Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 4

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 4

Chapter 4: He Was Like a Devil! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio Different people in different places.

Happy beach vacationers.

Traffic on the road.

Old people sitting on the side of the road while busy workers in the alleys.

These people made up Brooklyn.

And in the distance was the Manhattan skyline with its high-rise buildings.

A bustling, glamorous, cosmopolitan city of opportunity and desire.

Here, people of all races and colors move around this society in an orderly fashion under the scorching sun.




Here, it seemed everyone was playing a different role.

A bank on a street in the city.

Security guards were removing the national flag at the door.

This meant that the bank was closing soon.

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COM The bank was going to leave work early in order to cooperate with this drill.

Although they had stopped taking numbers at three o’clock, there were still three or four people in the bank waiting for their turn at this time.

A few bank employees were at the counter and the lobby manager was looking out from the door in the lobby.

The security guard was bored.

Everyone’s mood was relaxed and happy at this moment.

The bank was able to close early due to the drill.

The drill would be just a formality and they would be able to get off work one or two hours earlier than usual.

Just as they were thinking of this… A man got out of a taxi at the entrance.

He was wearing a black windbreaker and was carrying a large white gift box.

A black backpack was behind him, too.

If he wasn’t wearing a bloody clown mask, they would have thought that he was going to meet his lover.

They saw him pushed open the door and walked into the bank lobby as if no one was there.

Everything seemed to have been planned.

It was as familiar as walking around his own backyard.

“Hello, our bank is closed.

If you need any service, please come back tomorrow.

” The security guard who was enjoying the air-conditioning in the lobby reached out his hand to stop him.

The man heard him and ignored him.

It was as if he did not hear him.

He continued to walk forward.

The security guard frowned and took out his baton, stopping Jon again.

“Stop! Don’t move!” Jon was wearing a windbreaker, a clown mask and a big black backpack was on his back.

He didn’t look like a good person from his head to his toe! Jon stopped and looked up at the security guard.

That murderous look made the security guard shivered in the summer.

He suddenly remembered that the FBI would be playing the role of a robber at the bank today.

He immediately retracted his hand.

“Ops! I forgot that today is the drill.

It’s so hot today and you’re wearing so much.

” “You’re here to rob the bank.

Hurry up and go in.

” When the security guard saw Jon, cold sweat broke out on his head.

This wasn’t the first time.

It was just a formality.

As a security guard, there was no need for him to stop Jon.

It was just that he was stunned by Jon’s imposing manner for a moment.

He even thought that he was really a bank robber.

The murderous intent was clearly felt by him.

According to Jon’s understanding, walking in from the front door of the bank was the stupidest plan.

It was because the front door must be the most defensible and easiest to get caught.

He knew that the bank had a back door.

Jon’s ideal route was to come in from the back.

He wanted to use the employee card he got to swipe in so he could sneak in quietly.

Then, he would not be stopped by security at the front door.

But today, the bank had locked the electronic back door early because of the drill.

Inadvertently, this also increased the difficulty of Jon’s robbery.

But fortunately, the problem was not big.

Jon continued to walk into the hall after getting rid of the security.

He circled around and looked quickly at all the people in the bank.

The lobby manager was leaning against an empty window while chatting with the blonde woman behind the counter.

He was talking and laughing and there was no tension at all.

So he didn’t notice Jon had come in.

Some people had been evacuated in advance due to the drill today.

There were six people in the bank, including the lobby manager and the security guard.

There were three more customers in the waiting area.

One who was doing business at the bank counter while the other was drinking water at the water dispenser.

Jon stood up after confirming the number of people in the bank.

He walked to the front door and took out the iron chain hidden in his backpack.

He slowly wrapped it around.

The loud sound was particularly ear-piercing in this quiet space.

Seeing Jon locked the door, it naturally attracted the attention of everyone in the bank.

“Who are you? Why did you lock the door?” “The bank’s door! How dare you touch it!” “Who the hell are you?” There was a commotion among the bank staff as the door was locked by Jon.

The lobby manager, Sunny, also walked towards Jon.

Jon was wearing a clown mask so they did not recognize him.

When the security guard saw that the door was locked, he quickly ran over.

At this moment, there were twelve people in the bank, including Jon.

The door was locked before the manager, Sunny, walked to the frontof Jon.

All the customers in the bank were still looking at Jon in confusion.

What was this person trying to do? Why did he lock the bank’s door the moment he entered.

At this moment, a few bank employees had already guessed that the person who locked the bank’s door was the robber, Jon.

The manager was only a few steps away from Jon.

Jon pulled the lock on the door.

After making sure it was secure, Jon released the package in his hand.

It wasn’t flowers for a woman.

It was a weapon with a black glow.

An Ithaca Model 37 shotgun! It was a very famous weapon.

He turned around and aimed the gun at the manager in front of him.

“Don’t move! Robbing!” This shout was like a clap of thunder.

It woke up all the people who were sleepy at this moment.

There was a robber who wanted to rob the bank! After a few seconds, everyone finally reacted.

A few customers in the bank were shocked.

They looked at the man with a gun with a terrified expression.

One lady even laid on the ground in a hurry.

Everyone was shocked except for the bank staff who knew in advance that there would be a drill.

The bank staff at the counter quietly reached her hand under the table.

According to the staff manual, that was the alarm button that led directly to the police station.

But this scene was witnessed by Jon.

“B*tch, I don’t want to hurt you!” “But please stay away from those damn alarms!” “Come to the middle obediently! B*tch!” With that said, he pointed the black muzzle of his shotgun at the female employee.

The blonde female employee shivered under the gun.

The man in front of her was like a beast that had been hungry for days.

His entire body was emitting a terrifying aura.

It was as if he would rip her body apart to vent his desire at the next moment.

Jon’s natural bandit instinct made her forget that she was in a drill.

Instead, she was trying to figure out ways not to provoke him.

She came out of the counter.

She was trembling with fear as she did so.

She was too afraid to fight the man in front of her.

She would do anything right now, even if she was asked to strip.

Jon was like a devil to her!!