Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 96

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Focus On the Search! Moreover, the two robbers each carried a hundred kilograms of weight on their backs.

Would it be the first place they chose to escape a place they had spent eight days preparing.

But, where did they stay during these eight days? The person-in-charge was having a headache.

Jon was too high up, and he didn’t play by the rules.

Where exactly would he be? The city was so big, and the person-in-charge didn’t know where to look for him.

However, he had already sent people to find all the surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the bank within five hours, especially the back door.

The person-in-charge felt that since he could not find the direction, he should be able to find a way that Jon used to escape.

After all, it was impossible for him to fly out of the city.

However, the person-in-charge also knew that it was impossible for someone as cautious as Jon to find him with the surveillance cameras.

Therefore, his main purpose of investigating the surveillance footage was to determine Jon’s direction of escape.

Ten minutes later… .



“Sir, we found Jon’s trail,” the technician who was checking the surveillance footage said.

The chief captain quickly went over to take a look.

It was the surveillance camera at the back of the bank.

The surveillance footage showed that it was 7:55 pm.

In the picture, Jon, who was wearing a cap, walked out of the back door of the bank with Venus Alice.

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COM He looked around as if to make sure there were no police officers around.

Then the two of them walked to the right.

The technicians kept switching between the surveillance cameras nearby at that time according to the direction Jon was heading.

Finally, they pieced together Jon’s escape route.

After walking for a few blocks, Jon arrived at a crowded street.

This was a pedestrian street.

There would be many vendors at night and there would be a lot of traffic every night.

The footage was traced here.

The person-in-charge frowned.

Sure enough, with Jon’s cautiousness, how could he not be on guard against the surveillance cameras.

After he came out of the bank, he did not deliberately avoid the cameras in order to draw the police’s attention here.

Such a huge flow of people.

Even if there were many surveillance cameras on the pedestrian street, it would take a lot of time and manpower to find out where Jon disappeared from.

Moreover, the traffic in this place was in all directions, and there were countless types of public transportation, eg.

buses and taxis.

As long as Jon avoided the cameras and went to a random place, it would be impossible to find him.

“Continue to investigate.

Check the surveillance cameras near the pedestrian street and see if you can find Jon.

” The person-in-charge looked at the surveillance footage of the pedestrian street and gave an order to a few technicians.

Then, he returned to the table and marked a red dot at the location of the pedestrian street on the map.

His brows were tightly knitted.

No one knew what he was thinking.

Then, he said to the SWAT team leader, “Send someone to check the nine-day rental information of all the hotels, inns, and rental houses near the pedestrian street.

” “See if you can find the identities of the five robbers.

” “Focus on the day Jon came to Pennsylvania.

” The SWAT captain nodded.

He had a strong premonition now.

That was, the place Jon was hiding was the place where they had settled down before the attack.

After all, Jon was a person with a meticulous plan.

He should have chosen a good hiding place before the attack.

Moreover, the two of them carried a hundred kilograms of weight together.

They should not have walked too far.

The last place they appeared was the pedestrian street, so they had to search the surroundings with the pedestrian street as the center.

Just as they were about to respond to the person-in-charge, something suddenly flashed through the head of the SWAT team.

“Sir, given Jon’s intelligence and caution, could it be that he deliberately drew our attention to the area around the pedestrian street? After all, there are a lot of people here, so it’s very difficult to investigate.

” “And the place where he’s hiding, could it be that he’s not at the pedestrian street at all, and that he’s doing this just to distract us?” The person-in-charge nodded, “It’s very possible, but Jon has always disliked playing by the rules.

” “He must have known that we would think that way, so he used our mentality to directly hide in the pedestrian street area.

” “We can’t think too much when fighting with people like Jon.

Otherwise, we’ll feel suspicious everywhere.

” “Okay.

” The SWAT captain nodded and didn’t say anything else.

He turned around and started to deploy manpower to check the hotels near the pedestrian street and all kinds of short-term rental houses.

In the temporary command room, Gal Gadot and the cameraman were also there.

The words of the person-in-charge were transmitted to the ears of every audience through the live broadcast.

“Wow, this thinking is amazing.

It seems quite reasonable.

” “However, no matter how reasonable it is, it is already very difficult for the police to catch Jon.

” “The probability of catching him is basically infinitely close to zero.

” “Yeah, the time is too short and the difficulty of the investigation is too great.

I am also not optimistic that we can catch Jon within 24 hours.

” “After all, Jon has already passed the most difficult stage.

He left the bank in a situation that no one expected.

It’s like a tiger returning to the mountain and a dragon soaring into the sea.

They can’t catch him anymore.

” “It’s actually good that they can’t catch him.

This way I can watch the live broadcast until tomorrow.

” “Now that this drill has come to this point, Jon’s chances of winning are already very high.

” “First, he won the town council’s exercise, and now he’s going to win the police station’s exercise.

I’m willing to call Jon the strongest robber in history.

Does anyone have any objections to give him this title?” “I don’t have any objections.

” “I’m all for it.

” “But no matter what, this robber is extremely popular.

Look at the popularity of the live broadcast room.

Now, there are 73 million online viewers.

It’s simply too popular.

” “It’s not just the live broadcast room.

Look at the trending searches on all the major platforms.

Look at Twitter and Facebook.

Out of ten trending searches, seven to eight of them are related to Jon.

” The audience discussed crazily in the live broadcast room.

At first, this group of viewers did not think that Jon would be able to escape from the police’s pursuit.

They thought that Jon would definitely be caught by the police.

But now, they did not think that the police would be able to catch Jon.

The reason the audience guessed that the wind would change like this was because Jon had escaped the police’s sight.

To catch him now was like finding a needle in a haystack.

It was too difficult.

The pedestrian street… The officers arranged by the SWAT team leader had begun to carefully search the nearby hotels and inns.

They checked all the check-in records for the past nine days.

And, at the behest of the person-in-charge, the check-in records for the day Jon arrived in Pennsylvania were checked.