Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 244

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 244

Chapter 244: You Guys Have to Be More Reliable This Time At this time, a slim girl came out with a lollipop in her hand.

It was Judy.

She looked at Jack from the corner of her eyes and then looked at Aisha.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up.

“Aiyo, little beauty, did this big brother bully you?” Judy said.

Jack’s face was full of black lines.

‘Do I really not look like a good person?’ However, he could tell that Judy was joking.

In the entire Zero Major Crimes Department, she was the most innocent.

“Little girl who eats lollipops, are we reporting this to the police?” Jack asked.

Judy rolled her eyes.

“All little girls eat lollipops, but not all lollipops are little girls.

Grandpa, report this to the hall over there.

We are the Zero Major Crimes Department.

” The dark lines on Jack’s face deepened.

This Judy really did not take any losses.

“Little sister, I’m sorry.

We came from over there.

They said that this case is under your jurisdiction,” Jack said.

Judy sucked on the lollipop and her face became serious.

“Is this regarding the Death Inquisitor?” Aisha said, “Someone imitated the Death Inquisitor to kill people.

” “Come in with me!” .



Judy brought Jack and Aisha into the Zero Major Crimes Department.

At this time, Ross and the others were all there.

The drunkard was half lying on the sofa.

In the middle of the room, there was a long office desk.

On the desk, there was a white drawing board, which was written with the attack plan of Songguan Villa.

On the wall behind the drawing board, there were electronic monitors, which looked like the surveillance monitors of the traffic center, but they had not been installed yet.

Jack quietly took in the scene in front of him.

Ross looked at Jack and said, “Have we met before?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Hearing Ross’s words, Jack smiled slightly and turned to look at Monica, who was sitting on the chair.

Her face was as cold as ice, like ice that could not be melted.

In her dark eyes, there was a different murderous aura from before.

She had really changed.

“Officer Mo, do you still remember me? Do you still owe me a breakfast?” Jack asked.

“Jack, I didn’t forget your breakfast.

” “Okay, I’ll wait.

” Jack looked at Aisha and said, “Aisha, show them the screenshot.

They deal with the Death Inquisitor every day.

It should be no problem.

” “Oh!” Aisha took out the screenshot from her phone and handed it to Ross.

Ross handed the phone to Judy and said, “Project the screenshot to the big screen.

” A few screenshots were projected to the big screen.

Judy said, “I have successfully hacked into the King’s Game group.

The members of the group are mostly students who have poor judgment and are in their rebellious adolescence.

They like to try some new and exciting games, so when the group leader released the mission, they were all very excited.

” Judy took out a few photos of a girl cutting herself along the arteries or standing on the top floor in the middle of the night.

They were all abnormal.

Ross looked at them and said, “How do you know that the King’s Game group is imitating the Death Inquisitor?” Aisha said seriously, “Look at the missions.

It’s very obvious.

If it’s not imitating the Death Inquisitor, then what is it?” Jack secretly praised in his heart.

It was indeed a godly assist.

Suddenly being criticized, Ross was stunned and turned to the big screen.

The drunkard said, “The missions of the quest is very obvious.

It’s a gradual game process.

The goal is to lead everyone to death.

We accept this case.

” Jack glanced at the drunkard and immediately saw through the hidden purpose of the group leader.

Hearing that the King’s Game was so scary, Aisha revealed a frightened look.

“Many of our classmates have joined this group.

You must think of a way to stop them from harming others.

” Ross said, “Don’t worry, we will deal with it immediately.

We will definitely stop them from further spreading and developing.

” His tone was sonorous and full of determination.

But in the next moment, Aisha’s words caught him off guard.


This time, we’re not going to deal with the Death Inquisitor.

You must be more reliable!” These words were like a heavy hammer, pounding heavily on everyone’s hearts.

The corners of Ross’s mouth twitched non-stop.

His right hand, which was hidden behind his back, was tightly clenched.

It was white and blue, and blue veins were exposed.

“Ahem, you guys are busy.

Then we’ll leave first.

” Jack saw the strange expression on Ross’s face.

He said goodbye and left with Aisha.

Damn it! Ross’s chest was slightly bulging.

The unit was already so unreliable that even a child wouldn’t believe or trust it.

It felt like someone was piercing his heart.

As the team leader, Ross’s face was full of shame.

His face was flushed red from holding back.

He wished he could bang his head on the table and die.

“We have to get rid of this case.

Otherwise, who will believe us in the future?” Ross realized the urgency of the matter.

The most important thing for them now was to recover their lost dignity and trust.

Just like the Death Inquisitor, they had to build a public foundation.

“Team leader, I just checked.

There are quite a few groups like this across the country.

There are already over a hundred groups, involving thousands of people.

The impact is extremely far-reaching.

Should we choose to ban them?” “Don’t ban them for now.

Immediately track the people and contact the local police to help us investigate.

Willie, Tony, help Judy.

We must dig them out,” Ross said.

“Understood!” Willie and Anthony left after receiving the order.

The drunkard spoke at this time, “Judy, are the quests set in these groups all the same?” “All of them are the same.

” “Focus on finding out who these group leaders are contacting.

They must be online.

Moreover, these tasks are provided by online users.

The online users are the real kings.

This guy is good at mind guidance.

He must be a pervert and conceited guy.

” “Pervert? What does conceited refer to?” Hart asked in puzzlement.

“Are you stupid? You call yourself the king.

If that’s not conceit, then what is it? This guy has a strong desire to control things.

” The Drunkard glared at Hart.

“From the looks of it, this matter has nothing to do with the Death Inquisitor, but it’s an opportunity for us to build the trust of the people.

We have to learn from the Death Inquisitor and rebuild the trust of the people.

” Ross nodded.

He agreed with the drunkard’s idea.

Locating and tracking the group owners was a piece of cake for Judy.

Soon, the information of these group owners was searched out.

But when the tracking went online, Judy found that this guy’s IP was actually overseas, on a small island in Europe.

Ross frowned.

This was a bit difficult to do.

“Inform the local police to act at the same time to ensure that all the group owners are caught.

This matter cannot continue like this, or the consequences will be unimaginable,” Ross said firmly.

“Yes!” At this time, Jack and Aisha returned.

Although it was only a short contact, from the initial limited observation to the moment when they turned around and shook their heads, they had already seen what the entire Zero Major Crimes Squad was up to.

However, what interested him the most was the electronic wall.

The media had previously reported that the Ministry of Public Security had invested in people, so it should be displayed on the wall.

Although he did not know exactly what it was for, he could roughly guess.

After this close contact, he realized that Monica was indeed as cold as ice.

It was as if she had changed into a completely different person.

Her face was dark the entire time.

As Jack was thinking about it, Aisha, who was beside him, said worriedly, “Do you think they can do it? Why do I feel like they are not going to succeed?” “They should be able to deal with a few little online hooligans.

” Aisha’s mouth was wide open in surprise.

“You said they still have people above them?” Looking at Aisha’s surprised gaze, Jack smiled and did not say anything.