Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 53

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Beautiful Female Reporter! “You seem to be very sad?” As a reporter, a woman’s senses were naturally very sensitive.

Moreover, through the slight change in Jon’s gaze, she noticed that he was sad.

Jon smiled.

“I remember something from many years ago.

” He did not confide his feelings to the woman in front of him.

Because the two had only just come into contact.

He could not tell her everything.

The woman naturally knew that Jon was a man with a story through his eyes and the change in his expression.

This kind of man somewhat fascinated her.

And made her curious.

At this moment, the woman had an urgent impulse to go into Jon’s heart and find out what was going on.




But in the end, she just nodded.

She did not ask anything else.

Since he was not willing to say anything more, an understanding person would know what question shouldn’t be asked.

“Oh right, I still don’t know your name?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Jon asked softly.

Perhaps the past had touched his heartstrings, but at this moment, his voice was full of warmth.

“Gal Gadot, just like that actress from our country.

” The evening wind blew through Gal Gadot’s hair.

She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear that blocked her view.

Jon lowered his head slightly to look at her and said, “But you’re prettier than her.

” Gal Gadot was slightly stunned, as if she did not expect him to say such a compliment.

For a moment, she felt a little happy.

In fact, the reason why she went to the director to ask about Jon’s address was she apparently had a good impression of him.

Otherwise, she had interviewed so many males, and other than Jon, she had never asked about anyone’s address.

Even before this, she had very little personal contact with guys.

When she was in school, there were many people who pursued her.

After graduation, she entered the television station, and her fame gradually rose, and her social circle became wider.

There were many suitors.

Some of them were the rich kid of rich families.

But Gal Gadot was indifferent to them and rejected all the suitors.

Until she met Jon this time.

Jon’s performance in the exercise and his response in the interview were deeply imprinted in her mind.

She couldn’t get them out of her mind.

So, she came here and planned to treat Jon to dinner.

Gal Gadot was not as lively as most American women.

She was even a little shy.

She had mustered up a lot of courage to come in front of him.

Slowly, a smile appeared on the corner of Gal Gadot’s mouth.

“Thank you.

” Jon smiled as well.

“Since you’re treating today, you can decide on the place.

” “How about a steak?” Gal Gadot smiled.

Jon nodded.

“Any food is fine.

I’m not picky.

” In the Navy SEALs, when Jon was on a mission, he would usually take food from the ground.

Sometimes, when there was nothing left to eat, the bugs could still be eaten.

Even though he was living in the city now and had received the five million USD reward from the system, he did not have to worry about food and clothing.

He was far from eating bugs, but he was indeed not picky.

Then, under the lead of Gal Gadot, the two of them came to the door of a western restaurant.

The restaurant was very high-end, beautifully decorated, and of classy style.

There were a few homeless not far from the door.

Seeing the two of them, their eyes lit up, and they walked over one after another.

“Please do us a favor, handsome sir, beautiful lady, we haven’t eaten for a few days.

” Following the arrival of the few vagrants.

The air was filled with the faint stench of body odor.

The few homeless were a little hunched.

Their beards were long, and their hair was messy.

It was obvious that they had not cleaned up for many days.

“Let’s go in.

” However, Jon did not seem to have heard what the homeless said.

He could tell that although these people were hunched, they were all faking it.

They did not have any problems with their legs.

Moreover, they were around forty years old.

In this society, no matter what they did, it was better than begging.

But they chose to reap without sowing.

Moreover, they were very clever.

They knew that people who came to this kind of restaurant were all relatively rich, and generally wouldn’t care about the money given to the homeless.

Jon usually hated such people the most.

“They’re very pitiful.

” Gal Gadot couldn’t bear it.

She wanted to take out some money to give to the few homeless men in front of her, but she was pulled by Jon’s wrist.

He was pulled into the restaurant.

Outside the restaurant, the few homeless men were in a daze, as if they did not expect that they would not get the money this time.

The few of them stared at the two people in the restaurant for a while.

One of the homeless men spat angrily and said, “Sh*t!” In the restaurant.

Jon and Gal Gadot sat in front of each other.

Gal Gadot ordered a steak and a bottle of red wine.

The waiter served the red wine.

Gal Gadot opened the bottle and poured two glasses.

“Did you feel that my behavior just now was a little cold?” Jon took a sip of the red wine and said softly.

Gal Gadot shook her head.

“I didn’t think that way.

It was in your head.

” Jon said, “These people are very healthy, and they are only about forty years old.

They can work and can obtain money through labor.

But they chose to beg.

” “Actually, I just feel that they are pitiful, so I have the idea to give them money.

I think you are right.

” Gal Gadot said.

“Are they pitiful? Maybe.

” Jon said, “There is an old saying in the east, that a hateful person must have something pitiful.

” “PFFT.

” Gal Gadot pursed her lips and chuckled.

She corrected him, “A pitiful person must have something hateful.

Do you like the eastern culture very much?” Jon nodded gently.

“That country in the east has walked through the long river of history.

Although it has experienced many ups and downs, there has never been a fault.

It can be said that it has been glorious for thousands of years.

It is indeed fascinating enough.

” “Yes, I also like that country very much.

I had planned to visit that country when I had the time.

” The two of them changed the topic from the homeless without a trace.

The restaurant was a high-class place.

It should be romantic for a man and a woman to get along.

If the topic was all about the homeless, it would be more or less a killjoy.

While chatting, Gal Gadot thought of the scene in front of the restaurant again.

She was thinking, if it were those men who pursued her, they would certainly show their gentlemanly manners at that time, right? Giving money to the homeless and then talking to them to show their manners? But Jon did not do that.

He did not deliberately show anything in front of her, everything was so natural.

His temperament was real, not pretentious.

The two ate for a full two hours during the meal.

And during the meal, the conversation between the two did not stop.

Their topics ranged from eastern culture to eastern mythology, and then from eastern mythology to western gods.

Then to the Middle Ages, the Age of Discovery, modern times and so on.

They had very good chemistry.