Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 224

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 224

Chapter 224: Skin Bipson alive All the helicopters rushed to the small courtyard where Bipson was.

At this time, the drunkard observed the surrounding environment, then lay on the ground and looked at the tire tracks that had left.

He frowned, then stood up and was at a loss.

“Sure enough, the clues that the Death Inquisitor gave us before were all false, misleading us,” said the drunkard.

Willie raised his eyelids and waved his hand.

“What should we do? Where should we search?” “He’s like a hunter now, covering up all the tracks.

We have no choice but to search.

” The drunkard looked at the small forest to the west.

Willie followed his line of sight and also looked at the small forest.

It was green and endless.

There were only a dozen of them in such a large forest.

How could they search through a large area? The drunkard also noticed this awkward reality and said, “With Bipson’s hut as the center, fan out in a 60-degree search.

” It could only be like this for now.

Willie nodded and brought a dozen police officers from various angles towards the center.

Once they discovered the situation, they would report back at any time.

Following that, a dozen special forces soldiers rushed into the forest like cheetahs.

Their actions were crisp and swift, like the wind.




Ross looked at the scene and his expression became solemn.

Whether or not he could find the live broadcast location and capture the Death Inquisitor would depend on the results of this battle.

At this moment, Bipson, who was at the entrance of the human-shaped cave, was getting smaller and smaller as he walked forward.

He could no longer move.

It was as if he was stuck inside, and his entire body could not move at all.

What should he do? Bipson’s neck was pulled so long that he could see the light in front of him.

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COM “F*ck, Death Inquisitor.

F*ck your whole family.

” It was too painful.

It was too depressing.

“F * ck, it’s so long.

It’s so painful and depressing.

I feel like I’m about to be squeezed to death.

I feel like the space is getting smaller and smaller.

” At this moment, the camera was focused on Bipson’s vision.

Looking at the surroundings that were getting smaller and smaller, as well as the scene of red wine and green wine in the distance, he was very eager.

He could only choose to continue to walk ahead.

Compared to all these, what kind of dark environment and what kind of oppressive feeling would await him? What he desired more was the outside world.

“Haha! The hole is getting smaller and smaller.

Will he be directly squeezed to death inside?” “Fortunately, looking at his excited and anxious appearance, I think his heart is about to collapse.

” “I suddenly have a premonition that this might be the Death Inquisitor’s trap.

Do you believe it or not?” “It’s hard to say.

The hole looks a little far, but it’s still okay to squirm gently.

” The netizens crazily sent out bullet messages.

At this time, in the small forest, more than a dozen police cars whistled over.

Behind them, there were even longer versions of the Lincoln police cars.

Reinforcements had arrived.

They whistled over like a ferocious beast.

Out of the three police stations, a total of 60 people had arrived.

Adding the number of people from the special police, the total number had reached one Ross immediately gave an order.

“The Nyah district police station will search from the west to the east, and the Red River police station will search from the north to the south.

The special police will fan out from the center of the small house.

The Tian Chen police station will be responsible for the communication equipment.

Stabilize the rear.

” “Yes!” “Yes!” Everyone was dispatched, and like a fierce army, they advanced toward the target location.

Ross had been staring at the live broadcast, and at this moment, a scream from Bipson caught his attention.

Right now, he was stuck at the entrance of the cave, unable to move at all.

He could not move forward, nor could he retreat.

He stood awkwardly on the spot.

When the audience in the live broadcast saw this, they could not help but laugh out loud.

“This fool! Let’s see what you can do now.

” “I am now certain that this is the trap set by the Death Inquisitor.

Haha, this fool will starve to death in there.

” “I apologize.

I should not have doubted the great Death Inquisitor.

I actually had doubts.

My brain is really broken.

” “All right, the Death Judge is handsome and powerful anyway.

Brothers, if we don’t give him a wave of gifts now, when will we?” At this moment, Bipson was already in a dilemma.

He was sure that the hole was shrinking continuously.

His entire body felt like it was being squeezed by the air.

He felt waves of pain.

This feeling was too uncomfortable.

“Sob sob sob sob sob sob sob…It’s so uncomfortable.

Death Inquisitor, I hate you to death.

” He began to curse loudly, feeling extremely conflicted in his heart.

‘Should I retreat?’ However, there were barbs behind him, and he could only watch as the endless scenery lingered in front of him.

However, he was helpless and could not move.

It was like a nightmare in a dream, destroying his will.

‘F*CK, F*CK, F*CK!’ He could not retreat either.

When it was time to retreat, the underground palace would collapse.

He felt a headache coming on.

Suddenly, an idea flashed through his mind.

That’s right, I can take a step back.

I just need to cut off a little bit of my skin and flesh.

This way, I can continue to dig deeper.

Feeling that this method was feasible, Bipson was as happy as a child.

A smile bloomed on his face again.

Just like that, since the flesh was already charred, a little more and a little less wouldn’t be a problem.

What was there to be afraid of if there were no firewood left? “Death Inquisitor, if you want to trap me, you can do it in your next life.

” His cold laughter echoed throughout the tunnel.

At that moment, Jack, who had blended into the darkness, had a teasing smile on his face before it disappeared.

Time was of the essence.

After making up his mind, he began to move.

Bipson first moved back a little, and his skin and flesh hung on the groove, causing waves of pain.

Hiss! He sucked in a breath of cold air and continued to move forward, tearing off his skin and flesh bit by bit.

When the burnt flesh and fresh flesh were forcibly separated, there was a sizzling sound.

Bipson was very familiar with this sound because it was the same sound when he was peeling off the skin.

He gritted his teeth and resisted the feeling of tearing.

The blood stained the passage and gave off a strong smell of blood.

After wriggling a few steps like this, he moved forward again.

He tried to take a few steps forward, and sure enough, it was much smoother than before, and there was much less resistance.

But soon, Bipson could not walk anymore, and he was stuck! “F*ck!” He cursed angrily.

‘Damn it, looks like I have to go back and stab some more flesh.

’ So, Bipson squirmed back again.

Sizzle sizzle sizzle.

The flesh on his body was pulled down.

What was different was that now, it was not worth his back.

Even his chest and arms felt different pressure.

The barbs were deeply embedded in the flesh, and the tearing pain was thousands of times greater than before, Bipson’s teeth were about to crack.

He felt as if his entire body had been dismembered.

“Ahhhhhh! F*ck!” Bipson screamed in pain.

Every nerve in his body had been triggered.

They trembled and made a tense sound, as if they had been pulled countless times.

He could not hold on any longer, but the charm of freedom not far away was constantly attracting his attention.

At this moment, it was as if his entire body was filled with strength again, and he was once again advancing towards his goal.

The exit was getting closer and closer.

He felt freedom beckoning to him.

“I want to go out.

I must go out.