Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 10

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 10

Chapter 10: No Need to Save Him, I Shot Him in the Head Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio Outside the cordon, countless media with video cameras appeared at the drill site.

Not only that, there were even helicopters in action to film the building.

Many media used live broadcast methods.

They thought they would have to wait for the police and the robbers to have a dialogue before they would have any content.

However, everyone was excited after seeing the bank’s door opened and closed.

They thought that the robber would appear but only one woman walked out.

The media reporters were also stunned.

What was going on with this woman who walked out? Although the woman had just been protected by the police, this group of reporters still had to get first-hand news! “Hello! We’re from the Washington Times! May I ask why you were released?” .



“Hello! We’re from the Sun! May I ask if the robber has done anything to you?” “We’re from the Wall Street Journal! Did the robber make any demands?” Everyone quickly stopped the woman who had just walked out from the bank with their photographers and asked with the microphones in hands.

After all, the reporters did not know what the situation in the bank was like.

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COM They could only interview the hostage who had just walked out from the bank.

This female streamer, who was dressed very flirtatiously, had some lingering fear at the first place.

However, when she saw the camera lens, her face quickly smiled.

She even subconsciously arranged the hair on her forehead.

When they saw the hostage stopped to cooperate with them, the camera and the flashlights were placed in front of her immediately.

The female streamer knew that this might be her chance to become famous! She composed herself immediately.

“He… is very scary.

His gaze seems like he will eat you up in the next second.

” “He wants to kill someone at the slightest disagreement.

I was almost scared to death.

” “He has now killed a police officer.

There is still a few million dollars that he robbed in his bag! There are also guns and grenades.

We are all scared to death.

” The woman recalled Jon in the bank and her body instantly trembled.

She spoke with a face full of lingering fear and a serious face.

All the media became excited when these words were said.

After all, the robber seemed really excited from the description of this woman! And in this era of entertainment, what the public needed the most was excitement! Jon released this woman to let the public know about this.

He let the media came out and pressured the police.

Only then could he continued to negotiate terms so that they would not dare to attack.

The more attention public paid, the safer he would be.

The more he would be like a crazy robber.

The popularity of his live broadcast also continued to rise.

Other than the cell phone that he was broadcasting, Jon got up and took away everyone’s cell phones.

As a robber, he would not allow the hostage to carry any communication devices.

At first, Jon thought that someone would struggle.

He did not expect things to go smoothly.

When Jon walked over with the box, no one dared to look up at Jon.

They all handed over their cell phones with trembling hands.

This was the deterrent effect of his robber’s imposing manner! Everyone was afraid that this man would put a black gun barrel on his head.

That kind of physical fear made no one dare to resist Jon’s orders.

The only way to contact them now was through the landline phone in the bank.

After receiving the phone, the landline phone in the bank just happened to ring.

Jon raised his eyebrows slightly and smiled but he still walked over to pick up the phone.

As the police outside had completely lost track of his movements in the bank so sooner or later, they would call him to find a solution.

Giving them half an hour to surround the entire bank was giving enough face to the police.

He brought up the live broadcast and positioned it to shoot him while he picked up the phone.

After picking up the phone, Jon spoke calmly.

“This is Sheriff Jerry from the New York Police Department.

”  A deep voice sounded on the ohter end of the phone.

“I know.

What’s the matter? Speak!” Jon still replied calmly.

“Is there a police officer in the bank who has been shot?” “We can arrange a doctor going in and give him first aid.

” “After all, you know, your sentence will be very severe if someone is dead.

” The captain seemed to be thinking for Jon, but in fact, he had his own plans.

The captain could not help but frowned at Jon’s calm tone.

One had to know that the people who played the role of robbers were usually chosen at random.

After all, no one wanted to do this kind of dirty work.

Jon’s performance was too calm, too much like a repeat offender.

It was as if he had really robbed a bank and knew how to deal with the police.

“Ithaca Model 37 shotgun, five meters away.

One shot to the head.

He’s already dead.

” Jon was so calm that it was as if he was telling Jerry that he had thrown away a bag of trash.

“Oh right, I’ve already taken several lives so I won’t think about what happens after I’m arrested.

” “Besides, you won’t be able to catch me.

” Jon continued to speak calmly.

The live broadcast room was also impressed by Jon’s performance.

“That’s crazy! This man! He’s really an outlaw!” “This is too cool! It’s just like in a movie! It’s more exciting than a movie theater!” “Did you hear that? This is what a real confrontation with the police looks like! Those movies are so weak!!” “Sir! We have hired the most famous lawyer in the United States to fight for you.

As long as you can join our company, we will help you get out of jail!” Sheriff Jerry could not see these messages.

But he had already fallen into silence because of what Jon said.

This kid was really difficult to deal with.

Originally, he wanted to use the excuse of sending a first aid officer in as an excuse to send a police undercover.

Many criminals with weak defenses didn’t care about this at all and directly let him go.

This was also a common method used by the police.

Jon’s calm made him not fall for it at all.

The sheriff needed to change his move.

“Okay, by the way, it’s almost six o’clock now.

You and the hostage should have not eaten yet, right?” “How about this, I ordered a few pizzas.

I’ll get someone to send them over to you.

Can you finish your meal?” The sheriff did not give up and continued to speak.

When he spoke, he tried his best to make his tone a little more relaxed and amiable.

“Sure, twelve pizzas.

” Without much hesitation, Jon replied directly.

Then he hung up the phone.

Jon knew his plan.

This confrontation would take some time to reach its climax.

He still needed some pizzas to replenish his energy.

Jon knew very well that the police would definitely use this pizza delivery opportunity to do something.

Whatever the police did, he would make them regret it.