Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 38

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 38

Chapter 38: I Wanted to Play A Bigger Game With the NYPD! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio The sheriff was wide awake.

The first thing the sheriff thought… It was a trap! This sneaky Jon must have something waiting for him.

The sheriff was confused as there were only a few hours left and Jon was about to win, what else was he going to do.

After thinking for a long time, he still couldn’t figure it out.

Then, he called Ian over.

Soon, Ian arrived at the office.

“What’s this news?” .



The sheriff knocked on the document in front of him and asked directly.

“Sheriff, when I was monitoring the director’s cell phone, I left a back door.

” “As long as both of them talk again, the location will be shown.

” “This time, it’s shown directly in a residential area in Brooklyn.

I think it is probably Jon’s carelessness.

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COM After listening to the news, the sheriff pondered for a moment.

“What if the other party misled us?” “No matter what, this is our last chance.

” “Whether it’s a trap or not, we have to try!” Ian actually admired Jon a little.

It was too unbelievable that a robber could contend the police to this point.

The sheriff was silent after hearing it.

There was really no other way after things had developed to this point.

They were like hungry wolves.

Even if they knew that the smell of blood ahead was risky, they had to go take a look first.

They couldn’t let go of every chance.

He really didn’t want to lose.

The sheriff immediately asked, “Is anyone nearby now?” “Rum is there.

There are already dozens of police officers.

” Ian took a look at his equipment.

A few red dots were rushing over to the location where the last signal was sent.

These red dots were the police officers who went to arrest Jon.

The sheriff had his eyes fixed on Ian’s equipment.

“Connect to Rum’s equipment! Keep in touch with him at all time!” The sheriff could only place all his hopes on Rum.

Ian immediately responded.

Rum learned from the gangsters that the satan they were talking about should be the escaped Jon.

Regardless of the body shape or equipment, they were pretty much describing Jon.

On top of that, he learned something else.

The woman he saved last night was Mary, the waitress at the striptease club.

She lived right around here! According to the location provided by Ian, this place is highly coincident with where Mary lives! Rum was clueless at the first place and could only slowly search the area Ian gave him.

He didn’t expect to find his target so quickly.

His intuition told him that Jon was hiding in this woman named Mary’s house.

“Careless because lying in a woman’s den?” His gaze was extremely serious now.

It was like a shark smelt blood.

He was ready to open his fangs at any moment.

He got into the police car.

Taking out the walkie-talkie, he shouted to all the police officers in the vicinity.

“Everyone gather there!” “Residential area, Building 3, #303” “Jon will probably be there!” With that, Rum hung up the walkie-talkie and quickly drove to the destination.

His eyes were extremely serious.

This was his chance to wash himself clean.

Jon had just finished a big fight while Mary had fallen back asleep.

Jon was smoking outside the window.

It was as if the exercise just now hadn’t affected him at all.

An hour had passed since his phone call.

He still hadn’t seen any police officers nearby.

He put out his cigarette and shook his head at the speed of the NYPD.

He would have to be careful if he wanted something big.

In fact, Jon had wronged them here.

After a night of rounding up, most officers were exhausted.

Jon had slept through the night, thus, his energy was naturally much better.

And it was impossible for the sheriff to pull out all the police forces who were maintaining the urban city.

That was why there were so few responding officers.

And this was a residential area.

Its traffic was very inconvenient.

The current location was the territory of several gangs in the neighborhood.

Once a police car appears in the neighborhood, it will cause a commotion, making the pursuit even more difficult.

Time passed by minute by minute.

He was going to play the big one this time.

He picked up Mary’s cell phone and turned on the live stream.

He was going to broadcast the escape to all the viewers.

He kept the director’s words in mind – the bigger the commotion, the better.

But if he wanted to make a big scene, he had to involve the whole nation.

Who wouldn’t want to watch a show? After getting the live stream room ready, Jon turned on the camera.

The live broadcast room was called “The day Jon escaped.

” This seemingly ordinary title was like a deep-water bomb which detonated silently.

It was 10 o’clock in the morning.

Although it was work time now, many people were still paying attention to Jon.

After all, this robber was really too interesting.

Not only did he rob the bank and broadcast the whole thing live, he also escaped from the police’s pursuit many times.

It had provided them with countless pleasures.

“Black! Did you see that? There’s a live broadcast room owned by Jon here?” “It’s probably fake.

He’s still on the run.

How could he still be broadcasting?” “Who’s fake, right? You want to take advantage of this wave of popularity? Let me go in and report him!” “F*ck, come and see.

It’s really Jon! It’s not fake!” “What? Jon is really broadcasting! Where??” Jon’s broadcast was instantly discovered by the netizens.

Without a doubt, Jon was too popular.

Many people relied on Jon for their livelihood.

A large number of netizens rushed to Jon’s broadcast room.

At this moment, Jon was half naked and leaning against the balcony.

His strong muscles were exposed.

The scars on his body were displayed to the public without reservation.

Anyone with a discerning eye could know it immediately that this man was a veteran who had experienced real battles.

Under the sun, his firm jaw lines made him looked like a god.

“My God! This man is too sexy! If there’s a chance, I’m willing to go on the run with him!” “Bring me along! I want to go on the run with this man all over the world! He’s too sexy!!” “Look at the scars on his body! These are all men’s medals!” “Isn’t Jon about to win? Why is he broadcasting at this time?” “Maybe he knows that we’re too bored and wants to play something more exciting?” Other than admiring Jon’s figure, more netizens expressed their doubts because they didn’t know either the reason Jon choose to start the live broadcast at this time.

They saw Jon slowly sitting in front of the screen.

The muscles on his body shook, like an armor on his body.

“I want to play something bigger with the New York Police.