Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 43

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Cat and Cat Game! Jon was driving the police car and considering which route to take.

“Rum, are you there?” “You are now ready to head to the residential area of Brooklyn to be responsible for capturing Jon!” After a series of electronic noise, the sheriff’s voice suddenly appeared in the police car.

Ian’s operation in the police station finally connected the signal to the police car.

But what he didn’t expect was that.

The person sitting in the police car wasn’t the rum they were looking for.

It was their target, Jon! Jon didn’t make a sound.

The only response he got was the sound of wheels and sirens.

After a few seconds.

The sheriff’s voice sounded again.




“Are you already on the way?” “We’ve already sent out the helicopters.

You just need to guard the surrounding intersection.

” “Also, don’t expose your position!” The sheriff said in a serious tone.

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COM It was as if his arrangements were foolproof.

At this moment, Jon covered his mouth and almost laughed out loud.

He did not expect that snatching a police car would have such an effect.

In this cat-and-mouse game, the cat could take the initiative to send him information? It even reminded him not to expose his position.

Jon was having a hard time holding it in.

But he wanted to hear more information.

He tried his best to control himself and not make any other sound.

“Rum, listen, there are a few formations heading your way right now.

” “They will cooperate with you.

You can give the order first.

” “You will temporarily become the temporary commander.

I will release your authority.

” The sheriff’s orders came down.

Ian released his authority to Rum’s police car.

Now he could start broadcasting at will, relaying orders to nearby police cars.

This news seemed to open the door to a new world.

At this time, Jon’s mouth curved into an interesting arc.

He thought of something interesting.

… Rum came down from the top floor.

Many people had already gathered around to watch.

Rum felt the gazes around him.

He felt a little embarrassed.

This encirclement had failed again.

Even his own police car had been snatched away by Jon.

Rum felt extremely aggrieved.

This time, it was really embarrassing.

“Everyone! Stop Jon!” Rum roared and gave orders to everyone.

Just as the others set off.

He got into another police car.

The driver was a rookie who had been in the police station for less than a year.

Seeing the gloomy face of the person in charge, he sensibly started the car.

He chased after Jon.

Just as rum was sitting in the passenger seat thinking about his life.

A deep male voice came from the communicator in the car.

“Attention, everyone.

I Am the temporary commander of the police force.

” “Attention, all units.

Robber Jon has robbed a police car and is fleeing at high speed.

” “All police cars, set up a checkpoint to stop him.

” “Police car number: 64233!” “I repeat.

” “Police car number: 64233!” “Robber Jon is good at make-up and acting! Everyone, be careful not to be fooled!” “No matter what you say, don’t believe it!” Then, the communicator hung up.

Hearing the low male voice on the communicator, rum was stunned.

The police station sent a temporary commander? Who was so fast! The order was just given.

Jon did steal a car.

He didn’t remember anything else, but he remembered the police number.

Because it was his car that was taken.

But he remembered his police car number.

It shouldn’t be 64233, right? Was this interim commander mistaken? ! Rum was wondering.

“Who is this unlucky guy who was reported?”.

He turned to ask the new police officer beside him.

The police officer’s trembling voice sounded.

“Reporting… 64233 is our police car number…” ? ? ? ? “Are you sure?” Rum’s eyes instantly widened like copper bells.

Why is it our police car number? Instantly, the two people in the car fell into deep thought… This commander made a mistake! Rum instantly picked up the car’s communicator.

“Reporting commander, are you mistaken? Jon didn’t Snatch 64233, but another police car!” “Reporting over.

” Ordinary police cars could only call in one direction.

Jon’s car, which had been given permission, could only choose to call in one direction and all directions.

Jon Heard Rum’s voice in the car and smiled.

He opened the one-way channel with rum.

“I didn’t make a mistake.

I caught you.

” Jon’s low voice appeared in Rum’s police car channel with a hint of a smile.

This voice sounded familiar to rum.

It sounded like he had heard it not long ago.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flashed across his brain.

Wasn’t that Jon! How could he have access to the global channel? Rum’s heart instantly turned cold.

If Jon had this kind of access at this time… It would be a disaster for the police.

For the police.

Just as rum was in a daze… His police car’s communicator rang again.

“You can do your best to escape.

Buy Me More Time.

” Jon’s words were like a curse.

Rum felt many police cars’signals suddenly appear around him.

“I F * cking…” Rum knew that he had been played by Jon.

Once again! Rum angrily smashed the communicator in his hand on the car door.

“Everyone, pay attention! Robber Jon impersonated the commander and gave the wrong order!” “The robber’s car is another car! Not Here!” He had to come out and explain.

At this time, the situation was no longer up to him and Jon to tangle with.

Now, their identities had already been swapped.

If he did not handle it well, he would really have to take the blame for Jon for a period of time.

How could he tolerate this? He was a police officer who was chasing, but he suddenly turned into a robber? If this matter were to spread, it would be a huge joke.

He was still making his final effort.

But as the channel spread,.

He realized that there was no response at all.

“Damn it! He blocked my signal!” What he could think of, Jon had already thought of it.

There was nothing rum could do.

His last hope was to get in touch with the sheriff as soon as possible.

Ask him to revoke his police car privileges.

And quickly.

He saw the flashing lights around him.

He wondered if he could hold out until the sheriff came to his rescue.

… After Jon said his last words to rum,.

He quickly identified rum’s car as a suspect.

And blocked the signal.

This should buy him some time.

Before he left, he had memorized the license plate number of the car.

He didn’t expect it to be the other car.

What a coincidence.

Jon’s route was north, to meet him at the place he had agreed.

Through the police car’s permission.

All available cars to the south, to intercept rum for him.

So, a cat-cat fight.

It was rare.

If it wasn’t for the rush to his destination,.

He wanted to make a video to remember.

He looked at the route nearby.

It wasn’t far from the destination.