Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 238

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 238

Chapter 238: Fooling Myself to Death The veins on Vark’s forehead bulged.

he shouted at Arnold, “Bastard, you know what you’re doing.

That’s your mother!” Arnold sneered.

The sharp scalpel shook slightly and said, “Don’t come over.

” “You bastard!” “Hehe! You watched as one of my legs was blown off and then pretended to bandage it up for me.

Hmph! I’m so touched.

Next, are you going to watch me open my chest? Why do I have to bear all the responsibility? It’s all your fault that I’ve become like this.

So I’ll let you bear the next round.

Someone has to sacrifice in the game, right? Why does it have to be me? I’m still so young.

” These were the words of a human, and the netizens in the live broadcast room were immediately shocked.

However, there was no sympathy.

This was the result of being doted on and spoiled.

At this moment, Sheila’s face was already covered in tears.

She could not believe that her son would actually do such a thing.

She had always doted on him since he was young.

Why, why would God be so cruel to let such a thing happen to her? “Sigh.

This is the result of being doted on too much.

Even crows know how to return the favor.

Indeed, nothing in the world can escape from ‘human nature.

’” “You can’t tell a person’s heart from their face.

The host’s purpose in designing this game is not to dig out the heart, but to expose the ugliness of the human world.

The heart drawn is actually drawn to draw human nature.

” “He is hell-bent on killing his own mother and father.

This kind of person has no feelings at all.

He’s just a devil walking in the human world.

It’s really too scary.

” “Now I know that not everything can be solved with money.

People have to pay the price for their mistakes.

” .



At this moment, Vark shouted and tore open his clothes, revealing his chest.

“Didn’t you want to dig out the heart? Come at me.

Let go of your mother.

” “Hehe.

This is what a father looks like.

You have to be responsible for me after turning me into this.

Otherwise, why would you give birth to me?” Vark glanced at the iron chain on the ground and walked to the other side of the iron chain.

“Come, cut into my chest.

” Only then did Arnold let go of his mother.

He smiled sinisterly as he approached his father with a scalpel.

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COM But in the next moment… Crash! The iron chain under his feet suddenly fell down.

The thick iron chain fiercely smashed towards Arnold’s face.

Bang! Arnold let out a miserable cry.

The huge force made him fiercely fall to the ground.

Then, he saw that Vark’s body rolled away from Arnold.

“F*ck!” Arnold showed a crazy expression and pounced towards Vark like a dog.

With a crash, the iron chain tightened and pulled him back.

Arnold lay on the ground and looked coldly at Vark and Sheila.

His deep roar was like the roar of an engine.

“As expected, do you still want to be a bystander?” Vark gritted his teeth and said, “Beast, you should atone for your crimes.

” “Atonement?” Arnold shook his head sadly, the muscles on his face twitched.

“What did you do? You should have told me when I made my first mistake, but you didn’t.

It’s all your fault that I’m here now.

If you start lecturing now, you’re even worse than the Death Inquisitor.

At least he’s not so hypocritical.


Don’t you just want to see me cut open my heart?” Arnold picked up the scalpel again.

His gaze swept across the faces of the two people as he said, “I’ll show you now.

” He opened his mouth and smiled miserably.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! He began to draw lines on his nipples five centimeters in front of his chest.

Wherever the blade passed, the skin and flesh rolled up and blood flowed out.

“Ah, don’t, Arnold.

” Sheila’s heart suddenly felt like it was being twisted by a knife.

Her entire body trembled violently.

No matter what Arnold had done before, she could forgive him.

Vark’s eyelids twitched.

No matter what, this kid was his bloodline.

Looking at his son’s pained expression, it also hurt in his heart.

‘Ah! Death Judge.

I, Vark, swear that even if I have to exhaust all my assets, I will tear you into pieces.

’ At this moment, a 20-centimeter crescent pressure line was drawn.

Arnold’s blood kept flowing.

The immense pain numbed Arnold.

He tore open the bloody flesh and stretched his hand into his chest.

A warm current instantly enveloped him.

Immediately, his fingers touched the warm, greasy heart.


I found it.

” Arnold wrapped it with his hand.

Bang Bang Bang! The heartbeat was not very strong.

Arnold touched it for a while, and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

He said, “I don’t think I can feel how big it is.

” After saying that, he pulled hard at the cut.

Through the terrifying cut of the moon pressure line, he could already see the bloody heart, which was stirring slightly.

The netizens in the live broadcast room immediately exploded when they saw this scene.

“F*ck, this is a little bloody.

” “It’s so f*cking exciting.

” “Someone explain if he can still live like this?” The scene was too exciting, and the scene was too bloody.

At this moment, Arnold looked at the bloody heart, then he moved his blood-stained fingers to the drawing paper and said, “This isn’t big.

It seems to be about the size of a fist.

” “A fist.

” He was slightly stunned.

At this moment, the police car was speeding on the road.

“Faster, faster, faster.

” Ross was sitting in the co-pilot’s seat and yelled anxiously at Willie.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz! The helicopter in the sky also let out a roar and flew rapidly toward the palace.

“Team leader, the helicopter will be in position soon.

” Ross was excited.

This time, he had to capture the Death Inquisitor.

In the second game, the Death Inquisitor left the room after announcing the rules of the game.

It was very likely that he would take the opportunity to leave.

After all, he was not a fool.

He should have expected that the police would soon surround the villa.

“Faster, faster.

” The only thing Ross was worried about now was that the Death Inquisitor might have already sneaked away.

Willie had a helpless look on his face.

Although he also wanted to catch the Death Inquisitor, it was useless to be anxious.

This broken car had already stepped on the accelerator to the bottom.

After coming out of the police station, it had been speeding all the way.

Quick, quick, quick! He almost stepped into the gas tank.

At this moment, in the live broadcast room, Vark and Sheila rushed to their son.

“Arnold, my son…” “Get out of my way.

” Arnold waved the scalpel in the air.

No one dared to get close.

“Damn it, Death Judge, you deliberately misled me.

Actually, the heart is similar to a human’s fist.

I don’t need to cut open my chest.

I’ll just draw it with my fist.

The one centimeter difference you said is the difference between the fist and the heart.

” When these words were said, everyone was stunned.

“F*ck, the streamer is awesome.

” “This guy might really have been fooled.

He was brought into the ditch by the streamer.

It was supposed to be a very simple thing, but he dug out his own heart.

He’s a ruthless person.

” “Hehe, this is the amazing part of the streamer.

He played other people under his palm.


” “Awesome.

Even the old driver has fallen.

Why didn’t I think of that?” The netizens sent bullet messages.

Vark and Sheila’s faces were filled with sadness.

They could not believe what they were seeing.


The door opened and Jack entered the room again.