Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 157

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 157

Chapter 157: New Job Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL In July, New York City was like a steamer.

This season was the season when mosquitoes were rampant.

Walking on the road, one could hear the buzzing sound.

Jack slept on the bed and waved his arms three times.

Suddenly, the world went silent.

But in the next second, the buzzing sound started again.

“Damn it! Call me again and I’ll judge you.

” Jack’s state of mind collapsed.

Facing so many drug dealers and murderers, the Death Inquisitor’s state of mind actually collapsed because of the mosquitoes.

If this was spread out, it would definitely be a hot spot for the explosion.

In the morning, Jack woke up to wash up.

Jack had squashed a mosquito on his face and saw a smear of blood on his face.

He was instantly stunned.

“Did I go on a killing spree last night?” Jack took the mosquito’s corpse and threw it into the trash can.

He said doubtfully, “But why do I have no impression of it at all?” .



After washing up, he turned on his phone.

There were several trending news posts.

Without a doubt, they were all about the live broadcast of death.

He was already used to it.

He packed his things and dressed up a little.

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COM Jack was ready to go out.

He had an interview that day.

He was going to apply for a job as a security guard.

Even though he was said to be dashing and handsome, which was more than enough for an interview as a security guard, he still had to pay attention to his basic attire.

He wanted to give off a good impression.

Just as he opened the door, the door of the room next door also opened.

A long-haired girl with fashionable clothing walked out.

She was wearing a small shirt with exposed shoulders and a pair of black stockings under it.

Her collarbone was as smooth as jade, and her slender and round collarbone was perfectly outlined by the stockings.

“You’re going out too!” The girl smiled.

A strong perfume rushed at him, and Jack frowned.

Although he had lived here for a long time, he rarely went out.

He didn’t know who his neighbors were or who lived there, and he didn’t want to know because he wasn’t interested.

Facing the woman’s question, Jack only nodded slightly.

“You don’t seem to like talking.

What kind of work do you do?” When Jack said these two words, one could clearly see the disdain in the woman’s eyes.

“It’s quite good.

Young people should work hard, but they should also have dreams,” the woman said proudly.

Jack looked at her coldly then turned around and left.

The woman was frightened by his gaze.

She looked at the back of Jack and snorted arrogantly, “What’s so cool about a stinky security guard?” Jack didn’t think that there was anything wrong with a security guard, and it was just to cover up his identity.

Otherwise, if he stayed at home all day, people would think that he was a drug cook.

In fact, he had considered Aisha’s suggestion to work at the nightclub.

But after thinking about it, he still refused.

There were too many people at the nightclub, and it was not good for his career.

After having a meal nearby, Jack took a taxi and came to the blue coast.

This was considered a high-end residential area in New York.

From the security booth at the entrance, it could be seen that it was very elegant.

When he came to the security booth, Jack took a look inside and saw a young security guard sitting on a chair.

He was about twenty years old.

His right hand was covered with gauze, and it seemed like he had a fracture.

The young security guard took a look at him and said, “Hello.

You must be Jack, who is here for the interview, right?” “Yes!” Jack replied.

“The situation is like this.

My arm is broken.

You come to take over my shift.

Sister Rui from the property management will be here soon and will give you the contract for you to sign.

” The young security guard looked a little anxious.

Jack pointed at the security booth and said, “You want me to stay here alone?” “It’s okay.

There’s no money here anyway.

” The young security guard turned his head and said, “Hey, which white Audi is it? Sister Rui is here.

You guys can talk.

I’ll pack my things.

” At the door, the Audi slowly drove over.

A woman in her thirties came down from the car.

Her long hair fell over her shoulders and she was wearing delicate light makeup.

She looked quite seductive.

Jack took a look.

At this moment, Rachel walked up to him and stretched out her snow-white hand.

“Hello, my name is Rachel.

” Jack also stretched out his hand and shook her hand.

He said indifferently, “Jack!” At this moment, the security guard packed up his things and said with a smile, “Sister Rachel, if there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.

” Rachel pondered for a moment and said, “To tell you the truth, his hand was broken by someone.

But you don’t have to worry.

If someone comes to cause trouble, you just have to call the police.

” Jack narrowed his eyes slightly and asked without batting an eyelid, “This is just a small district.

How can there be people causing trouble?” “The weather is too hot, let’s go in and talk,” Rachel said as she looked at the scorching sun above her head.

After a brief understanding, she found out that there was a group of hooligans on this street.

They often came to this neighborhood to stroll, whistle, and flirt with girls.

The security guard, Xiao Li, had a confrontation with them, and one of his arms was broken.

Jack was also very disgusted with the hooligans.

He hoped that they would not provoke him.

After a brief chat, Jack sat in the security room, drinking tea and leisurely reading a novel.

During the day, he would be a small security guard.

He would drink tea and take a walk.

At night, he would become the Dark Inquisitor of death and judge crimes.

This kind of life was relaxing and exciting.

The first day was very peaceful.

Jack’s other partner was Harry.

He worked the night shift while he was assigned to the day shift.

A few days passed in the blink of an eye.

The intestines-digging case had gradually calmed down.

Occasionally, everyone would talk about it during breaks.

However, what everyone wanted to see the most was the rebroadcast.

“Ahhh! Four days have passed, but why isn’t there any movement from the Death Inquisitor?” “That’s right.

These past few days, I feel completely exhausted, as if it has been centuries.

” “I couldn’t sleep yesterday.

Host, it’s good for you to come out and chat with everyone.

” “The bullies in our factory expressed that they were living too well and wanted the judge to design a game for him.

” Jack would occasionally go to watch the live broadcast and see the audience in other live broadcast rooms.

He couldn’t help but discuss the death broadcast in other live broadcast rooms.

However, he believed that it wasn’t far away from the broadcast.

He had already noticed a piece of news.

The location was Harun district.

A girl who ran at night mysteriously disappeared into thin air.

No body had been found and there were no traces of her whereabouts.

The police had posted a missing person notice on Twitter and were investigating.

Jack looked at the time.

It was eight o’clock in the evening.

His partner would soon arrive.

He was getting ready to leave.

Just then, there was the sound of high heels.

A tall woman in silk stockings was walking toward him.

A group of hooligans were following behind her.

They were whistling and had lewd expressions on their faces.

“Beauty, go have a drink.

It’s my treat.

” “Beauty, I’m very good.

My younger brother is 20 centimeters long.

I can definitely satisfy you.

” “I can last for 30 minutes.

My technique is guaranteed to be top-notch.

Do you want to try?” “Hey, beauty, don’t walk so fast.

” At this moment, a bald man quickly walked forward.

His big hand touched the woman’s thigh.

He put his hand on his nose and sniffed it.

He looked like he was enjoying it.