Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 142

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Gut-pulling Hands, Collective Gut-pulling The cold and hoarse voice made the four gut-pulling hands tremble.

They immediately shut their mouths and stopped begging or cursing.

They knew that at this point, there was no point in saying anything.

“Let’s…hurry up and gut-pull.

There are less than 20 million people voting now.

We still have a chance,” Paulette said with difficulty, his voice already trembling.

Rainier’s eyes were wide open.

There was fear in his eyes as he spoke in a panic.

“I don’t want to dig out my intestines anymore! If I dig out my intestines from my anus again, I’ll die!” “Idiot! You’ll die even if you don’t dig out your intestines! It’s better to fight! There’s still a little hope to survive.

Everyone has to dig out their intestines.

No one is allowed to not dig out their intestines!” Barzel stared at Rainier with wide eyes and cursed fiercely in a weak voice.

“The number of people voting is almost 20 million.

We only have less than three minutes left.

If we don’t get our intestines out now, it might be too late! Moreover, those who are willing to vote have already voted at the first moment.

The rate of increase in the voting is very slow now.

If all four of us get our intestines out, we still have a high chance of surviving.

Everyone might just have to get their large intestines out.

Don’t tell me you don’t want to get out of here alive?!” Morse looked at Rainier maliciously.

He still remembered that Rainier had used the same words to ask him to remove his testicles.

As soon as he finished speaking, Rainier’s body trembled.

He looked at the three people around him who were looking at him maliciously.

It was just like Morse’s situation just now.

If he did not agree, he would not wait for the Death Inquisitor to make a move.

These three people would strangle him to death with their intestines first.

“How…how can this be? Of course, I will go out with you guys alive.

We have been killing and raping together for so many years.

How can I leave without you guys!” Rainier began to stutter.

He swallowed hard and then said with a trembling voice, “Is what you said true? Do we really only need to take out our large intestines?” “Of course.

Look at the red voting box.

There’s not much growth,” Morse said.

“The four of us can pull out our intestines at the same time.

Each of us will pull out our intestines one foot and one foot.

We can guarantee that each of us will pull out the same length.

This way, everyone will have a chance to live.

It’s also the fairest!” “This is a good idea! Let’s do it this way.

If anyone doesn’t pull out their intestines or pulls out less, I and the other two will strangle them to death first!” Barzel said as he shook the intestines in his hand slightly.

He then glared at Rainier.




“All right, then we’ll take out their intestines together! Let’s start now.

We don’t have much time!” After Paulette finished speaking, he took a deep breath and then reached his hand towards his butt to start digging.

Morse and Barzel saw this scene and also reached their hands into their anus to start digging.

Rainier looked at the sinister eyes of the three of them that fell on him.

He trembled and also started digging out his intestines.

The four of them were very skilled.

Barzel was the first to tear open his anus.

In an instant, his skin and flesh rolled up.

Blood mixed with a yellow sticky substance gushed out.

The expression on Barzel’s face was distorted due to the pain.

His eyes were staring fixedly, and his eyeballs were about to pop out of their sockets.

Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM However, the desire to survive overwhelmed everything.

Barzel’s hand did not stop.

He continued to tear open his anus.

Soon, a warm breath was held in his hand.

It was a section of the smooth and greasy rectum.

Barzel immediately grabbed the rectum and pulled the intestines out of the torn anus.

It was like pulling out a rope covered in butter.

Some mucus and blood flowed on it.

It dripped onto the ground continuously.

There seemed to be a white hot air rising up.

The other three saw that Barzel had already pulled out his intestines.

They sped up and pulled out their own intestines as well.

At this moment, the blue voting box on the right side of the monitor suddenly increased by a large chunk.

“Look! The voting box has increased! Quickly! Quickly pull out a little more.

As long as the blue voting box exceeds the red one, we will stop first.

” When Pollitt saw the changes on the monitor, he cried out in surprise.

The other three looked over and revealed expressions of surprise as well.

Their faces were distorted due to the pain.

The combination of surprise and distorted expressions made them look very strange and terrifying.

“Faster, faster! Faster!” When the four of them saw hope, they immediately increased the speed of their hands.

The blue voting box was also increasing by leaps and bounds in a way that far exceeded the speed of the red voting box.

At this moment, the people who saw the blue voting box increasing by leaps and bounds were not only the people who dug out their intestines, but also people from all over the United States.

In a classroom in a school… “Can you vote? Why can’t I vote?” a slightly immature student asked a classmate beside him.

“I can’t vote either.

What’s going on?” A tall man sitting behind the two of them said, “I can! Why can’t you vote?” “I can vote too.

Could it be that you’re not 18 years old so you can’t vote? I just turned 18 this year.

” “I just turned 18 this year too!” “Stop talking! The teacher is watching us!” The teacher sitting in front of the classroom glanced at the few people who were talking.

He had heard all of their conversations.

In the past, if a student spoke during his class, he would definitely punish them.

However, this time, he did not criticize them, which was rare.

Instead, he sighed and continued to watch the live broadcast of death on television.

In an office building somewhere, the office workers who were usually busy stopped and watched the live broadcast quietly.

Suddenly, the door of the boss’s office was pushed open from the inside.

Everyone was in a panic and wanted to turn off the live broadcast, but they heard the boss say, “Turn on the live broadcast of death! Go and vote! You must vote to kill! If the criminals dire with their intestines removed, you will have the rest of the afternoon off!” “The boss is wise!” “The boss is the most handsome!” A wave of cheers rang out, and this scene was also happening in most of the offices in the office building.

In Times Square, many pedestrians began to knock on the windows of the cars in the traffic jam one by one.

“Hello, have you voted? Please go to the live broadcast of death to vote.

The gut-wrenching criminals are about to run away!” “I’ve already voted.

” “What vote did you vote for?” “The kill vote, of course!” “I’m sorry to disturb you.

Thank you for your dedication to justice.

” Then, the pedestrians left.

The driver rolled up the car window and sat in the car with a solemn expression.

It looked like he was thinking about something.

Looking at the pedestrians hurriedly knocking on the car window, the man was inspired.

Very soon, the man made a call.

“Baby, have you watched the live broadcast of death? Hurry up and vote.

We can’t let our daughter live on the same land with such a beast!” “Chris, have you voted? Okay! Hurry up and mobilize your family and friends.

Right now, your gut-wrenching hand is about to overtake them!” This scene did not only happen in this car, but also in the entire city of New York.