Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 189

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 189

Chapter 189: The Two of Them Met Up and Started Fishing Watching the two suspects breaking down and roaring, the netizens in the live broadcast room cheered happily.

At the same time, they were also amazed by the Death Judge’s strategy.


This godly turn of events…I can’t think of it even if you beat me to death.

” “What did I say? This lamp was deliberately designed by the Death Inquisitor.

Who was the one who refuted it back then? What are you saying now?” “I refuted it.

I’m completely convinced.

The Death Judge is definitely the most awesome designer in the world.

I’m completely impressed.

” The netizens were completely shocked.

They were also completely crushed by the exquisite design.

They deeply felt the Death Judge’s ability to think.

It made them feel fear and helplessness.

At this moment, everyone in the Zero Major Crimes Squad was shocked.

Monica was once again deeply shocked.

In the past, it was always a trap set up in the mind.

She never expected that this time, even the props became the key to solving the problem.

She really wanted to ask loudly, “Death Inquisitor, are you still a human?” Ross also scratched his head helplessly.

He had no fighting spirit at all.

How many times had they crossed swords? They had always been played in the palm of their hands.

They thought that they could figure out the Death Inquisitor’s way of thinking, but reality had slapped them in the face time and time again.

In every game, he showed his super-strong design ability, logical thinking ability, and powerful fear ability, making everyone spin in circles.

“What kind of person do you think the Death Inquisitor is in his life to be able to train such thinking ability?” .



Willie stood up and exclaimed, “Think about it.

If the Death Inquisitor is a teacher, then the students he teaches should be many terrifying people.

In the future, there won’t be just one Inquisitor, but there will be thousands and hundreds of them.

” As soon as he finished speaking, everyone’s eyes were fixed on Willie.

One Death Inquisitor had already left them helpless.

It was like a pile of chicken feathers on the ground.

What was going on? They didn’t think that it was enough.

Everyone’s cold gazes directly gave Willie a fright.

He laughed and awkwardly sat back down.

At this moment, Bowman narrowed his wise eyes.

“I think that the Death Inquisitor is more likely to be an engineer.

His ability is more inclined to rational logic.

I think that other than talent, it should be a long-term training of thinking that formed the subconscious of the cerebral cortex, which gradually formed the ability to fear.

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COM Ross first confirmed everyone’s guess and had a certain point.

This also reminded him of the matter that had been delayed.

Previously, because of the limited information in his control, he had not done a personality mapping of the Death Inquisitor.

Now was the time to try it.

As he was thinking, an explosion sounded from the live broadcast room.

He looked up and saw Peter slam the table lamp heavily on the ground.

The scene instantly darkened.

In the darkness, Peter’s chest was puffed up, and he was panting heavily.

He was about to go crazy from anger.

If one day he fell into his hands, then he would definitely torture him to death with a hundred methods.

Thinking of this, he revealed a sinister and terrifying sneer.

When the countdown was about to end, he walked to the door and entered the password 0609.

Crack! The door opened.

Inside was a very bright room.

Seeing this, he wished he could slap himself twice.

The second room had changed from light to table lamp.

Why didn’t he think about it? F*ck! Peter walked into the room, and the door behind him automatically locked.

Crack! At this time, the door opposite him also opened, and Adonis walked in from the inside.

The two of them looked at each other.

They stared at each other with unfriendly eyes.

After the introduction from the Death Inquisitor, they had a simple understanding of each other.

“Nice to meet you.

” Peter was indeed a veteran.

He cupped his fists when they met.

Adonis pursed his lips and cupped his fists at the same time.

“You also had your wisdom teeth extracted.

” This was because he found that Peter’s cheeks were swollen and his gums were protruding.

Peter’s face darkened and said, “Let’s think about how to pass this round.

” The first two rounds had already cost him half his life.

This round would definitely not be so simple.

Those who had watched the live broadcast knew that the punishment would be more severe in the later rounds, especially the last round.

If you pass, you will live! If you fail, you will die! Up until now, no one had been able to walk out alive.

Thinking of this, he felt the pressure on his entire body increase drastically.

He braced himself and familiarized himself with this unfamiliar environment.

This room looked very simple.

There were no unnecessary furnishings and it was very spacious.

Above his head was a large steel structure, like a factory building.

In two-thirds of the large steel beam structure in the middle, there were two fixed pulleys respectively.

Two iron thorns had passed through the fixed pulley and hung down.

They were tied together not far from the fixed mixing wheel, the remaining two ends had a large iron hook fixed on each end.

It was about the size of a human head and emitted a pitch-black light that made people’s hair stand on end.

Other than a few chains, there was nothing else in the room.

“Congratulations on coming to the third round of the game.

This game is called the fishing game.

In the first two rounds, you have loved yourself too much, which is why you are in an even more dangerous situation.

After the test of the first two rounds, I have no hope for your IQ, but now you have met your teacher.

As the saying goes, Three Stooges are as good as Zhuge Liang.

I hope that in this round, you have courage and are not afraid of sacrifice.

As the saying goes, only when you know how to hurt yourself can you truly protect yourself at this moment?” Here it comes again! Adonis and Peter’s eyelids twitched.

They still wanted to trick them.

Did they look so stupid! “F * ck, Death Inquisitor, F*ck you, you pervert!” “You still want to trick us? Do you really think you’re omnipotent? Today, I’ll defeat you as a myth.

Bah…” With just a glance of discord, the two of them directly cursed, attracting the attention of many netizens.

“We’ve captured two big idiots alive.

Everyone, come quickly…” “Don’t worry, the game will become more honest in a while.

” “To be able to say such words, I swear in my name, they are not far from death.

” In the darkness, the corners of Jack’s mouth curved up, he sneered, “As you can see, there is a broken circuit on each beam.

You need a limited time to stretch yourself to the highest point through the iron thorns.

Only by connecting the circuit can you open the door.

The time limit is eight minutes.

Time is tight, life and death is determined.

” Beep Beep Beep.

The red light of the eight-minute timer began to flash, like the Grim Reaper of hell.

The two of them looked up and saw that there were indeed two open circuits on the beam above them.

One was a round plug, and the other was a round jack.

As long as they were connected together, it would be fine.

However, the iron thorns that were suddenly exposed, their hands would not be able to tear apart their flesh and blood.

Seeing this scene, the netizens began to compete with each other.

“This is too easy.

Just connect the plug.

So easy!” “I can go too! it’s child’s play.

” “Brother upstairs, you’re exaggerating too much.

If it were you, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to make it to the second round.

” “No matter what, you’ll definitely have to skin me alive to complete this game.