Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 76

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 76

Chapter 76: The Negotiator Was Shot! The negotiator was a member of the SWAT team and wore a SWAT uniform.

He had a helmet on his head and a bulletproof vest on his body.

Venus was aiming at the negotiator’s helmet.

The power of the LR5 sniper rifle was too great.

Within a distance of less than 10 meters, even wearing a helmet was useless.

When Venus Alice was aiming at the negotiator, the police sniper who was monitoring the bank on the opposite floor discovered Venus Alice’s gun barrel sticking out of the window.

“Reporting, the robber on the second floor of the bank has a sniper rifle in her hand.

She is now aiming at the negotiator.

Request the negotiator to evacuate immediately!” The police sniper reported the situation.

The moment the SWAT team leader heard the report, his face froze.

He hurriedly said to the microphone, “The robber has a sniper rifle in his hand.

Evacuate quickly! Evacuate quickly!” But obviously.

, it was already too late.

When the negotiator received the order from the SWAT team leader, he was stunned for a moment.




Obviously, he did not expect that the robber would actually plan to attack him.

Weren’t they afraid that this move would anger the police? After being stunned, the negotiator turned around and wanted to leave.

On the second floor of the bank.

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COM Venus Alice pulled the trigger.

With a bang, the blank hit the negotiator’s helmet, causing red smoke to rise.

The negotiator was killed.

Because the blank cartilage used in the drill didn’t have much effect on the body.

For determination, the commissioner had installed induction equipment on all the police officers.

If they were hit, the induction equipment on their bodies would immediately emit smoke.

In other words, they were eliminated.

“The negotiator has been killed and will withdraw from the drill.

” Seeing the red smoke coming out of the negotiator’s body, the commissioner, who had been silent, announced.

“Sniper, can you lock onto the robbers on the second floor?” Seeing that the negotiator had been eliminated, the SWAT team leader asked the sniper into the microphone.

“Sniper No.

1 can’t aim at the target!” “Sniper No.

2 can’t aim at the target!” “Sniper No.

3 can’t aim at the target!” “Sniper No.

4 can’t aim at the target either.

The robber is very conscious, and her body is blocked by the load-bearing wall.

” The four snipers responded to the SWAT team leader in turn.

The SWAT team leader had a serious look on his face.

The robber had already fired, and the snipers on his side couldn’t see her? It seemed that this group of robbers was really not easy to deal with.

“Your position is most likely exposed.

Quickly change positions.

” The SWAT team leader spoke to the four snipers.

To be able to accurately hide in a place where the four snipers couldn’t aim and fire, it meant that the robbers already knew the sniper’s position.

Staying in the original position was no longer of any use.

At this time, it could change to another position.

In the bank.

“Boss, the negotiator has been killed.

” Venus Alice put away her sniper rifle and looked at the four hostages who were trembling in fear.

She reported the situation to the walkie-talkie.

“Well done.

”, Jon said with satisfaction.

Jon was very satisfied that Venus Alice acted decisively without asking for the reason.

Eight days before the drill, he had been training them on how to become a qualified robber.

Now, he saw that they were all invested in it.

At this time, the use of blanks was shown.

If they used real guns like last time, what should they do if they wanted to eliminate the negotiators? Take a real shot? That was obviously impossible.

At that time, they might be put in a passive position because of the use of real guns.

Then, Jon picked up the loudspeaker and shouted to the outside of the bank, “Killing the negotiator is just a warning.

You’d better do as I ask.

Otherwise, wait to collect the bodies of the hostages in the bank.

” Hearing Jon’s cold voice, the commander and the SWAT team leader felt a headache.

They shot at the SWAT team member meant that the situation in this drill had escalated.

In the live stream, as the sound of gunshots rang out, the chat surged crazily.

“It’s coming, it’s coming.

The robbers have shot and killed the police officers.

The real confrontation between the police and the robbers has begun.

” “That’s what makes it interesting.

If it’s just a boring stalemate and confrontation, then it will be boring.

” “The shooting of the police officers has escalated.

What will the police respond to it next?” “Should we continue the stalemate, or should we arrange a helicopter according to the robber’s instructions?” “But no matter what, the ruthless robber from last time has returned.

Jon is as serious about this drill as he was last time.

” “Yeah, he’s ruthless.

He kills people at the slightest disagreement.

That’s how charming Jon is.

He matches his character as a violent robber.

” The audience discussed Jon killing the negotiator.

They were all guessing how the police would react.

At this moment.

The number of people watching the live broadcast had already reached 30 million, breaking the record set by Gal Gadot not long ago.

This number was basically not something that any media live stream could reach.

For Gal Gadot’s career, it had already reached a peak.

At this moment, other than Gal Gadot, there were also many other media outlets broadcasting live.

However, they were all outside the police cordon.

They couldn’t get any information about the police or the robbers at all.

Therefore, even though this drill was very popular, the number of views they received was pitifully small.

In the temporary command room.

“We can basically confirm that there are three robbers and five hostages on the first floor.

One of the robbers is holding a G36-C assault rifle, and the rest of the weapons are unknown.

As for the other two robbers, the surveillance shows that they are not armed.

” “In the conference room on the second floor, there is a robber and four hostages.

The robber is armed with a G36-C assault rifle and a high-precision sniper rifle.

” “In the surveillance room on the second floor, there is a robber who is observing the situation around the bank through the surveillance.

” The commander told the SWAT team about the current situation they had.

The SWAT team leader nodded as he thought about countermeasures.

Their negotiator was killed.

This was an extreme provocation from the robbers, so they didn’t feel good.

Now, they were prepared to take some measures.

“The robbers divided the hostages into two groups to prevent us from ambushing them.

At first, I thought they were trying to buy time, but judging from the gunshots of the negotiator, they didn’t seem to have any intention of buying time.

” “The robbers killing the negotiator is a provocation to the police.

” The commander continued to speak with a serious and solemn expression.

It looked like what he was facing now was not a drill, but a real battle.

“Do you have any good suggestions for the current situation?” After the commander finished talking about the situation, he asked the personnel in the command room.

Although he was the commander, this was the time to brainstorm.

The people standing here were also the leaders of this drill, so the commander also had to ask for their opinions.