Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 272

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 272

Chapter 272: A Slap in the Face The live broadcast of the death began, and the number of people began to surge.

Three million… Five million… Tens of millions… The number continued to increase.

The members of the Zero Degree Major Crimes Unit were calm and focused as they stared at the live broadcast room.

Ross said, “Willie, immediately call Tom and tell him to put his people on standby.

The live broadcast has begun.

We have to find his live broadcast location as soon as possible and capture the Death Inquisitor.

” “Yes!” Willie walked to the end and began to make phone calls.

At this time, a video appeared in the live broadcast room.

It was an important instruction given by the police department leader at that time to arrest the Death Inquisitor “Hello, everyone.

Welcome to this episode’s live broadcast of death.

I am your host, the Death Inquisitor.

Before the live broadcast, we will first watch a video.

I think it is very good.

Please enjoy watching it.

” .



Another screen popped up.

It was a huge conference room.

The people inside were all wearing police uniforms.

They were all over 40 years old and had stars on their shoulders.

Clearly, they were all big shots.

“The law does not allow outsiders.

No matter who breaks the law, we have to arrest them according to the law.

” “Right, everyone is equal before the law.

We can’t be special.

We have to face difficulties head-on.

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COM “We can’t let the Death Inquisitor blind the public.

We have to tell everyone that this is a criminal act.

” The video had been simply processed, but it looked grand and imposing.

Ross frowned and said, “Has the Death Inquisitor’s brain been damaged? Why is he broadcasting this video? Does he simply want to tell everyone that he is a criminal?” “The Death Inquisitor does things with a special meaning.

I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m about to be slapped in the face,” said Loggins.

Willie had also finished making the call.

“Leader, Tom’s cell phone is turned off.

According to the police on duty, he drove out an hour ago.

He should have gone home to sleep.

” “Go home to sleep? Doesn’t he know about the live broadcast of Death tonight?” Ross was very dissatisfied.

“Call his home and tell him to go back to the police station immediately.

” Willie was about to dial the number, but he was interrupted by Monica.

“It seems like there’s no need to call.

” She pointed at the screen.

Ross looked up and was completely dumbfounded.

On the screen, there were simple information and photos of three people.

— Charles: former Deputy Director of Manhattan Public Security Bureau.

Crime: dereliction of duty and murder Jeff: former wanted murderer.

Later revoked.

Crime: kidnapping and murder Tom: the current director of the Manhattan Public Security Bureau Crime: dereliction of duty and murder — Seeing this, Ross’s face was extremely livid.

“F*ck! Bastard!” Ross felt like he had been slapped.

‘No wonder why we never found any clues after so many years of investigating this case! He is the mastermind! The director of the Public Security Bureau! It would have been strange if we had found any clues.

’ For Ross, the most ruthless criminal act was the crime of duty.

The suspect knew the law and broke the law.

He was much more repulsive than those ordinary criminals.

No wonder the Death Inquisitor showed the police department’s video right away.

This was a blatant slap in the face.

And it was the kind of slap that greatly disappointed him.

Ross’s heart was breaking down, but he was already used to it.

“Immediately contact the deputy director and arrange for all personnel to be on standby.

” Everyone immediately went from the guest house to the police station.

The distance between the two places was not very far.

At the same time, many of the netizens in the live broadcast room were directly angered.

“Who is the one who is muddling our eyes?” “I can’t believe it.

They say that everyone is equal before the law.

Let’s control our own people first.

” “They usually say it so nicely.

Is there any concrete evidence to implicate them? What happened? What should we do after the wind blows over?” “They are all people who do nothing.

In the end, it is us ordinary people who suffer.

” The netizens in the live broadcast room were shocked.

The people of Kessel County were shocked.

The police officers were also shocked.

They could not believe their eyes.

For a long time, their dedicated director was actually a criminal who knew the law and broke the law.

At this moment, Jack’s cold voice rang out again in the live broadcast room.

“I am as shocked as all of you.

But it doesn’t matter.

In my live broadcast room, regardless of wealth, power, or status, everything is just floating clouds.

” “The live streamer is awesome.

He’s just that hot-blooded.

” “The Death Judge is definitely the hope of mankind.

I support the live streamer.

” The netizens were extremely excited.

They were all ordinary people and did not have any big goals.

They only wanted to live a stable life.

However, they were also blood-thirsty.

Good would be rewarded with good, and evil would be rewarded with evil.

They hoped for fairness and justice.

Jack glanced at the live broadcast bullet screen.

“All right, the live broadcast will begin now.

” Ka! The scene changed, and a few lights shot out from the ground.

The three of them were half-buried in the mud, and the background looked like a wilderness.

The netizens were unsure what it was about, but the people from Kessel County figured it out immediately.

“It’s on No-Man’s Land.

The live stream will be in a no-man’s land.

” “F*ck, if we go now, we should be able to catch up with the live stream!” “The No-Man’s Land is a few kilometers away from my house.

My dad has already driven there.

It would be great to watch the live broadcast.

” “It’s a swamp there.

There are deep pits of all sizes.

I heard that many people died there.

” Therefore, the villagers who were not far from the No-Man’s Land all went out.

There were some who rode motorcycles.

There were those who hopped on their electric bikes and small cars, and there were even those who rode agricultural tricycles.

“Hello, uncle.

Are you going to the No-Man’s Land? Give me a ride!” “Hello, are there any seats left? I want to see the live broadcast with my own eyes.

Give me a ride.

” Soon, the roads leading to the No-Man’s Land were full of tricycles, motorcycles, and cars.

They were majestic and looked like a long winding dragon in the dark night.

It looked like a scene where the villagers dared to go and watch the beheading in the middle of the night.

At this moment, all the members of the Zero Major Crimes Squad had also rushed to the police station.

Ross immediately checked the surveillance cameras at the gate and found that the driver was not Tom.

It was the Death Judge, who was wearing a mask.

“F*ck!” Such a good opportunity passed by just like that.

The hatred in Ross’s heart was so great that his eyeballs almost popped out.

Because it was dark and it was Tom’s car again, the police on duty did not notice it at that time.

This time, they missed this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

He also knew that he could not blame the police on duty.

After all, Tom had hidden himself too well over the years.

In the eyes of outsiders, he was conscientious and a good director who followed the law.

People were always respectful towards him.

They would not even have time to worship him.

Why did he stop the car? Kermie, the deputy director of Kessel County Public Security Bureau, stood respectfully to the side.

To be honest, after learning of Tom’s crime, he was also shocked.

The first thing he thought of was that it was impossible.

However, he was also somehow convinced because it was the Death Judge who announced it.

Moreover, Tom’s figure was also revealed in the live broadcast.

This time, he believed that the bureau chief that he had always regarded as his idol was actually a criminal who had violated the law.

Ross calmed down and exchanged a glance with the drunkard.

“This is an outdoor live broadcast.

What is the Death Inquisitor up to this time?” What was this place? It looked pitch-black and was surrounded by wilderness.

Was it a suburb? Everyone shook their heads.

At this time, a policeman walked out from behind.

“Chief, I know what this place is.

This is No-Man’s Land.

Because my previous village was not far from here, I have a deep impression of it.

” Ross nodded.

“Kermie, send a helicopter immediately and set off for No-Man’s Land.

” “Chief, Our County Public Security Bureau doesn’t have a helicopter.

We only have one in the city.

Moreover, if we were to transfer it from the city, it would take at least half an hour.

By then, the live broadcast would have ended long ago.

” “Tell them to hurry up.

Let’s go to the live broadcast site first!” As Ross finished his words, everyone got into their cars.

Amidst the clamor of the police, they sprinted northwest towards the suspected location.