Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 17

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Explosion of Public Opinion! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio In the temporary command center, the SWAT team leader just ran back and saw Jon on the screen.

Jon was currently standing in front of the assault team member.

The camera on the assault team member’s helmet was just enough to capture him.

His cold gaze was like a silent mockery of the police.

The SWAT team leader looked at Jon’s cold expression and could not help cursing.

His five brothers were killed and now the SWAT team leader not only blamed himself, but was also a little angry.

He really did not expect that this kid, Jon who played the robber would be so cunning.

An ordinary person would not have thought to change all the hostages’ clothes into the same style as himself.

“The assault failed and all five members of the assault team were killed!” “Continue with the drill!” The director stood at the front.

At this moment, he turned around to look at the SWAT team leader and the sheriff and said expressionlessly.

Although it was not death in real battle at the moment, these were five living lives.

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COM At this moment, the director was naturally angry at the SWAT team leader for dismissing the wrong decision.

The sheriff looked at the SWAT team leader, who had threatened to end the drill in ten minutes was completely disheartened, but he did not dare to mock at the moment.

After all, not only were there his own people in this drill, there were higher-ups watching.

It was completely treated as a real battle this time.

This was not the time to mock others.

The director’s words sounded like a ruthless judge’s judgment from the headset.

Although the five team members were unwilling, they took off all their equipment, including the helmets with cameras.

They were put into a box by Jon.

Jon let the dead team members lied on the ground and sat down on the floor in the middle of the bank.

Here came the men from special forces.

The snipers must have been in position.

However, Jon had observed the best place to gather was on the opposite roof which faced the bank lobby before he entered the bank.

Therefore, he was careful of the view from the opposite roof while putting up the posters.

There was also a heavy wall blocking his position.

With the cover of the posters, the sniper would not be able to see him no matter how he adjusted his position.

Jon looked up at the time.

It was already 6:30.

The exercise had lasted for two and a half hours.

In the history of bank exercises, such a long battle had never happened in this city.

However, Jon wanted to get a high score from the system and this amount of time was obviously not enough.

At this moment, it was fuming in the live broadcast room.

Not only had the number of viewers increased by ten times, the number of bullet screens had also soared to a terrifying degree.

“D*mn, the robber is too smart.

How did he think of changing the hostages into the same clothes as himself?” “I didn’t expect the special forces to fail.

” “This time five people were killed.

Including the two police officers, there were a total of seven.

What if this was a real incident?!” “Fortunately, it was a drill.

After all, these people only have one life!” “I think the robber is too strong.

Real robbers should be like this.

They are cruel, cunning, and have many tricks.

Killing people is like killing a chicken.

Only then, the drill will be meaningful.

” “What the person above said makes sense.

Only by finding problems in the act, we may reduce the problems in actual combat.

” “A highly intelligent robber is really difficult to deal with.

I don’t know how the police will deal with him next.

” “I strongly request that the city of Chicago invite this robber to hold a drill here! Only in this way can the lives of the citizens and police in Chicago be better protected in actual combat.

” “Ditto.

I hope that Washington will also hold a drill like this.

We should invite professional robbers.

It will definitely be exciting!” “Start from actual combat! It’s very meaningful!” In the bullet screens, most of them were praising Jon, who had become a robber.

After all, the robber in this drill was really valiant compared to previous drills.

The police paid their lives to protect the safety and property of the public.

Naturally, the public wanted to protect the safety of the police, too.

Moreover, the purpose of this exercise was obvious to everyone.

Only by finding the problem in time could the problem be reduced.

The audience felt that it was really necessary to hold excercise, which is in the live broadcast now.

A successful exercise was the result that everyone wanted to see.

So, in the bullet screens, many started to crazily invite Jon to participate in drills in other cities.

The popularity was abnormally high.

At this moment, all kinds of posts discussing the drill were also soaring on the internet.

[ New York City strongest bank robbery.

The strongest robber is out, seven police officers are dead.

Who else can subdue him? ] [ Identifying the problem to solve it.

What do you think of this drill in New York City? ] [ Shocking! The drill in New York City has actually developed to this stage… ] [ Netizens from all over the world have issued invitations to the robber in this New York City drill.

Do you want this “vicious” and “brutal” robber to go to your hometown? ] [ The safest and most effective way to ensure the safety of the citizens and the police is to have a real drill like New York City.

] There were various posts and each one was very popular.

This bank drill had lasted for two and a half hours and was extremely close to actual combat.

It had instantly occupied countless hot searches.

Among these posts, all of them were praising Jon’s extremely upright attitude toward the exercise.

Although he acted very brutal, cold, and cunning, he won everyone’s admiration.

For a time, Jon seemed to have become a national celebrity without knowing it.

A surprise attack had just failed.

In order not to anger the robber, threaten the lives of the hostages and caused more casualties in the police force, the police officers did not dare to act again.

The sheriff, the SWAT team, and a few key police officers were looking at the layout of the bank, as well as the information of the robber.

They were discussing what to do next.