Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 81

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Annihilated? ! However, it wasn’t a total loss for the SWAT team leader.

At least, he managed to control the person who came to pick up the dinner.

The SWAT team leader thought as he looked down at the person he arrested.

According to Jon’s arrangements, the person he controlled was most likely not Jon.

After all, how could he personally come to pick up the dinner after setting up such a trap? Then, it should be another robber.

Then, the SWAT team leader took off the mask on the person under him.

When he saw the person’s face clearly.

He was slightly stunned.

This person was not a robber.

He was the manager of the bank.

At this moment, the manager’s mouth was taped with a gag, so even though he was subdued by the SWAT team leader, he could not make a sound to reveal his identity.

“F*ck!” .



The SWAT team leader was furious.

He thought that he had caught at least one robber.

He did not expect that he was arrested a hostage.

Had Jon planned this from the beginning? He felt that he had underestimated Jon.

The SWAT team leader tore the gag for the bank manager.

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COM “Phew…” The bank manager gasped for breath.

When he was being controlled by the SWAT team leader, his chest was pressed against the ground, and it was difficult for him to breathe.

“Where are the five robbers now?” The SWAT team leader looked at the bank manager who was breathing heavily and asked.

He wanted to get some valuable information from him.

“They are, on the second floor.

” The bank manager’s breathing became slightly smaller as he said.

The second floor? The SWAT team leader frowned, and then quickly said into the microphone, “Team two, pay attention.

The robbers are upstairs now.

Team two, pay attention!” He wanted to remind the team members of team two.

After all, the robbers were in the dark, and team two could fall into the robbers’ trap at any time.

If team two fell into the trap, then they would be totally wiped out.

However, just as his voice fell, the voice of team two came from the earpiece.

“There’s a grenade, take cover!” Then, there was a loud explosion.

Hearing this explosion, the leader’s mood sank to the bottom.

This meant that the team two was also wiped out.

The raid ended with the total annihilation of the SWAT team! In the temporary command room.

The commander looked at the image on the helmets of the team two members, his face was very grim.

The members of team two were carefully moving forward, looking for the robbers on the second floor.

Because they were afraid of more bombs, they had to observe every possible place around them.


Just as they were about to pass a corner.

On the other side of the corner, three grenades were suddenly thrown out.

The SWAT team had no time to hide.

These three grenades exploded, killing the entire team two.

And at this time, the commander saw a small mirror in the corner.

The mirror was very small, and if one didn’t pay attention, they wouldn’t be able to notice it.

However, through this mirror, Jon saw every move of the SWAT team.

He only threw out three grenades when they were about to reach the corner.

In such a narrow passage, the grenade explosion was more than enough to wipe out the team two.

The SWAT team leader had spent a long-time planning and deploying this raid, but after the operation began… Both teams had been eliminated, in less than six minutes.

This raid was a crushing defeat to the police and the SWAT team.

When this scene fell into the eyes of the live broadcast viewers, the comments exploded once again.

“D*mn, what happened??? The SWAT team died in battle?” “I really didn’t expect that in just a few minutes, the well-deployed and well-equipped SWAT teams were all killed.

” “This is too amazing.

Two teams, twelve SWAT teams, and they were all killed just like that? Unbelievable.

” “The police suffered heavy losses in this raid.

” “I feel like I’ve been slapped in the face.

Before the SWAT team launched the raid, I thought that Jon would definitely be arrested.

” “I’ve been slapped in the face + 1.

I really thought Jon was really done for, I didn’t expect that the SWAT team wouldn’t be able to fight back.

” “D*mn, I thought that this drill was about to end.

Now it seems that there’s still time.

” “I’m suddenly glad that Jon isn’t a real robber.

Otherwise, who would be able to arrest him?” “But then again, Jon probably doesn’t know about the SWAT team’s surprise attack plan.

Then why would he be able to set up such a trap and wait for the SWAT team to jump in?” “It feels like there’s a mole.

” The audience discussed crazily because the outcome of this raid was too unexpected.

While everyone praised Jon’s high IQ and strong planning ability, they were also curious about how Jon knew about the SWAT team’s raid plan.

After all, if he didn’t know about the police’s raid plan, why would Jon set up such a trap.

Or was he already prepared and just happened to be ambushed by the police? Everyone was making wild guesses.

The hype was also building up.

The number of people watching the official live broadcast had reached 40 million! This was an unprecedented achievement! In the bank.

The SWAT team leader was upset and angry when he received the news that the team two had all died.

Right now, he only had a pistol on him.

After all, he was here to deliver dinner on the surface.

His main intention was to jam the cameras at the bank entrance.

Naturally, he would not be equipped with heavy weapons.

And among the robbers, the only heavy weapons that could be confirmed were two G36-C assault rifles and an LR5 high-precision sniper rifle.

Moreover, there were an unknown number of grenades and bombs.

With such a configuration on the robber side, he had no chance of winning.

If the SWAT team leader was killed or captured by the robbers during the drill, the impact would be huge.

Moreover, he still had a hostage beside him.

Therefore, the SWAT team leader could only leave quickly with the bank manager.

He could save a hostage, which meant that the raid was still effective.

In the temporary command room.

On the monitor screen of the control panel, Jon’s image suddenly appeared.

Everyone quickly surrounded him.

At this moment, on the second floor of the bank.

Jon stood in front of a disqualified SWAT team member.

Jon had his earpiece on and used his helmet to shoot at himself.

“Your raid failed.

” Jon looked at the camera and said with a smile.

“How did you know that we were going to launch a surprise attack?” In the command room, the commander looked at the smiling Jon.

As the saying, “The joys and sorrows of human are not interlinked”.

The commander was very frustrated and wished he could clench his fist and punch Jon in the face.

The question he asked.

It was not only a question that he could not figure out, but also a question that the audience was curious about.

“How did you know? Care to tell me?” Jon said with a smile, but his expression became serious.