Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 168

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 168

Chapter 168: Haha! I Won! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL “F* k.

He’s so lucky.

” “I haven’t heard his screams yet.

I feel that he’s almost at the corner.

” “He’s really not afraid of death!” When the netizens saw how crazy Adolf was, they all started discussing.

“It’s already been three minutes.

I feel that I can see something.

Remember, don’t lift your feet.

Just slide on the ground.

” After Warner finished speaking, his two feet rubbed against the ground, making a sizzling sound.

The remaining Jerome and Ymir instantly understood.

Only then did they suddenly remember that there were only two corners left.


We’ve been tricked!” At this moment, Adolf took another seven or eight steps in one go.

“Could it be that I have the help of a god today?” .



He laughed maniacally, and vaguely, he saw a cylindrical white object.

“F*ck, why isn’t this guy dead yet?” “His laughter is too demonic, just listening to it is making my head hurt.

” “It’s all about the heartbeat, so what’s the rush? It’s pitch black now, and even if he dies, we won’t be able to see it.

The good show has just begun.

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COM “I feel that your analysis makes sense.

It seems like I have to hold my breath.

” At this moment, Adolf’s speed had slowed down.

He became very careful with the last two steps, and his entire body resembled the slow-motion movement in movies.

His footsteps were light as his hands touched the air around him until his fingertips touched the slightly cold flashlight.

Adolf picked up the flashlight and gently pressed on the bulge on it.

At this moment, there was the sound of footsteps.

Adolf suddenly turned around, and all the hair on his body stood up.

He was sure that it was not an illusion.

Adolf shone the flashlight on it, but the light was too weak, so he could only see about a meter or so.

He could not see the situation around him clearly.

At this moment, Warner’s voice came from afar.

“What’s wrong with you?” “F*ck! You found the flashlight?” “Come over and help me shine!” The voices of the three people sounded, and Adolf’s heart suddenly contracted.

“The Death Inquisitor is here.

I just heard his voice.

” When the three people heard it, they immediately looked around vigilantly, and couldn’t help but shiver.

Thinking about the Death Inquisitor’s terrifying face, they felt a chill down their spines when they thought that he might be standing behind them and staring at them.


He must be monitoring us with his night-vision goggles.

” “This damn pervert! He might put a clip on you the moment you lift your foot.

” “Death Inquisitor, when I get out, I will chop off your limbs and dig out your eyes.

” However, no one responded to them.

The surroundings were quiet and dark.

Adolf took a deep breath.

He felt that he was not affected just now because of the blessings of the gods.

Now that he had a flashlight in his hand, he wanted to make good use of the remaining ten minutes to be the first person to escape unscathed.

‘Death Inquisitor, just you wait.

Not only do I want to clear the level, I also want to defeat you and let you taste my power,’ he thought.

Adolf was so supportive that his entire body lay on the ground.

However, after the wound on his leg was squeezed, it emitted waves of piercing pain.

He took a deep breath, then put the flashlight into his mouth and bit it.

His hands groped on the ground as he slowly glided, just like a beggar on the street.

At this time, because of the light, the camera fell on Adolf, and the netizens were all looking at him.

“This guy must have been a beggar before, and he’s quite skilled in his work.

” “I was wondering how he actually survived until now.

It seems that the courage to risk his life in the game is very crucial.

” “If nothing unexpected happens, he can safely pass the second level.

” “Anchor, are you asleep? Do you want some dry goods?” They looked anxious, but they couldn’t pass the stage.

“What? He actually passed?” They looked anxious, but Ross and the others confirmed Monica’s judgment.

“And Adolf is gradually falling into the trap.

Now he’s starting to get serious.

” “Sister Mo, what’s the next step?” Sister Mo saw that everyone was looking at her, and she immediately felt a huge pressure.

“Now, I feel that there are definitely certain traps, such as the trap from last time.

Some of these traps are easier to find, but some are set in a blind spot according to people’s mental state, which is where they will be hit.

Last time, it was a thought pattern.

I can’t think of what it is this time, but I think it will not be repeated.

After all, every live broadcast is his show.

” At this moment, Ross lit a cigarette and said thoughtfully, “I think we have entered a misunderstanding.

” “What misunderstanding?” Judy asked.

“In the beginning, the Death Judge said that they took a small path and avoided the police.

They didn’t even know where they went.

But from Sunderland, they fled for four to five hours.

How far can he drive? In addition to the abandoned end, I think it’s not difficult to locate the scene of the death.

The designer is currently at the scene.

Isn’t this the best time for us to capture him?” His words awakened the person in the dream.

At this moment, everyone’s blood was burning.

“That’s right, so why didn’t I think of this? This is definitely the best time.

Hurry up and give the order!” Willie’s eyes were filled with ecstasy.

It was as if Ross had instantly regained his blood, revealing a sense of confidence.

“Willie, immediately contact the Sunderland police team and have them go into standby mode.

” “Yes, I’ll contact them right away.

” “Willie, immediately contact officer Hardy of Sunderland and have him search all the abandoned buildings that fit the characteristics within a 400-kilometer radius.

Then, send the target to the police aviation team to carry out the operation.

” Ross’s blood was boiling at this moment, but he felt a little regretful because this place was more than 500 kilometers away from Sunderland.

No matter where he went, he would have already turned off the live broadcast.

Even if he would use a New York helicopter, it would take at least an hour.

But no matter what, he felt that the Death Inquisitor had dug a hole for him, and it was a hole so deep that he could not escape.

Sunderland’s Hardy received the order and immediately began the search.

At the same time, the aviation search team received the order and immediately sent out nine anti-terrorist elites squads.

They began a carpet search around Sunderland.

At this time, Adolf had already moved to the door and found three clips.

Looking at the sharp teeth, his legs went weak and he felt a lingering fear.

At the same time, Warner, Germaine, and Yme also successfully obtained the flashlight and the number.

However, Germaine and Yme were still in the innermost part of the room.

They were still more than 20 meters away from the door, and there was not much time left for them.

Seeing that Adolf and Warner were about to leave, the two of them broke down.

“F*ck, there’s still one minute left.

What should we do?” “We’ve been harmed by him.

We won’t be able to get out in one minute unless we run out in large strides.

But if we do that, we might step into a trap.

” When disaster struck, they would fly separately.

Adolf wouldn’t care about them.

At this moment, the moonlight rose from outside.

Looking at the moonlight at the door, Adolf let out a long sigh.

“Haha! I won,” he mumbled to himself.