Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 236

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 236

Chapter 236: Repent! The atmosphere was stifling and solemn.

Jack’s cold voice rang out, “As you can see, only Arnold’s neck is chained and tightly bound.

You are free.

There is a white line around the room.

Before the game ends, you are not allowed to cross this white line.

Otherwise, you have violated the rules of the game.

Arnold will be punished.

” When Arnold heard this, he immediately cried miserably, “Dad, Mom, you have to save me.

I don’t want to die yet.

” Sheila immediately comforted him.

“Don’t worry, Dad and Mom will not give up on you.

We will definitely save you.

” Jack continued, “The first stage is a game of repentance.

It’s a game that everyone will participate in.

I will initiate a vote in the live broadcast room.

The voting time is three minutes.

You can do whatever you want in those three minutes.

It does not matter what method you use—bribe, sympathize, buy a troll army.

After five minutes, I will enter the room and punish you according to the voting option.

” After Jack finished speaking, he opened the voting option in the live broadcast room.

This was a new method developed by the live broadcast platform.

Everyone looked at the tab.

There were two options: — A: You can correct your mistakes, and you can be forgiven.

B: You cannot be forgiven.

The metal ring will be detonated as a punishment.

— .



When Vark saw that there were only two options, he immediately knelt down.

He knew that at this time, any method would only arouse the disgust of the netizens.

He could only seek forgiveness through confession.

Otherwise, the name of this game would not be called a “confession game.

” As he knelt down, Sheila and Arnold also understood the current situation.

They all knelt down.

“I’m sorry, everyone.

My son caused a huge disaster.

It’s all my fault for not teaching him well.

Here, I beg everyone to give him a chance to turn over a new leaf.

I know that his crime is unforgivable, so as soon as the game is over, I will immediately send him to the police station to receive a fair trial by law.

I won’t dare to ask for everyone’s forgiveness here.

I only hope that everyone can give him a chance.

I will donate all of my assets to charity and use the rest of my life to make up for my mistakes.

I will kowtow to everyone.

” Bang Bang Bang! Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Sheila, who was behind him, also kowtowed on the ground with a loud sound.

“Everyone, please do me a favor.

I only have one son.

Please give him a chance! Sob sob sob sob…” Arnold was not stupid.

At this time, he had to go all out to repent.

No matter what, he had to fool them first.

Thinking of this, Arnold opened his fan from left and right, and started to cut himself.

“I deserve to die.

I’m just a beast.

Uncles, aunts, big brothers and sisters, I was really wrong.

I’m sorry to all of you.

I’m the one who hurt everyone.

” As Arnold spoke, he slapped himself violently as if he had gone mad.

There was blood at the corner of his mouth, with tears streaming down his face, he said, “I know I’m a beast.

I don’t expect to be forgiven by all of you.

All I ask is that you give me a chance to turn over a new leaf, so that I can redeem the sins of my life.

” The family of three knelt on the ground, crying so hard that it shook the sky and Earth.

Their snot and tears flowed continuously.

“Actually, I’m a soft-hearted person, but I don’t accept your apology.

It’s better for me to go to Hell and apologize to the innocent souls who were killed.

” “Hypocrite, you’re just putting on an act.

Now you’re finally regretting everything you did.

What did you do back then?” “F*ck! I feel like vomiting just watching them being remorseful.

The pictures of the five bloody primary school students are still lingering in my mind, so I choose B.

” “Go to hell.

You don’t deserve to be forgiven.

” In the live broadcast room, after thirty seconds of voting, there was a one-sided trend.

The real ending had not even started yet.

A: 122 votes B: 1,364,586 votes Meanwhile, at the NYPD… A death assistance card stolen by Judy was projected onto the big screen.

This was a screenshot secretly taken by a netizen.

Ross read the message carefully, his eyes shining.

Indeed, this time the Death Inquisitor caught them off guard, but Ross thought the opportunity had come.

‘You think your plan is perfect? After the live broadcast, you think you can blend in with the five thousand people? Hmph…Don’t even think about it.

