

Otherwise, he would not have continued to investigate the matter from three years ago.

That was too many parties involved in that matter, it even involved some personnel in the White House.

If Jon were an ordinary person, after the mission failed and saved himself, he would have long forgotten about this matter.

As for the dead people, who cared who they were, as long as he didn’t die.

After all, the implications were too great.

However, Jon didn’t think so.

He had to get an explanation for his dead brothers.

In Jon’s words, if they didn’t find the person who betrayed them, their brothers wouldn’t feel at ease even if they died, and he wouldn’t feel at ease even if he lived.

The director knew that he could not stop Jon from investigating.

He took out a file from the drawer and placed it on the table.

“During this drill, the Florida police have lost face in front of the entire United States.

The big shot on top is very satisfied with your performance.

Last night, he gave me this document.

” He looked at the document on the table.

Jon’s pupils contracted slightly.

He had investigated the truth for three years.

Was it finally going to be revealed this time? “However, don’t have too much hope.

To those big shots, your value has just been revealed.

They can’t let you know the truth now.

” the director looked at Jon’s expression and said.

Jon regained his composure.

A hint of mockery appeared on his lips.

His value had just been revealed, and the big shots above wanted to squeeze out all of his value.

How could they let him know the final truth? He reached out to pick up the document on the table.

The director pressed a hand on the document.

“Jon, once you read the contents, there’s no turning back.

” “The last time I let you see the document that was smeared, it wasn’t a big deal.

If you continue to investigate, your world might turn upside down.

” Without hesitation, Jon pressed his hand on the document and looked at the director.

“I have a reason to investigate.

” The director stared at Jon for a while, nodded, and removed his hand from the document bag.

Jon picked up the file and opened it.

He took out the contents.

There was only one photo, or more accurately, a portion of it.

Not even a quarter of it.

At the bottom of the photo, there was a pair of feet in black boots.

These were the men’s boots, about size 43.

At the time of the photo, the man was standing.

Further up, he was wearing a pair of trousers on his calves.

The edges were neat, as if someone had cut it off with scissors.

Sure enough, it wasn’t that easy for him to find out the truth.

Jon looked at the photo again.

There were five steps of staircase in the background, and there were traces of water on the steps, but no raindrops could be seen from the photo.

It must have rained not long ago.

The traces of water on the steps reflected a faint golden light.

According to this, the source of the light should be a golden light.

From the photo, only this information could be seen.

“Is that all, director?” Jon looked at the director and asked unwillingly.

The director nodded and replied seriously, “That’s all, Jon.