Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 270

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 270

Chapter 270: I Want to Make Bubbles In a dilapidated village on the outskirts of New York City… After Abel got off work, he bought an old hen from a shop.

Ever since his brother went missing, his mother’s health had been deteriorating day by day.

Her longing for him had become a disease, and she had finally collapsed.

“Abel, you’re finally back.

Your mother is dying.

” At this moment, a warm-hearted villager ran over with a panicked expression.

Hearing this, Abel’s eyelids twitched, and he sprinted into the courtyard.

In the dilapidated house, a woman in her sixties was lying on the bed.

Her skin was dry, her eyes were sunken, and her head of white hair was like silver threads.

Abel’s tears flowed down, and he held his mother’s hand tightly, sobbing uncontrollably.

All these years, his mother had been too tired.

Every night, he would see his mother light up the oil lamp and cry softly in front of his brother’s portrait.

His heart also felt bad, as if someone was gripping it tightly.

The woman opened her eyes, her vision blurry.

“Son, I can’t take it anymore.

I can’t bear to leave you.

I can’t find your brother in this world.

I’m going to the other world to find your brother.

You have to take good care of your father.

” Abel’s heart felt like it was being pricked by needles.

“Mother, I have good news for you.

The Death Inquisitor has made his move on my brother’s case.

It will be broadcast live in two days.

Regardless of whether my brother is missing or killed, don’t you want to know the answer?” Hearing the Death Inquisitor’s name was like a bolt of lightning to her, causing the old woman’s shriveled palm to tremble.

“Son, is what you said true?” “It’s true, Mom.

I’m not lying to you.

Don’t leave me and my father now.

Let’s watch the live broadcast together in two days, okay?” .



The woman left behind muddy tears and nodded.

The unsolved case of more than twenty years was finally coming to light.

Following the Death Inquisitor’s Weibo post, the residents of the Nassau village were in a heated discussion.

“It has been more than twenty years.

This matter is finally coming to light.

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COM “The Death Inquisitor has finally made his move.

My son, your parents have long waited for this day.

” “Now, I still don’t understand why a perfectly fine person would disappear after arriving at the cemetery.

Could it be that he was really dragged away by a ghost?” “I don’t believe it.

There must be something else going on here.

Let’s wait for the Death Inquisitor to unveil the mystery for us.

” After the Death Inquisitor joined in on the mysterious disappearance, the popularity of the case remained high.

It was the top trending topic on the hot search list.

Soon, the relevant media interviewed Nassau residents of the village and made a detailed report.

The netizens on the internet had a full discussion.

“Is it so surreal? Why does it look like a fantasy novel?” “Strange, why did such a good person disappear? could he have climbed into the cemetery?” “Who knows? Anyway, there’s the Death Inquisitor.

He will soon be able to remove its mysterious veil.

” “Didn’t someone say that the most terrifying thing in this world is not the demons and monsters, but the hearts of people?” The netizens discussed one after another, each of them looking forward to it.

As night fell, it was quiet all around Nassau village.

A black figure with sharp eyes blended into the darkness.

Jack’s speed was very fast, like a black bolt of lightning.

He went there for two purposes.

One was to find crucial evidence, and the other was to design the scene of this live broadcast.

He was prepared to plan a subversive live broadcast.

The next day, the Zero Major Crimes Squad rushed to Manhattan to check the files and interview the people.

Manhattan also attached great importance to it and actively cooperated with the investigation.

But after a day, there was still no breakthrough.

Ross and the others returned to the guest house with disappointed faces.

“There’s still one more day.

I have no clue at all.

” Ross looked through the window at the night scene in the distance, feeling frustrated.

It wasn’t just the people from the Zero Major Crimes Squad.

Tom, who had returned to the station, also found it difficult to fall asleep.

His face was heavy and tired.

“Death Judge, there’s still one more day.

Have you already infiltrated the Nassau Village? You’re just a mouse, an unkillable cockroach.

Even the police of Circassia couldn’t catch you.

You’re really lucky.

” Tom’s face was gloomy as he picked up the phone.

“This is Tom.

How many hotels are there in our district that haven’t interfered with the police system? We have to thoroughly investigate all of them tonight.

The Death Inquisitor might have already sneaked into this place by now.

The key examiners’ registration information, especially those whose identities are unknown, can be approved first before interrogation.

We must act quickly and act stealthily.

We must not alert the enemy.

” “Yes!” Tom put down the phone with a gloomy look on his face.

At this moment, two police officers on patrol looked up at Tom’s office and enviously said, “The director is really hard-working.

He hasn’t slept yet.

” “Yeah, otherwise, why would others be the director while we’re just on patrol? Just do your own thing.

” “Sigh, do you think this missing case is being discussed again because we’re too slow or because the Death Inquisitor is just too fast?” “I’m still on the side of the Death Inquisitor.

It’s not that I don’t trust the director.

Think about it.

The Death Inquisitor is massacring all over Circassia.

Tens of thousands of police officers can’t catch him.

With our little strength, we definitely can’t do it.

” “To be honest, I’m completely shocked.

Tell me, how did his brain grow? I’m just dumbfounded.

” “How would I know? If I knew, I wouldn’t be patrolling here.

I would have been the director long ago.

” After the two policemen left, the only light in the building was turned off.

The night gradually deepened.

Everything was silent, and the moon had also disappeared into the clouds.


The door to the basement opened, and a thick stench of blood and rot spread out.

A woman in her thirties was tied up with iron chains.

She was squatting in a corner with a nervous smile on her face.

She was looking at the broken lenses on the wall and trying to catch bubbles.

Then, under the dim light, the woman’s face was covered with bloody blisters.

It was as if she had a rash.

It was densely packed and it was a shocking sight.

“Ah! Haha! I want to catch bubbles.

It’s fun, it’s too fun.

” “Bubbles, don’t run.

I want to catch mud.

Hehe, ah, you still dare to hide.

See if I won’t catch you until you’re dead!” Seeing this, a man hurriedly ran over and blocked her palm.

His heart ached as he said, “Yiyi, what are you doing?” The woman was naked, revealing her smooth and well-proportioned body.

Her figure alone could topple nations and cities.

However, her face was covered in red rashes and green-yellow liquid flowed out, followed by blood.

“Baby, you’re acting strange.

After some time, I’ll catch another person for you and let you pinch bubbles, okay?” “Uh, bubbles, I want to pinch bubbles.

” The woman’s eyes were filled with excitement.

The man hugged her and patted her back gently.