Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 241

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 241

Chapter 241: Ross Who Broke Down “Search carefully.

There must be a secret door.

” Ross’s face was gloomy.

It was impossible for the Death Inquisitor to escape.

Thus, the doors of the villa were opened one by one.

They searched carefully.

At this time, Jack’s voice was cold.

“Officer Ross, please go into the first room on the left and take a look.

” Ross’s heart sank.

He strode into the room.

The layout of the room was exactly the same as the live broadcast room.

There was also a device beside it.

The voice was synchronized with the live broadcast.

“You…you’re not at the Cloud Summit Villa!” Seeing this, if Ross still did not understand what had happened, then all his years of being a police officer had been wasted.

His words were also broadcasted live to the live broadcast room.

Vark was almost angered to death.

“You bunch of trash, how big is the villa in total? You guys went through so much effort and still couldn’t find it.

” As he spoke, Vark walked to the window and pulled open the curtains.

There was nothing outside other than the vast darkness of the night, and he was instantly dumbfounded.




‘F*ck! What’s going on?’ Vark was dumbfounded.

Wasn’t this the Cloud Summit Villa? Seeing this scene, the millions of netizens in the live broadcast room were also dumbfounded.

“Oh my god, what’s going on? Why do I feel like I’m watching a movie?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “What’s going on?” “What happened? I don’t understand at all.

” “Who’s the Big Shot? Explain yourself.

” Jack’s voice carried a hint of mockery as he said, “Do you still remember what I said at the beginning? We used a day to complete this live broadcast feat, but I don’t seem to have said anything about what I did.

I’ll tell you the answer now.

I decorated this place exactly like the villa, and then I moved you here.

After you woke up, you thought this was the Cloud Top Villa, and Ross believed what you said.

Everything went smoothly as I expected.

Ross led all the police to surround the Cloud Top Villa, and it was just a pretense.

” “B*stard!” Ross roared.

His face was so gloomy that it was about to burst out of the water.

Damn it, he had been fooled by him once again.

Moreover, it was in front of tens of millions of netizens.

Armed police, special police, helicopters.

Now, he looked like a joke.

How awesome and how imposing he was when he came! Now, he simply embarrassed himself.

“Oh my god, the host is awesome.

This time, he fooled everyone.

” “The live streamer is too awesome.

Are you trying to go to heaven? I feel that Earth can no longer accommodate you.

Oh my god!” “To be honest, at first, I was worried for the live streamer.

But this time, the police came out in full force.

When they came out, they were full of vigor.

They were destined to be trampled under the feet of the live streamer, and their reputation would be tarnished.

” “By the way, didn’t they come out on a whim that time? They went back with their faces covered in dirt.

Look at Officer Ross’s face.

It’s so gloomy that he’s about to eat someone.

” “Haha! Looking at his red face and thick neck, I think he’s about to collapse.

” The netizens in the live broadcast room were in an uproar.

The many people of Yunding Mountain were stunned.

They had told half of the secret, so they could solve the rest by themselves.

Jack calculated the time.

While the mystery was solved, it also meant that more flaws would be exposed.

Ross’s mentality had already been defeated, so he didn’t consider it for the time being.

However, Monica and the drunkard were quick-witted.

They shouldn’t be able to hide it for long.

Therefore, it was time for him to leave.

“All right.

Today’s live broadcast ends here.

Thank you for your help and support.

We’ll be there for the next live broadcast.

” “Hey, host, I haven’t tipped you yet?” “I’m recharging.

It’ll be done soon.

” Jack glanced at the comments and grinned.

Although it was a little scary, in the eyes of the netizens, it was so cool.

Ding! — “The death livestream design is successful.

” “This livestream draws 100,000 dollars.

” “Evaluating the level of this livestream.

” “Evaluation completed.

This livestream evaluation is excellent + 3 reward death points: 3,000 points.

No game scenes obtained for the time being.

” — Jack did not redeem the percentage of this livestream and directly put it into the system warehouse.

Jack took a look and was rather satisfied.

After shutting down the system, he immediately disappeared into the vast darkness.

Meanwhile, Monica took a deep breath.

There was indeed a trap.

This way, it became perfect.

Judy’s eyes widened and said, “What does the brain of the Death Inquisitor look like? I really want to pry open his brain to see.

” The drunkard, who was lying on the sofa, said in a drunken tone, “Once the mystery is solved, the flaw will be exposed.

He deliberately defeated Ross.

There might still be a chance now, but of course, it’s only a chance.

” Monica and the drunkard looked at each other.

They had the same thought.

At this moment, Ross stood in the room with a dull look.

This was a huge blow to him.

The other policemen outside were also petrified.

They didn’t know what to do next! At this moment, Ross’s phone rang.

It was Monica.

“The real scene of death is at the resort.

It shouldn’t be too far from the Cloud Top Villa.

It should be in the area below.

Get the helicopter to immediately search the area below.

The Death Judge might have just left.

” Ross did not understand why, but he trusted Monica’s judgment.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz.

The helicopter flew down and beams of light shot around.

“Willie, bring people to the area below to search.

Search the entire resort thoroughly.

” “Yes!” Immediately, the police and armed police officers from the various police stations descended from the villa and searched the area below.

When the people with no money saw this scene, they were all stunned on the spot.

They did not know what had happened.

“What’s going on?” “It seems like they are searching for the Death Inquisitor.

” “Ah, the live broadcast has been shut down.

The streamer must have run away long ago.

Are we going to stay here and wait to be caught?” “Today’s climax is really getting higher and higher.

I originally thought that the Death Inquisitor’s IQ had dropped.

I didn’t expect the streamer to deceive the entire world.

” “Yeah, I was so worried just now.

As expected, the streamer’s realm is already unrivaled.

It’s really exciting.

” Looking at the crowd that was gradually leaving, Anthony walked to Ross’s side and asked, “What about these people?” “What else can we do? Do you want to capture all these people?” Ross asked in return.

Anthony was stunned, but he immediately understood.

Although these people had helped the Death Inquisitor, they lacked substantive evidence.

Moreover, these people were the grassroots of various industries.

Who would do the work tomorrow? The bigger problem was still to come.

If they were really captured and brought back, finding a place that would hold them all would become the biggest problem.

“Oh right, why are we searching downwards?” Anthony was still a little confused.

Ross explained, “At the beginning, I didn’t understand either, but the Death Inquisitor only used a day’s time to set up the live broadcast, and it was even exactly the same as the Cloud Top Villa.

This means that the structure of the live broadcast was the same as the villa itself.

Vark didn’t realize that it was used by the Death Inquisitor so that it can be hidden from everyone.

” “Secondly, he was able to move the three of them without anyone knowing.

It was impossible for him to move them from the ground.

The only way was to use a rope, like a cable car, to drop them from the sky.

It could only be from below.

” Anthony’s eyes widened.

He had thought through many questions that he did not understand before.

His eyes were filled with deep shock.

He did not expect to be so shocked with the Death inquisitor’s moves.

How did he secretly move three people under the eyes of thousands of people? The sad thing was that the Zero Major Crimes Unit had all the resources needed to capture the Death Judge.

However, they had become a joke under the witness of tens of millions of people on the Internet.