Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 274

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 274

Chapter 274: The Devil with the Skin of a Policeman Tom and the other two screamed at the top of their lungs in fear.

But Jack ignored them, and he said coldly, “Do you want to know why I didn’t list your incriminating evidence this time? Because I’ve changed the way I play.

I’ve sorted out fourteen incriminating pieces of evidence for each of you, and I’ll post them in the live broadcast room later.

The game in the first round is very simple.

The three of you will answer each of the five incriminating pieces of evidence, and the task will be completed.

The process of answering can not be repeated, and the time limit is one minute.

If no one completes the quest within one minute, all of you will be punished and a metal ring will be detonated.

” Then, Jack posted the fourteen pieces of evidence on the left side of the live broadcast room.

When the netizens saw these pieces of evidence, they felt like their lungs were going to explode.

They wanted to jump into the mud and blow up the three people’s heads.

“F*ck, this is too despicable.

I can’t stand it.

I want to beat them to death with a big rope.

” “If the evidence is true, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that wall gun and the others have done it a hundred times.

” “This is the work of our people’s police.

Even ordinary criminals wouldn’t do such a terrible thing.

” At this moment, Ross and the others were still on the road.

A large number of people were running towards the No-Man’s-Land, blocking the road.

“Turn the siren up and let the people get out of the way,” Ross shouted.

The policeman sitting in the passenger seat stuck his head out of the window and shouted, “The police are handling a case.

Get out of the way.

” “Get out of the way! Can’t you see that it’s blocked? Get out of the way!” .



“That’s right.

The police are amazing.

Who knows whether you’re good police or those bad police who disregard human lives? The live broadcast room has already been exposed, and you’re still the police chief.

Do you think you’re capable of doing that?” “If you’re in a hurry, just fly over from the sky.

We don’t mind.

” Hearing the people’s words, Ross’s face turned ashen.

“Ahhh, bastards.

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COM “F*ck!” “There’s no dignity left at all.

” Ross stared at Tom and the other two in the live broadcast room.

His anger was getting more and more intense.

He wished that he could grow wings now and ruthlessly kick them in the face.

It was all because of this group of detestable moths that ruined the honor of their police force.

‘Damn it.



’ There was nothing they could do.

They could only follow behind the people and move like snails.

Ross looked at the live broadcast room with a gloomy face.

His chest rose high as he suppressed the exploding anger in his heart.

At this moment, Jack’s devil-like voice came from the live broadcast room.

The game began! Jeff was the first to answer.

“Tom destroyed the evidence of the Halloween missing case.

” “Tom took advantage of his position and publicly accepted bribes.

He has ten properties under his name.

” “Tom once imprisoned and raped two college students and was listed as a missing person.

” “Charles had a mentally ill daughter.

Her body was defective and her face was full of bubbles.

She liked to grab the bubbles on her own body or other people’s bodies.

So, Charles took people into the basement to inject the herpes simplex virus, and then let his daughter grab the bubbles on their bodies for fun.

” “Charles also secretly operated to make Tom the chief of the police station so that he could better kill people.

” “Death Judge, I’ve said all this.

I have evidence.

It’s buried under the big tree in my house.

Every time I help them finish something, I’ll keep it.

If you don’t believe me, you can verify it.

I’m telling the truth.

” “Is this enough? If not, I have more.

Tom had a mistress a few years ago.

Because she had gotten pregnant, Tom killed her directly and shot her twice in the stomach.

” All the bad things they had done were finally revealed.

Tom and Jeff Ri’s faces were gloomy.

They glared at him, wishing they could tear his mouth apart.

“Bastard, Jeff Ri.

If I didn’t save you from prison, you would have been shot long ago.

” “Don’t believe what he said.

He’s a murderer.

I haven’t done any of these things.

” The two of them shouted, but the people weren’t fools.

Of the few pieces of evidence that Jeff mentioned, apart from the first two that weren’t there, the rest were all correct.

One had to know that they hadn’t seen the evidence on the above, but to be able to say so accurately with such a high probability, there was no need for evidence to explain everything.

Even a fool could see it.

For a moment, the people and livestream viewers were furious.

“These are all animals.

They are evil and will do anything evil.

” “Ah ah, I really want to stab them to death with an electric drill.

This is too infuriating.

” “F* k, this is even worse than scum.

” “Let’s kill them.

” The people were extremely furious.

They picked up the stones on the ground and threw them into the swamp.

There were splashes of mud and flowers.

At this moment, Jack’s voice sounded, “Jeff said seven pieces of evidence.

Five of them were correct.

He was exempted from this punishment.

Now, there are nine pieces of evidence left.

” Jeff was overjoyed when he heard that.

“Thank you, thank you, Death Judge.

As long as you show mercy to me, I will be a good person.

” Tom wanted to eat him up and roared, “You cheater! If I didn’t let you go back then, you would have been shot long ago.

” F*ck, Jeff didn’t fall for his trick.

“So what if I was shot? Eighteen years later, I will be a good man again.

Under your tyranny, I have done so many evil things.

I am innocent.

” Tom was stunned.

He did not expect that he would actually contradict him.

His heart was even more furious.

He really regretted that he did not shoot him and send him to the afterlife.

“You’re still innocent.

Bah, you’re a scumbag,” Tom coldly shouted.

The situation on the field was already obvious.

Jeff only said that he and the old bureau chief had evidence of their crimes.

He did not have any evidence of his crimes yet.

He had to seize this opportunity tightly.

At least, he had to get through this first.

He was about to open his mouth when Charles’ voice sounded.

“Jeff has at least dozens of murders on his hands.

” “He organized the underworld to collect protection fees.

He once hacked a shop owner to death on the street.

He organized the prostitution of students.

There was once a student who could not bear the humiliation and committed suicide.

In May last year, Jeff entered the house late at night.

In front of other people’s husbands and children, he forced other people’s wives.

He even took photos and threatened them.

He played with them as he pleased.

As a result, the woman could not bear the humiliation and resisted and was killed.

The family of three was not spared.

” “Jeff also sold drugs,” Charles shouted.

“These five are enough, right?” Jack immediately replied, “There’s still one more?” Charles rolled his eyes.

He had already talked about Jeff’s crimes.

He really couldn’t think of anything else.

There was still one more.

He could not let all his efforts go to waste.

“Also, Tom once killed a police officer named Blake.

Because he found clues about the missing case, he was silenced.

” The people were shocked again.

Charles said a total of six things.

Except for one of them, the rest were all correct.

In particular, Tom was so crazy that he even killed such a dedicated police officer.

This behavior deeply touched all the netizens online.

On one side, he was a good police officer, and on the other side, he was a devil in the skin of a police officer.

He sacrificed his duty dutifully, but the devil lived in the human world.

One positive and one negative, forming a sharp contrast.

How ironic.

How shocking…