Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 280

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 280

Chapter 280: The Third Round of the Game The netizens in the live broadcast room applauded and cheered when they saw this scene.

“The game designed by the streamer is amazing.

Burn them to death.

” “F*ck.

Even their bones are exposed.

No wonder they screamed so miserably, but I like it.

” “Actually, what we saw was only the surface.

They were in much more pain than what we saw.

The terrain of the swamp determined that the temperature inside was very high.

When they took a breath, the high temperature of Baidu followed their trachea all the way down, constantly burning their internal organs.

I guess the inside was already fully cooked.

” “F*ck, is it that scary? I can already smell roasted meat!” At this moment, Ross’s nerves tensed up.

He clenched his fists tightly.

It seemed that the situation was even worse than he had imagined.

“Save them! Quick!” However, the raft was in the swamp, not in the water.

It was very difficult to move forward.

By the time they reached the middle of the swamp, the fire had already been extinguished.

Following the light, everyone finally saw the situation of the three people.

They saw that their faces were like devils.

Their flesh and blood had dried up, revealing the cold white bones inside.

Their facial features had been vaporized and charred.

Their charred teeth were exposed in the air, becoming as black as ink.

Their bodies were bleeding.

There were small holes on their shoulders and necks.

The flesh and blood inside had turned black and yellow.




“F*ck, a ghost!” “He’s still alive even after being burnt to such a state.

He’s really a cockroach that can’t be killed.

” Everyone gasped.

The police officers who had rushed over were also stunned.

It was too terrifying.

It was too bloody.

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COM Who would dare to break the law in this manner in the future? It was worse than being shot to death.

“Save me, quickly save me.

I did all this for my daughter.

” Charles broke down and cried.

“I was wrong.

I won’t dare to break the law again.

I’ll turn myself in.

Come and save me.

” Tom’s two rows of big yellow teeth leaked air as he spoke, but his survival instinct made him roar with difficulty.

At this time, Jeff could not speak.

He was breathing heavily and his hands were shaking crazily.

Looking at the stunned policemen, Ross, who was on the shore, was anxious.

He shouted into the walkie-talkie.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and save him.

” At this moment, a rustling sound came from the police’s loudspeaker.

Ross frowned and said, “Not good.

” The police’s loudspeaker was connected to the computer network.

They had just knocked out the Death Inquisitor’s network.

Now it was definitely him who had hacked into the network.

“Judy!” Following Ross’s loud roar, Judy’s slender fingers nimbly tapped on the keyboard.

“I’m trying to stop it.

” Just as she finished speaking, the rustling sound stopped, and then Jack’s voice came from the loudspeaker.

Immediately, Ross’s face darkened, and Judy’s face didn’t look too good either.

Damn it, he’s really embarrassing everyone involved.

She had just said that she was trying to stop it, but someone else had already succeeded in hacking into it.

Judy’s small hands were tightly clenched together, and a deep fighting spirit rose in her eyes.

“The three of you are too stupid.

It’s normal that others can’t think of a countermeasure.

The three of you are very familiar with this place, but you can’t think of a countermeasure.

You are really too stupid.

The swamp here is low in the middle.

You can pull the iron bucket to the safe zone.

When the iron bucket breaks, the cars will only gather in the center and won’t be able to burn you.

But what you are doing is completely suicidal.

” Ross’s face was gloomy.

It was just as he had thought.

This was a trap, but it was too late.

The netizens in the live broadcast room gave him a thumbs up.

“That’s great.

They are simply four gods.

They played the three of them in the palm of their hands and have no temper at all.

” “The streamer played too well.

I have to give him my full respect.

” “He’s really a god.

This is the god standing at the peak.

He’s the god that we need to look up to.

” “Seeing their inhuman and ghostly appearance, I was so excited that my computer was smashed.

Looking at my phone now, I feel hot-blooded.

” At this moment, Tom and the other two were dumbfounded.

It was as if they had been struck in the head by a bolt of lightning from the nine heavens.

They were stunned on the spot.

That’s right.

How could they not have thought of such a simple logic? They were the most familiar with this swamp.

No one here could compare to them.

This was the perfect place for them to dump their bodies.

In order to make it a secret, they had done a lot of work on this place.

It could be said that they had a comprehensive understanding of the terrain, location, and composition of the area.

Ahhhh! Tom went crazy.

He opened his mouth wide and vented crazily, “F*ck, Death Judge, you misled us.

D*mn it.

” They could have been fine, but they had been misled by someone.

In their nervousness, they had fallen into his trap.

Thinking of this, he felt endless regret.

Why, why couldn’t he think calmly.

He had watched the live broadcast before, and more than once.

He knew the death Inquisitor’s routine.

Without evidence, he could understand the live broadcast.

Why was he so confused about this small detour.

Damn it.

Tom gritted his teeth fiercely, and then a cracking sound could be clearly heard in the silent night.

F*ck, Jeff was also frozen.

He was the one who dumped the bodies every time, so he was very familiar with the swamp here.

How could they make such a simple game look like this? People didn’t look like people, and ghosts didn’t look like ghosts.

It was really too stupid.

No, it was simply stupid.

They didn’t use any useful methods, yet they challenged their own limits.

If this wasn’t stupid, then what was? ! The three of them were extremely frustrated and filled with resentment.

They didn’t know how to vent it out.

At this moment, Jack’s cold voice rang out once again in the dark night sky.

“Now, let’s enter the third game.

Each of you carries a metal box on your back.

There is an iron hook inside that hooks deeply into your bodies.

The outer layer of the box is connected to your skin.

Inside, there is a large syringe filled with high-purity sulfuric acid.

Once the time is up, they will be injected into your bodies.

You have five minutes.

“However, you can not destroy the structure of the box by force.

You can choose to tear the metal box off your body.

Correspondingly, your skin will also be torn apart.

Whether you live or die, it’s your choice.

” Beep! Beep! Beep! The game began.

Many people were boiling with excitement, their eyes filled with anticipation.

“F*CK! An injection of concentrated sulfuric acid! It must be very exciting.

” “I want to see them being dissolved from the inside out.

Ah, just thinking about it makes me feel sour.

” “I’m looking forward to it.

I’m looking forward to them turning into a puddle of blood so that I don’t waste other people’s effort.

It’s good to be back like this.

” “I’ve already moved a small stool.

I’m just waiting for the good show to start.