Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 1

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Mission, acting as a bank robber? Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio “Jon, this drill is very important.

You need great courage, outstanding wisdom, and a serious attitude to complete this mission.

Are you confident?” In the conference room, the FBI Director looked at Jon and said.

His voice was loud and full of authority.

Just as the director finished speaking, everyone in the conference room turned to Jon, who was sitting at the back.

The media in the room also adjusted their cameras to focus on Jon.

The flash of the cameras and the focus of the crowd made Kirby Jon looked a little dazed.

The man who exuded a lazy aura was sitting at the back row.

His short hair was short and sharp.

He had a bushy beard.




He hadn’t shaved for days.

His clothes looked cheap.

A mild alcohol smell was on him if you get closer.

He didn’t look special.

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COM He was working for the FBI.

And those who knew him knew he was not at all the decadence he was now.

Kirby Jon was now a member of the FBI for a special assignment.

He had used his vast experience and exceptional courage to solve several major crimes in the bureau.

Congratulations and flowers filled his office for a while.

But some time afterward, the man who had great moments had somehow fallen silent.

He had even become invisible.

He was once a star in the FBI.

Now he was sitting in a corner where no one was looking.

Jon didn’t care about the gazes on him.

After he retired from the Navy SEAL team, he only thought about when he could retire.

The cases he solved easily in the past didn’t make his life easier.

It even made his life more troublesome.

Where there were people, there were complications.

His outstanding ability naturally attracted others’ envy.

Although he had a hundred ways to kill these people, he could still get away with it perfectly.

But he was a person who didn’t like trouble.

In his eyes, these people’s lives were less precious than a bottle of cold beer in the refrigerator.

So he simply ignored these people.

As long as they didn’t come to provoke him, he didn’t mind being invisible.

Now he was the most idle man in the bureau.

Living a dreamlike life where he could drink and fart every day.

And being the most useless character.

The most dishonorable character in the drill, the robber.

He thought of himself naturally.

He watched the way they looked at him.

They were either teasing, joking, or smug.

Jon didn’t want to respond at all.

He was only thinking how he could refuse to work overtime reasonably and get off work early.

“There’s a new bar in the city.

I haven’t been there yet.

” “Let’s have a drink with Blucher.

” As a former comrade, it had been a long time since they had met.

Who would want to take this lousy job.

“God-tier acting system binding…” A cold notification sounded in Jon’s mind.

Jon was slightly stunned.

“Ding! Host occupation detected.

” “Identity: FBI agent, former Navy SEAL.

” “Current event: participating in bank drill, acting as bank robber.

” The cold voice sounded in Jon’s mind.

Jon hadn’t been interested in this kind of trouble for a long time.

“Mission: impersonate the robber successfully and succeed in robbing the bank.

The system will rate the performance of the host.

Host may be rewarded with a maximum reward of $5 million.

” As Jon pondered how to get out of the drudgery in front of the media and his boss, the system’s cold notification sounded again.

Jon stood up immediately.

“Yes! Director! I will definitely contribute my part to protect the citizens of New York! I will do my best to complete the mission!” The director then continued to speak.

“Very good! I hope that this drill will allow all of us to have a sense of crisis at any time!” “Only if we can resolve such an emergency at any time can we guarantee the safety of the entire American citizens!” As soon as he finished speaking, a thunderous applause and the sound of cameras snapping rang out in the hall.

The crowd dispersed after the director said a few more words.

His colleagues, bank staff representatives, and media reporters were all chatting and laughing as they packed up their belongings and prepared to leave.

They didn’t care about Jon’s identity at all.

It was like it was just a normal meeting.

Who cared about a normal drill? It was just for the inspection.

Obviously, everyone was thinking the same thing.

They would follow procedure.

The robbers would come in, the FBI would arrest them and then the media would report that the FBI were efficient.

Everything was so natural and beautiful.

It was a good opportunity to praise the government.

If Jon hadn’t awakened the system, all of this would have been fine.

Jon had a meaningful smile on his face.

Now everyone treated the drill as a game and didn’t ask Jon what he thought.

Did they really think that what he said was just for show? Jon thought to himself, he really meant it! The more he acted like a bank robber, the higher his score would be.

The reward would be more.

He might not be able to get five million dollars even if he really robbed a bank! He could get the reward as long as he acted like a bank robber.

He didn’t have to worry about the rest of his life if he could get the money.

So what a real robber needed to prepare? A weapon that could shock everyone.

A blueprint of the bank design.

A map of the terrain around the bank.

Most importantly, he need a good brother who could coordinate from the inside! As for what he said before being a robber was too troublesome? This robber… He was determined!