Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 88

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Ambush! It was time to make a decision and stop the group of robbers at a specific location.

This exercise had lasted for six to seven hours and it was time to end it.

The person-in-charge scanned the traffic map.

Then, he marked a point on the map and said to the squad leader, “Let your men set up here in advance.

After we lure the robbers’ vehicles here, quickly control the robbers.

” On the map, the spot marked by the person-in-charge was near a crematorium.

There were very few cars coming and going there.

Starting an operation here would ensure that it would not affect other cars.

“Roger that.

” Looking at the spot marked by the person-in-charge, the SWAT captain nodded.

Then, he quickly turned around and left the temporary command room.

He called his men and informed them to deploy near the crematorium.

After the SWAT captain left, the person-in-charge put the map in his hand in front of a few technicians.

He asked them to command the police officers who had already been deployed to force the robbers’ vehicles to head to the destination.




After all this was done, the person-in-charge stood in front of the console and looked at the monitor screen.

He muttered to himself, “Jon, you won’t be able to escape this time!” If the SWAT couldn’t control the robbers in the first place, then the worst outcome would be a chaotic battle.

And at that time, no matter how many sacrifices were made, the robbers had to be taken down.

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COM Of course, what he hoped the most was to arrest the robbers without any losses.

After all, more than a dozen police officers had already died in this drill.

The chief captain didn’t want any more sacrifices.

After receiving the orders from the person-in-charge, the technicians in front of the control panel continuously gave orders to the intersection in front while tracking the robber’s vehicle.

After receiving the orders, the police officers also quickly set up roadblocks, forcing the robber’s car to continuously change lanes.

This process was very perfect because a large number of police forces had been deployed beforehand.

“Sir, the deployment is complete.

” At this moment, the SWAT captain walked over from outside.

“We will throw flat tires with nails to stop the bus before the robbers arrive here.

” The person-in-charge nodded, “Very good.

” This net had already been cast.

Whether they could catch all the robbers in one go would depend on the performance of the police officers.

At this time, the person-in-charge looked at the time.

It had already past nine o’clock in the evening.

In other words, this drill had already lasted for more than seven hours.

And a drill that had lasted for more than seven hours was already an unusually anxious drill.

This also meant that the high IQ robber, Jon, did live up to his name.

This time, the person-in-charge could be considered to have seen his ability.

Brown Williams drove the car.

He had already changed lanes many times.

There was no other way because the police had set up roadblocks, not changing lanes would only result in the destruction of the vehicle and the death of people.

Helplessly, he could only follow the route that the police wanted him to drive.

After all, he was in a drill with so many people in the bus.

As a police officer, even if he was so engrossed in the robbery, Brown would not risk his life to break through the roadblocks.

After constantly changing lanes, he was getting more and more unfamiliar with the scene in front of him.

He had never been to this place before because this route had already deviated from the planned route.

He had never been to this part of the road before him.

“If my guess is right, the police should be about to make a move against us.

” Will Smith came to the driver’s seat and looked at the unfamiliar road in front of him.

“That’s the end of our scenes.

” “But you don’t have to tell me.

This exercise was really wonderful.

It’s a pity that it ended like this,” he lit a cigarette as he said that.

Later, he thought about it.

There seemed to be a rule in the bus that no one was allowed to smoke.

But on second thought, now that he was a robber who dared to rob a bank, why would he care about the rule against smoking? He took a puff and exhaled a puff of smoke.

Of the four people, he was the only one who talked a lot.

The others didn’t talk much.

Now, Venus Alice followed Jon and went away.

Brown Williams drove the bus without any intention of speaking.

Leon Evans sat in the back with his eyes closed and did not speak.

Soon, the bus entered the area planned by the person-in-charge.

“What is this place? Why are there so few cars? There are no other vehicles outside of us?” Will Smith finished smoking a cigarette and threw it out of the bus.

He looked around.

There were only one bus on this road.

Even the police vehicles that had been following behind the bus had disappeared.

There was a dense forest on both sides of the road.

In this silent night, there was an indescribable sense of strangeness.

When the wind blew, the forest on both sides rustled, as if something would pounce out at any time.

“There’s a crematorium nearby, so there are very few cars,” Leon Evans, who was sitting at the back, answered him.

“Crematorium?” Will Smith was stunned, “Why did the person-in-charge force us here? Could it be that he lost face this time and wants to burn us down?” He lit another cigarette and said jokingly as he smoked.

This time no one answered him.

The temporary command center… Where the robbers were now had less surveillance cameras.

Therefore, the control panel could not completely rely on the cameras and the tracking the police cars.

The display screen only showed the movements of the bus intermittently.

“Sir, the robbers’ bus is expected to reach the designated road section in four minutes.

” When the robbers passed by a certain camera, a few technicians hurriedly reported to the person-in-charge.

“Three minutes.

” The person-in-charge murmured and then looked at the SWAT leader said, “Let your people start to arrange it.

” Then the person-in-charge picked up the walkie-talkie and gave the order to the police officers following behind the robbers, “All police officers following the robbers’ vehicles, pay attention to keep a distance.

The SWAT in the road ahead will arrest the robbers.

We must not alert them.

” The distance had to be maintained.

Otherwise, even if the robbers’ bus had a flat tire, the robbers would not get out of the bus to check.

In that case, even they had intercepted the robbers’ bus but the robbers would not get out of the bus and they would only control the hostages in the bus.

Then, it would be another stalemate.

“Roger!” The police officer’s response was quickly heard from the person-in-charge’s walkie-talkie.

At the same time, the SWAT captain also made a call to the SWAT team, telling them to get ready to move.

The SWAT team hiding on both sides received the order.

They quickly made their move and covered a section of the road with puncture nails.

Then, they hid in the bushes on both sides of the road, ready to attack at any time.

They waited for about three minutes.

Headlights were seen in the distance.