Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 26

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Made a Call to the Press Conference Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio It wasn’t just New York City anymore, the bank robbery drill was trending on the internet all over the United States.

The happiest part was the media in New York City.

All of their television stations had seen the highest ratings in history.

They were even getting new ratings.

Who would have thought that The Sun and The Washington Post’s highest viewership ratings would be one second ago.

The next second, the new viewership ratings set a new record.

Regarding this incident, the online short videos and internet celebrities also expressed their views at this hour.

The talk show media followed the current events, too.

The Fallon Talk Show and Ellen Show quickly ridiculed this hot current event that the entire country was concerned.

“This robbery incident is even more popular than the presidential election.

” .



“This time, the robber warned all the banks in the United States not to put money in the banks.

It’s not safe.

” In the era of national entertainment, everything would be entertaining.

Now there was such a serious robber, everyone was looking forward to it.

And the sheriff also promised all the media a press conference would be held later to address the police’s response.

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COM Subsequently, the sheriff retreated to the command car and slumped heavily on the surveillance chair.

This was definitely not a man’s job.

He was running out of energy for the upcoming press conference.

The director patted on his shoulder.

After all, he handpicked the robber who had turned the police into this.

The sheriff seemed to gain strength and struggled to get up.

He had to discuss the next round-up plan with the other officers, too.

The bank exercise had included how the police would round-up the robbers when they escaped.

It was just that the previous exercise had never met a robber who had escaped like Jon.

And there was no need to initiate a round-up plan.

The emergency plan required all the NYPD to move and the command car had started moving at that moment.

They were preparing for the next press conference.

The sheriff needed to come up with a plan and announce it to the public while he was on his way to the press conference.

Otherwise, his position would be a direct failure of duty.

The sheriff didn’t want his old age to end with him being laid off.

He reached out to a few police officers around him and started to discuss.

He first found a secluded place and changed into SWAT uniform.

This uniform was too eye-catching.

He was already famous on the internet.

If he appeared on the street recklessly, he would definitely be photographed.

If he posted it on the internet, he would definitely leak his whereabouts to the police.

What he needed to do now was to make his route completely unpredictable to the police.

Escaping from the police’s encirclement was only the first step as the police would definitely start searching for him.

New York City was so big, so there were naturally countless hiding places.

Just entering a big city had to face the surveillance cameras, which immediately reduced Jon’s hiding area.

If the police searched according to the camera blind spots, Jon’s hiding area would be much smaller.

Especially tonight, the police would definitely go crazy searching for him.

The place to stay was even more particular.

Jon put his changed clothes in his backpack.

He slowly walked into the abandoned factory that he had checked out.

This was one of the safe houses that he had planned in advance.

He had found six such safe houses.

In each of them, he had prepared food and water.

This gave him confidence in his next escape.

However, he took out his cell phone.

Now, he had to give the director a glad tidings.

New York Police’s press conference.

At this moment, all the media had moved their equipment here.

Everyone was looking forward to the game and what would happen next.

The sheriff looked at the discussion plan in his hand and read it out loud in a hoarse voice.

“The pace of this exercise is expected to be 24 hours.

The next ten hours or so will be the round-up phase.

” “The police have already formulated a round-up plan based on our experience.

” “Ding, ding, ding…” A phone rang.

It was especially eye-catching at an event like the press conference.

“Ding, ding, ding…” “Ding, ding, ding…” The phone rang continuously in the venue.

Just as the police sheriff was about to lose his temper… The director, who was standing behind him, slowly took out his cell phone from his pocket.

“Director, what are you…” “I only have one number in this phone.

” The director answered the phone calmly and said to the sheriff.

“It’s Jon’s number.

” At this moment, all the reporters suddenly fell silent.

Everyone knew what was the hottest topic in US right now.

It was a robber who was trying to escape.

And now, at the press conference where the police announced how to arrest him… He actually dared to call in! His courage was simply shocking.

It had been a long time since such an arrogant criminal had appeared.

Everyone’s mood was instantly lifted but they also tacitly did not speak.

At this time, they did not even dare to swallow their saliva.

They were afraid of missing the details of the conversation.

The sheriff’s forehead was also sweating.

He did not expect Jon to do this to him.

He watched as the director slowly pressed the answer button.

Jon’s voice slowly came from the other end of the phone.

“Director, it’s Jon.

” “This operation didn’t disappoint you, did it?” After pausing for a moment, Jon said the first thing that the media could hear.

The director smiled at the sheriff and said to the other end of the line.

“Jon, good job.

Or rather, you did real good!” “Kid, you gave me a big surprise!” The conversation between the two made the sheriff beside him extremely awkward because everyone knew that Jon was able to roam freely outside now.

Thanks to the current sheriff.

Every conversation between them was like an old scar being revealed over and over again on his body.

The director encouraged Jon, too.

“If you persist for more than ten hours, this drill will count as your victory.

” On the other end of the line, Jon’s unwavering answer came through.

The two of them fell into a complete silence.

Just as everyone thought that Jon was going to hang up the phone… Jon’s voice sounded on the other end of the line.

“I’ve said before that you’ll regret choosing me.

Do you regret it now?” The director’s eyes narrowed after hearing this.

“Choosing you was the best choice I’ve ever made.

” After hearing this, Jon smiled, too.

At this moment, the entire media in the city knew how professional and confident the robber were this time.

He directly called the police round-up press conference.

This operation, you f*cking dare to believe it?