This time, don’t even think about running away.

I won’t let you succeed again.

I want to bring you to justice.

’ Ross’s gaze was cold.

He said, “Willie, immediately contact the police station of the Cloud Summit Palace Resort.

Tell them to send out as many police forces as they have.

Surround the Cloud Summit Resort and do your best to investigate the people coming in and out.

This time, we must have this Death Inquisitor.

” “Yes!” “Hart, contact the special police unit and send out helicopters to be on standby.

Even if we can’t attack from below, we must attack from above.

However, we must pay attention to the 5,000 ordinary people.

There must not be any casualties.

” “Yes!” “Loggins, immediately contact the armed police unit and increase the number of people immediately.

” “Yes!” As orders were issued one after another, the Zero Major Crimes Squad was full of fighting spirit.

This time, it was different from the live broadcast in the cemetery.

If they knew the location of the live broadcast in advance, they could wait outside.

Even if the Death Inquisitor had three heads and six arms, it would be difficult for him to escape.

“Hmph…Death Inquisitor, you can’t escape this time.

You can only blame yourself for being too confident.

” Ross looked at the fearful death mask on the screen.

He shot out the dart in his hand and directly inserted it into the center of the compass.

At this moment, Monica was silent.

There were many suspicious points.

According to the Death Inquisitor’s style, he must have thought of a way to retreat before the live broadcast.

A smart person like him would not allow himself to be in danger.

Would the army of five thousand people be his cover? Even if he really executed Arnold, he could still find a place where there was no one and still be able to start the live broadcast.

And he had chosen the Cloud Top Villa.

This was one of the suspicious points.

Secondly, when the police surrounded the Cloud Top Villa, was he really sure that he could escape unscathed? Monica kept feeling that there was something suspicious about this, but she couldn’t tell.

Could it be a remote control? He had left one a long time ago.

It couldn’t be.

He said that he would enter the live broadcast room in five minutes, which meant that he was still in the villa.

How could he leave? Ross saw Monica frowning and said, “Monica, it’s too dangerous at the scene.

It’s better if you don’t go.

If anything happens, let me know at any time.

” Monica nodded and did not say anything.

Her thinking was a little stubborn.

She still felt that there was a problem, but she could not think of the key point.

At this moment, in the live broadcast room… The votes were still being counted, but without a doubt, the netizens chose not to forgive.

The moment he saw the results, Arnold suddenly laughed coldly.

“F*ck you! All of you chose B?! Go to Hell! I’ll kill you sooner or later, you idiots.

” At this moment, Arnold no longer chose to endure.

Now that the results were out, no matter how remorseful he would pretend to be, it would no longer be effective.

He began to return to his original nature.

“Haha! His true form has been revealed.

I knew that such a person would not change.

It’s just that due to the pressure of the Death Inquisitor, he temporarily gave in.

” “And that person who voted more than a hundred times for forgiveness, I don’t know what he was thinking.

I hope that when you meet such a demon in the future, your heart will be eaten.

” “This kind of scum must not be released again.

Death Judge, quickly detonate the bomb and break one of his legs.

” The netizens were furious.

When Vark saw that there was nothing he could do, he stood up from the ground.

Meanwhile, Sheila had been kneeling on the ground, her eyes lifeless.

It was unknown whether she was scared silly or unable to bear this result.

However, through the camera lens, they could see that she was cursing under her breath.

Clearly, she did not have any intention of repentance.

“Just you wait.

If anything happens to my son, I will not let you off.

Even if I have to go bankrupt, I will not let you off easily.

” This vicious curse once again caused the netizens in the live broadcast room to be furious.

“You crazy woman, come on.

Watch me beat you to death with my big dick.

” “You still don’t know how to repent until now.

Come out alive first.

” At the last minute, option B won in a landslide.

Creak! The door opened and Jack walked out with a medical box in his hand, draped over Freddy’s skin.

Hiss! Everyone gasped.