Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 66

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Get Into Character! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio Will Smith walked into the bank and pointed his gun at the ceiling.

Even though it was a blank cartilage, the effect of the shot was exactly the same as the real one.

“Gunshot, there’s a gunshot!” “Is this person trying to rob a bank?” “F*ck, no way.

I haven’t been to a bank in 800 years, and now that’s a bank robbery.

Why am I f*cking unlucky?” The bank was suddenly in chaos.

“Now is the time for the robbery.

Customers, I hope you can quickly leave, and the bank staff, all come out.

”, said Will Smith after he fired.

Hearing that they could leave, the customers all let out a sigh of relief.




After all, it was naturally the best if it didn’t implicate them.

This group of customers ran away in an instant.

As they ran out, the bank staffs also came out of the counter shakily.

And when one of the staffs walked out, he pressed the alarm bell.

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COM Instantly, an ear-piercing alarm sounded in the bank.

“Who opened it? Turn it off!” Will Smith heard the sound and frowned.

He pointed his gun at one of the staffs and shouted.

He ordered them to turn off because it was irritating.

The alarm had to be turned off sooner or later, so it did not matter who pressed it.

The bank staff who had been pointed at trembled and quickly went over to turn off the alarm.

He still didn’t know whether it was a drill or a real robbery.

The Pennsylvania State Police Department had been working with Jon on a drill, and everyone in America knew about it.

But for a moment, he was confused.

The four persons looked like real robbers, and Jon was nowhere to be seen.

And in America, bank robberies were not common, but they were not new.

There were a few every year.

So, the staffs thought they were real robbers.

But the staffs had to cooperate with the robbery team no matter they were the real deal or not.

If they didn’t cooperate, it would be fine if it was a drill.

At most, they would lay down after taking a blank cartilage If it were a real bank robbery, he would die in vain if he took a real bullet.

After the staff turned off the alarm bell… Outside the bank, a van drove over and stopped at the bank’s entrance.

Jon, who was wearing a disguise, jumped down from the driver’s seat.

He ordered the three people who were still at the bank’s entrance, “Remove all the things in the car.

” The three people heard him and quickly went over to remove a few big bags and a box from the car.

These were the things that Jon had prepared for the past few days.

Will Smith also came over to help.

He was a little puzzled when he saw these things.

Jon glanced at him and said, “These are all useful things.

You’ll know in a while.

” They moved all these things into the bank.

Ten minutes had passed since the alarm sounded.

“Venus, go and see if there’s anyone else in the bank.

” “Will, close all the glass doors and electronic doors.

” “Leon and Brown, take care of the hostages.

” After checking the time, Jon quickly gave the order.

These tasks were assigned to them when he was making plans.

The few of them did as Jon said.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please cooperate obediently, or the gun in my hand might go off.

” Will Smith said as he controlled the bank staffs.

“Well… are you here for a drill?” “The higher-ups know about today’s drill and gave some of the staff a holiday, but I didn’t leak the news.

The reason for the holiday is because of the bank’s overhaul.

” “Now, among those who know, I’m the only one who works here.

” In the crowd, a middle-aged man in a suit said.

He was the manager of this bank.

At this moment, he spoke with some uncertainty.

Because this group of people looked fierce, as if they were real robbers.

Jon glanced at the manager, took off the disguise mask on his face, and revealed his true appearance.

“Since you know this is a drill, then please cooperate with us.

” “Because we treat this drill as a real battle.

If anyone dares to mess around, we will act without hesitation.

”, as Jon spoke, he activated the Robber Aura.

Now, his Robber Aura was already at the beginner level.

Naturally, his power was a level higher than when he was at the low level.

His cold tone, coupled with the terrifying gaze and the fierce aura around him, scared the manager so much that he shivered on the spot.

The manager felt like he was facing a murderer at this moment.

And not an ordinary murderer.

Because ordinary murderers did not have such a gaze.

Jon’s gaze was more like that of someone who had walked down from the battlefield and experienced the scene of hell.

The manager hurriedly nodded.

“Yes, yes, we’ll cooperate.

” As he spoke, he touched his forehead, which was already covered in cold sweat.

“He’s Jon? The famous robber impersonator recently?” “It’s him.

I’ve watched his live broadcast before, but he looks even more handsome in person than on the live broadcast.

I can’t help but get wet now.

” “No way, sister.

You can get wet even with this? This is a drill, and look at Jon’s imposing manner and gaze.

He’s practically about to eat someone up.

It’s too scary.

” “Wouldn’t it be better if he ate me? Hehe.

” “… Please treat the drill seriously and not make it dirty.

” “But then again, since the police department has decided to conduct a drill in our bank, then we must cooperate and treat it as a real robbery.

” The moment Jon took off his disguise mask.

The employees of the bank naturally recognized him.

After all, Jon was too popular.

It was hard not to recognize him.

However, even if they recognized Jon and knew that this was a drill and not a real bank robbery,the nervousness in their hearts did not diminish in the slightest.

It was because the scene in front of them was too real.

A few people with guns looked more like robbers than robbers.

His aura and gaze were too terrifying.

“What are you whispering about? From now on, please keep quiet because this is a robbery.

If anyone says another word, the bullet in the muzzle of my gun will hit you in the next moment.

I promise.

” Will Smith heard the exchange of the staff members.

He immediately opened his mouth fiercely.

The gun in his hand spun in front of the eyes of the staff members.

Although they knew that the bullet was not real, they were still extremely nervous when the gun pointed at them.

Seeing this, smile appeared on Jon’s face.

He knew that Will Smith had already into the character of being a robber.