Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 153

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Eat? Red-hot Iron Rod Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL On the live broadcast, Brent’s state of mind was about to explode.

The high-temperature iron rod slowly approached his lips.

He struggled with all his might.

He could already feel the scorching temperature.

It was imaginable that if this thing was going to be stabbed into his mouth! He did not dare to imagine.

The bullet curtain rolled crazily.

All of them were amazed at the Death Judge’s strength.

Not only did he have to defeat Brent physically, but he also had to defeat Brent mentally.

This was double torture.

This was the way to deal with this kind of pervert.

He was no longer a human, but a demon.

First, he threw out a thought trap, making him fall into despair the moment he was about to succeed.

“That was so fast.

Even I was fooled.

I kept staring at the girl’s picture on the screen.

I didn’t expect the real trap to be on the wire frame outside.

” “Sigh! I didn’t expect it either.

Everyone was looking at the little girl.

No one noticed that there was a V-shaped gap at the bottom of one of the round square boxes.

” .



“We were all misled.

Actually, if you think about it carefully, you will find that the judge didn’t limit the specific things.

In other words, the girl, the wireframe, and even the picture that appeared on every area of the screen.

This is a multiple-choice question.

” Bowman took a deep breath.

Even he did not expect that in such a short period of time, they had fallen into a misunderstanding.

Ross had been staring at the live broadcast room.

At this time, the high-temperature iron rod was less than a centimeter away from Brent.

The heat it emitted directly burned his lips red.

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COM The speed of the iron rod was not fast.

It moved slowly.

This was the brilliance of the Death Judge.

He wanted Brent to suffer mental torture.

Death was not scary.

What was scary was the waiting before death.

Jack watched everything coldly.

He was not a murderous demon nor a cold-blooded killer, nor was he the Holy Mother of salvation.

He just wanted to become stronger.

At the same time, he wanted to destroy the sins of the world with his own hands.

The iron rod was getting closer and closer.

Brent felt as if a century had passed.

Finally, the red-hot iron rod stabbed into his mouth.

A wisp of green smoke rose slowly, accompanied by a humming sound.

He struggled with all his might.

His pupils dilated violently.

Blood flowed out of his ears, eyes, and mouth.

It was extremely miserable.

In the live broadcast room, everyone saw Brent’s face contort.

His mouth was pierced by a thick red iron rod.

In an instant, the flesh around the iron rod was cooked by the high temperature.

Pieces of it were torn apart and fell, revealing the teeth inside.

As the iron rod continued to go deeper, the teeth fell off one by one and were squeezed into the depths of his throat.

The unbearable pain made Brent clench his fists and tremble uncontrollably.

“This is so satisfying.

A perverted pervert like him deserves to experience the extreme pain.

” “Don’t you like to insert sexual organs into a woman’s mouth? I’m even more ruthless.

I’ll directly give you a high-temperature iron rod.

” “Oh god, this feeling is so sour and refreshing, but I like it.

” Monica blushed when she saw the scene in front of her.

After all, no matter how cold she was, she was still a woman.

Moreover, there were other people present.

This was simply too exciting.

Bowman put down the phone at this moment and said, “Team Leader Luo, the law enforcement department of Green Bill Mountain just sent a message saying that they’ve searched all the possible places but didn’t find anything.

” Ross was so angry that he gritted his teeth and said fiercely, “We’ve been deceived again.

” He had lost count of how many times he had been deceived.

Every time, he thought that he had found some clues, but in the end, it was all in vain.

Who exactly was the Death Inquisitor? In such a short period of time, he already had such a huge fan group.

More importantly, some of the people were gradually disappointed with the police.

They had been slapped in the face again and again, and their faces had long been thrown into the abyss.

Moreover, the State Department had already sensed the danger.

The various parties had started to move, and they had launched a crazy investigation in the various states.

However, the results could be said to be negligible.

If the current trend continued, sooner or later, they would be replaced and driven out of the political arena.

Judging by the clues they had with them, the Death Inquisitor not only had a superb live broadcast technology but also had superb hacking skills.

They had led two top domestic hackers to besiege the death broadcast room, but they failed in both cases.

Not only that, their defense system was instantly tracked back, and they were all paralyzed.

He even thought that the Death Inquisitor was composed of a group, just like the terrorists in the past who intended to disappoint the public and then attack the entire country.

However, a series of later events made them reject this idea.

Ross’s gaze turned to the live broadcast room.

The bullet curtain on it quickly scrolled.

It was full of praise and support.

He sighed to himself and felt deeply powerless.

Back at the scene, Brent’s entire mouth was filled with iron bars.

His cheeks were puffed up high on both sides.

Under the gaze of the crowd, the iron bars were whipping back and forth, each time bringing back a stream of blood.

The punishment was one minute.

Brent had to widen his eyes and endure the inhuman torture.

He had never thought that he would have live through such a day.

In the past, when he committed crimes, he would drink red wine beautifully and look at those sexy and tall beautiful women.

They were naked, and their faces were twisted as they swallowed and spat out the genitals of livestock, he felt a huge sense of pleasure.

Those beautiful scenes were like slides that flashed through his mind at high speed.

The naked and beautiful bodies, the plump mountain peaks, and the round thighs were dotted with red dots.

They swayed back and forth.

It was so beautiful.

At this moment, the desire hidden in his heart ignited his will to live.

He wanted to live.

“F*ck! I don’t dare to watch such a terrifying scene.

I’m still a child.

” “I suspect you’re trying to act cool.

That user named ‘Haizi,’ I’m ‘Yok.


Why would I be afraid? I’m not even as wide-eyed as you.

” “Oh my God, this is the first time I’ve seen such an awesome monologue.

My mouth is smoking, and there’s blood and lightning all the way.

” “This plot, this scene, I love it so much.

Host, let me show you a rocket.

I’ve given you half a month’s salary.

” At this moment, the numbers on the big screen ended.

The high-temperature iron rod retreated.

The HD camera captured everything from all angles.

Brent’s lips had disappeared, and a bloody red hole replaced it.

From this angle, one could even see his throat.

Under the high temperature, his flesh and blood had also turned white.

“Next, we will enter the second series, the Devil’s Key.

” Jack’s cold voice was heard.

It did not contain any emotion and echoed throughout the entire live broadcast room.

After saying that, the steel bars that bound Brent’s body loosened.

He quickly covered his mouth with his hand and rolled on the ground.

It was too painful.

“In 30 seconds, this room will release a well-known poison gas.

Please enter the next room as soon as possible,” the mechanized voice broadcast sounded.

Brent’s spirit was shaken as he walked towards the pitch-black door on the left.