Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 41

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Plan B Started! “How did he get downstairs?” Rum’s tone became a little strange.

This time, Jon actually disappeared right under his nose.

It refreshed his common sense as a police officer for more than ten years.

All these years.

He had met countless criminals.

But other than being a little cunning and a little fierce,.

He couldn’t be arrogant in front of the overwhelming advantage of the police.

But this man in front of them was completely different from the others.

Rum held his head with his hands.

He suspected that he was hallucinating.

Looking around, he saw that everyone’s eyes were as confused as his own.




He was sure that this was not an illusion.

This was really happening! This man really knew Magic! In an instant, the police force fell into a group of confusion.

After learning that Jon didn’t die after jumping off the building and escaped in a police car,.

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COM The bullet comments increased exponentially.

Most of the people in this live broadcast room were here to see Jon’s final arrest.

Jon’s final escape from death, in their eyes, was a blast of entertainment.

This chase was no longer a police exercise.

It was a reality show for Jon.

It was a close-to-best actor performance.

It was even more exciting than David Copperfield’s reality magic show.

Many people in the live broadcast room cheered.

If there were ratings at this time, Jon’s show would blow up all the TV stations’ratings records.

Many media personnel were keenly aware of this opportunity.

They called the company to request the dispatch of a helicopter.

The police car chase was definitely the main attraction for the homeless.

Jon got everyone high.

Someone quickly cut up the video and posted it online.

The video, which was comparable to a magic show, quickly went viral.

There was no other reason.

It was just two words: “Real!” This video was taken out of the country by the real New York Police, a real chase, a real escape.

From the beginning when the police surrounded the floor, to the top floor.

A strong sense of oppression can be felt from the screen.

Until we see Jon on the top floor facing off with the Rum Brigade.

See the muzzle of the gun pointed at Jon standing on the edge of the roof.

Everyone thought the tide had turned.

Everyone was regretting the end of the series.

Who knew, Jon jumped back, shocking countless people.

What would happen if the male lead of the TV series died? No one knew.

Then, with the police looking dumbfounded, Jon landed perfectly and drove away in a police car.

The whole process was as smooth as silk.

The final reversal made this Jon completely explode.

He instantly became number one on the YouTube video hot list.

Countless people watched this video at the same time.

Even the internet speed was fluctuating.

Youtube’s server was directly carrying almost 120% of the workload.

Countless people were busy working for Jon.

Team Rum had no idea that they had made a fool of themselves on the Internet.

He told all the team members to hurry downstairs and continue to chase Jon! He came to the edge of the rooftop alone.

He didn’t believe that anyone could jump from this floor without getting hurt.

Before he reached the stairs,.

Rum was stunned.

He had only taken a few steps.

When he realized.

There was a lower floor behind the roof.

There was a cushion on top of the floor.

From this height, it wouldn’t be a problem even if he fell on his back.

Rum then looked to the sides.

There was a huge hose nearby.

This hose could directly reach the underground passage.

Jon used this passage to quickly reach the ground.

“SH * t!” Rum smashed the railing angrily.

At that distance, as long as they got a little closer, they would be able to sense the other party’s plan.

But he was stunned by Jon.

Or rather, he was stunned by his acting.

At that moment, he was even a little ashamed.

Because at that moment, his heart wavered.

He suspected that magic really existed in this world.

He took out his walkie-talkie and told everyone what he had discovered.

Rum sensed that everyone present was relieved.

That scene was too shocking.

The pressure on the young policeman was too great.

When they heard that they were not fighting against some mysterious power.

But real people, most people were relieved.

As long as Jon didn’t know magic, there must be a way to deal with him.

Rum’s words were not only for the young policeman.

They were also for the audience watching the live broadcast.

But this explanation made the discussion in the live broadcast room even crazier.

Because they were following Jon’s point of view the whole time.

Before the police arrived, Jon had already calculated how he would escape.

He had to carry out his plan perfectly every step of the way.

So that the final target could see.

This was no longer an act of courage, this was a complete gamble.

He was betting that he would not make a mistake.

He was betting that the other party would not be miscalculated by him.

In the end, he succeeded in his gamble! This could not be done without luck, but it had to be said that sometimes, Luck was also a person’s hard strength.

“Now, I just want to see what else Jon Can Do.

This is too exciting.

” “Yeah, it’s driving me crazy.

Let’s do it a few more times!” “Don’t worry.

There’s still a car chase after this.

Jon stole the police car, Hahaha.

” “Why are the New York police like pigs? They’re being chased around by Jon!” “The operation is normal.

There are still a few hours left.

I guess they still won’t be able to catch Jon.

” “Look, the helicopter is on the move.

This is really going to be a big show.

” “I really don’t know how Jon Will Dodge this time.

He can’t just make the plane disappear, right?” “You don’t say.

Even if Jon says he’ll make the plane disappear, I’ll believe it…” Jon, who was on the run, could not see such bullet screens.

He already had a plan for the next stage in his mind.

He estimated that he did not have much time left.

Driving a police car to escape looked cool.

But it was actually a stupid thing to do.

First of all, every police car had a locator, and second of all, it was highly recognizable.

If there was a ranking of the worst vehicles used by robbers,.

The police car would definitely be at the top of the list.

According to Jon’s own experience, although the police car was the most difficult vehicle to escape,.

It also had some of his advantages.

The first was confusion.

Driving a police car during this period of time could confuse some police who hadn’t received the news in time.

It would buy him more time.

Since it was going to be a sensation.

It was definitely going to use some real weapons.

Jon turned on his cell phone.

He dialed a phone number he had memorized.

He held the steering wheel with one hand.

After the call was connected, he said directly.

“Activate Plan B, the usual place.

” With that, the other party hung up.

Jon didn’t care at all that the other party didn’t reply.

This was their way of communicating.

The representative had received it.

He now needed to buy them time.

He had to deal with the police.

In order to meet them at the final location,.