Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 268

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 268

Chapter 268: The Live Broadcast Was Restarted Jennifer seemed to blame herself for waking him up.

Jack said, “It’s okay.

I’ll sleep next to Aisha.

” Seeing that Jack was willing to stay, Jennifer’s heart beat faster.

She said, “I’ll go clean up for you.

” “Oh, Aisha has already cleaned up,” Jack answered with an apologetic tone.

Jennifer stopped walking and sorted out her heavy heart.

She looked into Jack’s eyes affectionately and said, “Thank you so much for today.

” “No problem.

” Jack waved his hand and walked into the room.

Jennifer looked at Jack’s back, her heart beating like a little deer.

The emotions that had been buried deep in her heart were released.

Her face was as rosy as a peerless beauty, and she wanted to drive men crazy.

Jack, who had walked into the room, also could not stand it.

Indeed, compared to Aisha, Jennifer’s charm was too strong.

If Aisha’s charm was that of a Maiteng, then Jennifer was a super sports car.

This was not to say that Aisha was not good enough, but she had not fully developed yet.

After a few years, Aisha would definitely surpass Jennifer and become a peerless beauty.

God knows how many men would fall in love with her.

It was a silent night.

When Jack woke up in the morning, he thought that he would not be able to sleep well in other people’s homes.

He did not expect that it was not the case at all.

He had a very stable, blissful, and comfortable sleep.




He felt very good.

At this moment, a text message rang on his phone.

Jack opened his phone and found that it was from Monica.

“Thank you for last night.

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COM Jack smiled and sent a “You’re welcome.

” Then he walked out of the room and found Jennifer busy in the living room.

She was wearing a sky-blue dress today, revealing a small part of her snow-white calves.

The collar of her upper body was very low, and it was not even close to her collarbone.

From where he stood, he could see her cleavage clearly.

Under the light, it was emitting a charming luster.

As if she felt Jack’s gaze, Jennifer looked forward and noticed that Jack was acting strangely.

Her cheeks became rosy.

It was as if she was aware of it and as if she had done it intentionally.

She lowered her body slightly, and a snow-white fullness appeared before her eyes.

It was round and firm…snow-white and flawless.

It was as if it was the best work of art in the world.

It was exquisitely carved, and the craftsmanship was uncanny.

It was simply breathtaking.

There was nothing else to say about it.

“You’re awake.

I’ve prepared a set of toiletries for you.

Wash up and come and have breakfast!” Seeing that the atmosphere was a little ambiguous, Jennifer was the first to speak.

Jack looked at her.

After a night’s rest, Jennifer looked even more seductive now.

Her every movement carried a charming aura, making people’s hearts beat faster and go crazy.

“What about Aisha?” Jack asked.

“She went to school first.

She didn’t dare to call you when she saw that you were sleeping,” Jennifer said with a smile.

Jack nodded and turned around to wash up.

Just when everything was calm in the country, there was an uproar abroad.

It had been three days and three nights since the manhunt in Circassia, and they hadn’t even found the shadow of the Death Inquisitor.

This had completely become a tragedy.

At this moment, a Weibo post in the country caused a huge uproar.

— “Hello, everyone.

I am the Death Inquisitor.

I have successfully returned.

Three days later, prepare for the live broadcast of death.

Please look forward to it.

” — When the news was released, everyone was shocked.

“Oh my god, it’s The Death Inquisitor.

He has finally returned.

” “Ah ah ah, I am so happy.

Our god has returned.

I knew it.

Just the police in Circassia are a bunch of trash.

How could they possibly catch the live streamer?” “However, the Death Inquisitor will be broadcasting in three days.

It’s really a surprise for me.

” “It’s so exciting! Our idol is back! Brothers, Let’s cheer together!” The message was sent to the front-line hosts in the country.

As soon as the message was sent, it set off a wave of excitement.

Soon, the news spread to the country of Circassia.

When the people heard the news, their faces were filled with shock.

Meanwhile, the faces of the FBI and the police department were filled with disbelief.

Paul even smashed his beloved walking stick in anger.

Don’t think that a small walking stick was useless.

This was personally awarded to him by the president during the award ceremony.

It represented the highest honor.

But now, Paul felt humiliated.

He didn’t deserve it.

He didn’t deserve the honor.

Meanwhile, in the police department, Zachary’s eyes were red.

The continuous manhunts in the past few days had almost drained their energy.

Tens of thousands of police officers controlled the traffic routes and patrolled day and night, but they had not found anyone suspicious.

An assassin had released the news that they were fully prepared.

First, they were kidnapped.

Then, they were slapped in the face by the live broadcast and hijacked the control of the national television network.

Finally, after the live broadcast ended, they mobilized tens of thousands of people but still failed.

What did this look like? What would others think of them? They were idiots snd trash, and to the public, they were worse than pigs and dogs.

Zachary’s head was about to explode from anger.

He looked at the silent higher-ups and wished that he could beat these bastards to death.

Usually, they would talk so much, but now, they weren’t doing anything much about the situation, were they? At such a critical moment, he was at a loss for words.

‘This was what you meant by outstanding and smart? It was all BULLSH*T!’ “My god, the Death Inquisitor actually escaped.

Is he even human? He actually managed to escape under the search of tens of thousands of people.

He created a miracle.

” “It’s too terrifying.

I actually can’t think of a way to escape.

All the main roads have been blocked.

How did he escape?” “The Death Inquisitor is too terrifying.

” “I’ve realized that I’ve fallen in love with him.

It’s true.

From today onwards, he’s my idol.

” Just as the Circassian police were at their wit’s end, the crowd was discussing excitedly.

They were shocked by the Death Inquisitor’s thinking, technical means, and powerful self-confidence.

They did not expect him to be able to execute his escape so smoothly.

He was truly a god.

He must be a great man.

His heroic deeds as well as heroic acts would surely go down in history.