Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 223

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 223

Chapter 223: The Location of the Live Broadcast was Exposed At this time, Willie had yet to send any news, and Ross was already itching for more.

Willie could not help but clench the communication device in his hand and shout into i.

, “Willie, are you f*cking asleep? Is there still no progress?” How long had it been? If it had been any later, everyone would have died.

Listening to the roar coming from the device, Willie pouted.

“Team leader, the Death Inquisitor is too cunning.

We haven’t found anything yet, and we are frantically searching for it.

” “I don’t want to know how crazy it is.

I just want to see results.

Speed up.

We have to find the live broadcast location this time.

” After shouting, Ross hung up the equipment and connected to the drunkard’s channel.

“Drunkard, how is it on your side? Have you found any clues?” At this time, the drunkard had finished his graffiti.

There were dark passages with nine turns and 18 bends.

The surroundings were deep and dark.

With just a glance, the policeman behind him felt nervous.

He felt his heart tremble as his body turned cold.

“Is there no clue on Willie’s side?” “Why are you asking when you know? Oh right, how is the human-shaped passage? Can Bipsen escape?” The drunkard broke down immediately.

‘Why is he asking me everything? Where is his brain?’ .



“F*ck, why are you asking me everything? Are you a pig? It’s obviously a trap.

It was set up from the beginning.

If I’m not wrong, he had already thought of the foreshadowing from the first stage.

The burning of Bipsen had scorched his skin.

And the injection of adrenaline…Do you think the Death IInquisitor was planning to treat him kindly? I think that was prepared for the third stage.

If I’m not wrong, the Death Inquisitor is preparing to skin Bopson alive.

” Hearing the words from the drunkard, Ross felt as if his entire body was in an ice cellar.

‘F*ck! This is going to be too bloody! And how did he do it? Could there be barbs in there?’ Ross was shocked.

Just as he was thinking, the drunkard’s words came again, causing him to have an orgasm on the spot.

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COM “I think I know where the live broadcast is.

” “Where?” Ross’s tone started to tremble.

“I have to say, the Death Judge is very smart and very confident.

At first, I thought that his live broadcast was in the basement, but I never thought that he would choose a cemetery.

Moreover, those winding passages are the graves of the cemetery.

Moreover, he left us an hourglass to tell us that the live broadcast is only 10 minutes away from Bipsen’s nest.

Further guessing, it is in the small forest in the west.

Haha! What a powerful and admirable opponent.

” After the drunkard finished speaking, Ross roared at Willie.

“Willie, go to the woods to the west of Bipson’s house immediately.


” “Everyone, return to the woods immediately.

Follow them quickly.


” At this time, Bipson could not suppress the excitement in his heart.

The joy of freedom enveloped him.

Bipson’s face darkened.

He swore that when he came out, he would return the humiliation he had suffered under the hands of the Death Inquisitor a thousand times over.

“Death Inquisitor! Haha! You miscalculated this time.

Just wait and see, I will never let you off.

What a BULLSH*T death game this is! It’s all BULLSH*T.

” Bipson’s confidence soared, and he felt his entire body filled with power.

In the face of his ridicule, Jack’s voice sounded off, but it was still low and full of gloom.

“You were able to reach the final stage, which was indeed beyond my expectations.

This stage is called blooming life.

The human-shaped cave on the wall leads directly to the outside world.

After successfully passing through, you will obtain the victory of this live broadcast.

You have about fifteen minutes.

After fifteen minutes, a second explosion of natural gas will occur, and the entire cave will collapse.

Whether you will live or die, it’s all up to you.

” Bipson smiled sinisterly and said, “It’s out of your expectations.

Stop acting cool.

You should be regretting it now.

You didn’t kill me just now.

You set your own rules, but in the end, it restricted you instead.


This is what you get for eating your own medicine.

When I get out, I will definitely cut you into a thousand pieces to vent the hatred in my heart.

It’s useless for you to regret it now.

Not only you, but everyone watching your live broadcast!” The corner of his mouth revealed a fearful smile.

He grinned, revealing his sharp yellow teeth.

This arrogant expression was tolerated by everyone, and it directly ignited the anger in the live broadcast room.

“F*ck, you’re still there.

There’s no limit to acting cool.

I’m talking about people like you.

I’ll be waiting for you.

” “I think you’ve fainted from playing the game.

How dare you make such a bold statement? You must be an idiot!” “There’s no need for you to do it.

We can all just drown you in the Pacific Ocean.

Stop dreaming.

” “I can’t stand his arrogant expression.

The Death Judge won’t let him survive.

It would be a waste of air for scum like him to live.

If he dies, it would be a waste of land.

Choosing to explode on the spot is his greatest contribution to society.

” The netizens were furious.

They wished they could crawl into the hole and beat him to death.

At this moment, Bipson was already walking towards the human-shaped hole.

He spread his arms and aimed at the spot and directly stuck in.

Just now, he had carefully observed that there were some barbs on the edge of the hole.

There was no problem in going in.

Once he came out, the barbs would hook and then pierce into his skin.

Bipson despised the Death Judge in his heart.

With this level of skill, he still wanted to play him to death.

He had escaped.

Once he gets out, he would be free.

Only a fool would come back.

What was the point of such a design? Bipson did not know how long the hole was, but he had no way out.

In front of him was freedom, and behind him was the long line of barb wires.

He could only move forward.

“Haha! I’m here! Freedom!” He was now singing happily.

He was experiencing freedom, yearning for freedom, and moving in the direction of freedom.

Outside was the air of freedom.

There were mountains and rivers, women with money, and countless female celebrities.

Bipson had already imagined the scene of countless mannequins stacked in the basement.

Ah, how wonderful.

At this moment, the netizens in the live broadcast room became anxious.

“F*ck, he went in.

It can’t be that he succeeded just like that!” “Death Judge, he went in.

He’s going to escape.

” “Damn it, it can’t be! Do we really want to let this murderous demon continue to wreak havoc in the human world?” “Don’t worry.

The Death Judge has his own set of rules.

He won’t let him go so easily.

Even if he’s really lucky enough to get out, we won’t let him go either, right? My friends, let’s find a solution!” The netizens raised their voices in anger.

Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Ross was also staring at the live broadcast.

At this moment, Bipson had already entered.

His eyes were fixed on the screen.

Was it an escape at the end of the cave, or was it a trap as the drunkard had said? Ross couldn’t sit still anymore, but he couldn’t leave then because he had to command the dispatch.

“Anthony, contact the Nyaya District police station, Red River police station, and Tianchen police station immediately.

Ask them to send reinforcements.

” “Yes!” “Loggins, inform the ninth squadron to send reinforcements immediately.

” “Yes!” Following orders, the entire Zero Major Crimes Unit was mobilized.