Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 203

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 203

Chapter 203: Women’s Jealousy After hanging up the phone, Ross opened up Twitter and found Jenny’s account.

Her latest update was as follows: — I am the Death Inquisitor.

S-rank file number 15—you have three days to solve the case, and you only get one chance.

I know you want to catch me.

You want to wash away the disgrace of the police force.

This is an opportunity, so let’s see how you take it! — In just a few minutes, there were already thousands of comments under Twitter.

“The Death Inquisitor has already made his move.

Could it be that my goddess has been killed? F*ck!” “Goddess Jenny, I hope you can return safely.

” “This number is the number of the murder of Molly back then.

Hiss! This is a serial killer.

It has been so long, and you police have yet to catch the murderer.

What are you doing? If the Death Inquisitor had not revealed this, who knows how many more women would have been killed in the future? F*ck!” “The Death Inquisitor is more reliable.

This is the justice of the world.

If you want to rely on the police, then you can be sure that they are only good for investigating.

They keep saying, ‘We will solve the case as soon as possible.

’ If you ask me, it’s all BULLSH*T.

” .



“That’s why the Death Inquisitor is the hope of all mankind.

” “Death Inquisitor, please save our goddess.

SOB SOB…” Ross glanced at the files.

The unsolved cases in the files were all over the country.

He had not been in contact with most of them.

The serial murders of female stars were not investigated by New York City, so he was not clear about the specific details.

However, it was a win-win situation, and a loss-win situation.

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COM This incompetent title was put on the head of the police.

“Damn it! Are you going to be insulted again? I will not let you get away with it this time.

Never!” Ross’s face was gloomy.

At this moment, as the news of the Death Judge was released, the entire entertainment industry exploded, especially those female celebrities.

After all, the target of the murderer this time was the female celebrities.

— A-list actress Afra: “This is too scary.

I hope the Death Inquisitor catches the murderer as soon as possible.

I hope Jenny can return safely.

” A-list actress Agatha: “Jenny, May the Almighty God protect you.

Death Inquisitor, I will definitely watch your live broadcast next time.

I will definitely seek justice for the dead.

” A-list actress Kimberly: “I don’t even dare to go out at night now.

You must catch the murderer and let those people who died tragically rest in peace.

I sincerely pray that Jenny can return safely and smoothly.

” — Of course, there were some people who wanted to take advantage of the heat, but the stars posted together on Weibo.

With this disturbance, the entire Internet exploded in the middle of the night.

The four missing stars were also found out, affecting their fans.

And after so many years, the actresses’ fans firmly believed that they were still alive.

Just like that, a few short tweets caused tens of millions of people to flood in.

The name of the Death Inquisitor was once again deeply rooted in the hearts of the people on the Internet, shocking everyone.

At this time, Jack, who was in the darkness, coldly glanced at the comments of the netizens.

He was a little surprised.

The influence of these stars was simply terrifying.

A single word could affect the hearts of tens of millions of people.

But what about the real lives of those bright and beautiful female stars? Others might not know, but he had already spied a trace.

Was it really as the rumors said? In fact, this was a big dye vat.

But no matter how much their private lives overflowed, these were their freedom.

They did not need to die.

‘Then…I’m going to enter the scene.

’ Jack’s gaze turned cold, and his lips curled into a cold smile.

The blood in his body was boiling.

Caroline’s background was quickly discovered.

She was originally a Tenda International signed artist.

She had terminated her contract with the company four years ago.

Then, she entered New York City’s Oriental real estate as an account manager in the operations department.

Not only that, Judy also found out that two days ago, she had a conversation with a stranger.

She had given Jenny’s contact information to the other party, but the other party’s IP was a temporary card that had been discarded.

With this information, coupled with the Death Inquisitor’s Twitter account and the death invitation letter, Ross had reason to believe that the case that Caroline was involved in was the missing celebrity case.

“Tell me…Who was the person who asked you for Jenny’s contact information two days ago?” Ross’s gaze was full of dignity.

Ross was in a high position, and her gaze was like a cold poisonous snake.

Now that her aura was fully unleashed, she was naturally not someone that a small manager in the customer department could contend against.

She stammered, “It was just an ordinary netizen.

Could it be that it’s illegal for me to give him those contact information?” Ross coldly said, “Even at this point, you still want to hide who that person is.

Is he the main culprit of the missing celebrity case?” Seeing that she was starting to hesitate, Monica, who was beside her, became the last straw that broke her consciousness.

“You know how the Death Inquisitor works.

If you don’t cooperate, we won’t be able to make a detailed plan.

I’m afraid that when the time comes…” Monica’s voice was very long.

This would leave a trace of terrifying imagination for Carolyn, further breaking her psychological defense.

Obviously, Caroline had collapsed.

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk.

” Her tone was very anxious.

She was afraid that she would be captured by the Death Inquisitor after she finished speaking.

There was a look of fear and unease on her face.

Ross and Monica looked at each other.

They were both amazed at the power of the Death Inquisitor.

“Four years ago, I was a signed artist for Tenda International.

I worked hard for three years and initially thought that the company would promote me.

In the end, I became famous with Jasmine and was even given the title of ‘Jade Lady.

’ Is she worthy? She is just a bus, not even comparable to a dog.

If I were to say that there are countless men who have slept with her, would you believe it?” Caroline looked at them and said, “If she had the chance to know a man like you, I’m sure that she will use all kinds of methods to seduce you into bed.

She is just a female dog who is always in heat.

” Ross said with a sullen face, “Get to the point!” A trace of mockery appeared on Caroline’s lips.

“Of course, I’m not a good person either.

At that time, I was very jealous of her.

I was jealous that she had a pure and innocent face.

The company originally wanted to promote me, but they only focused on her.

She stole everything from me and caused my future to be ruined.

The more I thought about it, the angrier I got.

So, I opened a small account on the Internet and said bad things about her.

That night, someone came to me and said that he could make her disappear forever.

I gave him Jenny’s contact information.

After she went missing, the company still didn’t support me.

” “What happened after that?” Ross asked.

“After that, I asked that person if he did it.

He didn’t say anything.

From then on, every other year, I would give him the contact information of other people.

Even though I left my previous company, I still had connections.

It wasn’t difficult to get contact information.

At most, I would sleep with those people.

Later on, I realized that every time I gave him the contact information, those so-called female celebrities would disappear very quickly after a few days.

However, after such a long time, that person would never talk to me.

” Monica frowned.

“Jenny has gone missing, and you have left the entertainment industry.

Why did you still provide him with your contact information?” Caroline said in disgust, “I just can’t stand them being a whore and still putting up a sign.

They’re all so slutty.

Men just curl their fingers and obediently climb onto the bed.

They make a pose and spread their legs.

I don’t know how slutty they are in secret, but they still pretend to be young ladies.

I dare to bet that they’re just like Molly—a bunch of chickens.

Everyone gets on the bus, and they think that those in the entertainment industry are pure and innocent.

They’re even worse than young ladies.

They’re so dirty.

” Ross and Monica look at each other.

Obviously, Caroline’s ideas have been very sick and crazy.