Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 8

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 8

Chapter 8: National Sensation! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio At this moment, a police cordon had been set up in the open space outside the bank.

People around the bank heard the gunshots and realized something was wrong, so they called the police.

The onlookers kept taking pictures and posting them on their social networks.

They hadn’t seen such a scene for a long time.

And it was human nature to join in the fun.

More than a dozen police cars parked on the opposite road.

They were fully armed to evacuate the surrounding onlookers.

But they still couldn’t stop the enthusiastic crowd.

Many police officers saw this and didn’t care.

It was just an act and there wouldn’t be any danger.

Although their chief said that they should treat it a actual combat and want them take it seriously.

But wasn’t it just a robbery drill? .



It was just an amateur robber.

They had already surrounded the bank, so it wouldn’t be long before they caught him.

“Everyone, put your hands on your heads and crouch in the corner!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Jon squatted by the wall and observed the policemen outside the bank through the crack in the glass.

He held his gun and spoke to everyone in the bank.

Everyone shivered and quickly moved to the corner with their hands on their heads and crouched.

Jon’s gaze could make them shivered.

One girl was stunned by Jon’s roar.

Her phone fell out of her hand.

She was a female host on Twitch.

She was about to go out and broadcast her daily life.

Jon’s action was broadcast live.

The audience in the live broadcast room also watched the entire operation.

At first, some people thought that the host was on some kind of acting set.

But as they watched, they realized that something was wrong.

Some audience members were even frightened by Jon’s gaze across the screen.

Only then did they realize that it was really a bank robbery! Some people called the police in time while others quickly spread the news to social media platforms.

This incident was also compiled by netizens and posted on the forum.

“The robbery has been broadcasted live!!” The eye-catching title was instantly shared by countless netizens.

“OMG, did she meet a bank robber during the live broadcast? That’s too cool!” “Is he acting? This person’s acting skills are too good! The props are too realistic!” “This robber’s gaze is too scary! Is he a real murderer?” “The streamer has fainted from the shock.

This is a live broadcast of the robber! Quickly go and see!!” A message made the onlookers found a connecting point.

Following the link posted on the forum, they quickly found the live broadcast room.

At this moment, they saw the real situation at the scene.

Everyone squatted in the corner with their hands on their heads.

A big hole was opened in the bank’s vault door.

In the corner, a black backpack was filled with US dollars.

What was even more terrifying was that the robber was holding a shotgun and his eyes staring coldly at the screen.

It was as if he was going to kill them in the next second.

This scene was screenshot by countless netizens and posted on their social media app.

The title was “Let me show you the eyes of a real murderer!!” This video, which lasted less than five seconds, was posted on social media and forwarded by countless people.

There were even quite a number of celebrities among them.

Many of them even commented on their own posts, “This brother looks much more ruthless than my brother in prison.

” “This brother should have a lot of lives at his hands.

His gaze can’t be imitated.

” “Oh! This brother is still broadcasting his robbery? I have to go and support him!” As the internet spread rapidly, the female streamer’s live broadcast room was flooded with countless spectators.

They had seen live broadcasts of daily activities, live broadcasts of goods and live broadcasts of concerts.

But they had never seen a live broadcast of a robbery before.

Such crazy and bold actions had stimulated them.

They had never seen such an arrogant robber before.

The live broadcast room was also crazily rewarded by the tycoons and left messages.

“Is this person an actor? What kind of movie is this now?” “Hey, brother, you’re famous, you know? If you’re acting, you’ve already succeeded.

” “As long as you kill the stupid police outside, I’ll give you 100,000 dollars!” “Hey, baby, your eyes are too attractive.

If you don’t mind leaving a message, I don’t mind having a short story with you.

” “Hello, I’m Cameron.

I hope you can see this message.

I hope you can come and audition for my next movie.

The male lead is very suitable for you.

” Countless tips and bullet comments made this little live broadcast room, which was not famous, go straight to the front page of the entire platform.

On this plain and hot afternoon, everyone was attracted by Jon.

It became the most popular live broadcast room in the United States.

And there were countless people rushing over.

Jon looked at the bullet screen that was dancing like snowflakes, he could not help but smile coldly.

The live broadcast room immediately shot out another row of messages crazily.

“Look! He’s smiling! Oh my God! I’m going to be conquered by his smile!” “He’s so handsome that he doesn’t want to be an actor.

He wants to rob.

When did the threshold for a robber become so high!?” “Brother, if you don’t have a job, I can give you a job as a model.

The partners are LV, Gucci, Chanel! Believe me! We will package you as a top model!” “Sir! We are willing to sign you! We guarantee the resources for two movies a year! Please contact us!!” At this time, everyone on the internet was paying attention to this live broadcast room.

There were people who wanted to sign a contract with Jon, those who wanted to act with Jon and even those who wanted to hook up with Jon.

Everyone wanted to take advantage of this popularity.

Countless people saw a business opportunity in this matter.

They stared at Jon as if he was a gold mine that was waiting to be dug out.

At this moment, Jon’s popularity was rising crazily.

The police outside also sensed that something was wrong.

“Sir, there’s been an accident.

Take a look at this!” The captain, who was slowly taking out his loudspeaker, heard the voice behind him and looked at his subordinate calmly.

He took the phone from his subordinate in confusion.

His small eyes, which were squeezed out by the fat, gradually widened.

“WTF? What is this kid trying to do? Is he still broadcasting?” The captain was about to get angry when he saw the equipment on Jon.

Military single-arm grenade! Smoke grenade used by police! “WTF! Where did this kid get these things?” The captain was so surprised that he cursed.

After all, the robbers would only play with toy guns and anti-riot bullets in the past.

They would never use real weapons.

Now, these equipment and weapons were not only real weapons, they were even several times stronger than the equipment of his ordinary police! The captain’s fat body instantly became extremely agile.

He quickly took out his walkie-talkie and shouted.

“Change the plan! The bank robbers are equipped with weapons of mass destruction!” “Contact the FBI and ask what these sons of b*tches mean.

Give the f*ck robbers real weapons?” After hanging up the walkie-talkie fiercely, the captain kicked the door of the vehicle fiercely.

There was something wrong with today’s show!