Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 123

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 123

Chapter 123: I Am Your Executor Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL The screen in the broadcast room started to flicker and then stabilized.

In the screen was a pitch-black sealed room.

Six people could be vaguely seen sitting on chairs.

A series of sounds rang out.

Rows of lights on the ceiling lit up, lighting up the entire secret room.

In the middle of the room, six people were sitting on iron chairs and fixed by iron locks.

They had closed their eyes and had not woken up yet.

The six people were Judge Harriman and the five gut-wrenchers! When the lights lit up and the six people appeared, the audience in the live broadcast room was instantly detonated.

They sent out bullet screens crazily, directly covering up the scene.

“How is this possible? ! How did the judge do it?!” “Yeah! How did he do it? If someone else told me about what had just happened, I would never have believed it!” “They were still being chased just a moment ago, and now they’re tied up in a secret room to be executed?!” .



“How long has it been since they got into the car? It’s only been a few minutes, right?” “The crux is that the prison car has only been out for a minute, and the police car has already started chasing after them.

Where did the Death Judge find the time to move them from there?” “Is there anyone with a high IQ who can explain this?!” “Someone with a high IQ is here.

I have watched every episode of the live broadcast of the judge.

Based on a simple analysis, the judge does not have much time to move them, but it is not impossible.

All we need to do is to prepare a car and park it in the alley in advance!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “However, the time is still too short.

My guess is that the location of the live broadcast is not far from the prison van.

It should not be more than a mile away.

Considering that we still need to move the six people into the prepared car and move them from the car to the secret room when they arrive at the place, it will take time.

Therefore, the actual distance is probably even shorter—maybe only a few hundred meters!” “Also, I want to reveal my speculations about this whole thing! It is very likely that the Death Judge is not a single person, but a team made up of many people! It is absolutely impossible for one person to have so many talents at the same time.

Not only do they have to prepare for the live broadcast of the execution, but they also have to make a thorough plan.

This kind of workload is not something that can be completed by one person!” “Can’t the Death Judge be a super genius who is very efficient?” “I think his analysis makes sense.

Compared to one person, a team is more likely to do all of this.

However, none of this is important.

What’s important is that the Death Judge is doing the right thing!” “His analysis is too good! Why didn’t I think of it!” “I didn’t think of it either.

I just want these animals to die quickly!” At this moment, in the office of the Zero Major Crimes Unit of the New York Police Department… “Well done! Kill those sons of b*tches!” Willie cursed excitedly when he saw the six criminals.

The others widened their eyes and stared at the big screen in shock, unable to believe what they were seeing.

Ross frowned and kept saying, “How did he do it?” “Do you think it’s possible?” Monica glanced at Ross.

“The Death Inquisitor is not a person but a team.

” Ross thought for a moment and said, “Didn’t we discuss this problem in our group before? There was no result from the discussion.

Do you have any ideas?” Monica nodded and said, “Now after so many times of dealing with the Death Inquisitor, I have a better understanding of him.

It’s still very vague, but I have a little judgment.

I think the Death Inquisitor is definitely only one person.

It can’t be a team!” Monica sounded very certain.

Judy asked, “Why? I think that analysis is quite reasonable.

” “Because the Death Inquisitor’s habits are very uniform.

I’m not talking about the modus operandi, but the psychological habit.

If many people commit crimes at the same time, then in different details, no matter how consistent, it will more or less reflect some different psychological characteristics.

But the Death Inquisitor is not.

All of his modus operandi and details indicate that the perpetrator is the same super genius and not pieced together with the plans of different people.

” Hearing this, Ross nodded.

He was not a psychologist, but after all, he had fought with the Death Inquisitor so many times, so he had a similar feeling.

Ross seemed to have thought of something.

He hesitated for a moment, then said, “Loggins, contact Victor.

” Soon, the phone was picked up.

Ross picked up the phone and said, “Hello, Victor.

I’m Ross, the leader of the New York Police Department’s Zero Major Crimes Unit.

We spoke just now.

You should have seen it.

The Death Inquisitor is about to begin his execution.

He doesn’t have much time to transfer, so he might be within a few hundred meters.

Although it’s unlikely that he would make such a big mistake and let you find him so easily, but—” “But he’s The Death Inquisitor.

He’s the best at psychological misdirection.

I know that.

” Victor cut in.

“That’s right.

” Ross nodded.

He didn’t care whether the other party could see or not.

Obviously, Victor was very smart.

He had thought of this possibility, but he didn’t want to search.

Ross thought for a moment, then continued, “You can ask others to search the vicinity.

After all, he’s The Death Inquisitor.

He’s not easy to catch.

” The other end of the phone was silent for a moment, then said, “Thank you for your reminder.

I understand.

” Then, he hung up the phone.

Ross was not lying.

He did not think that the Death Inquisitor would simply find a room nearby and start broadcasting live.

He also did not think that Victor would be able to lead the San Francisco Police to catch the Death Inquisitor.

The reason he reminded Victor was that he did not want to put Victor in a difficult position.

On the one hand, as a police officer, Victor had to uphold the law.

On the other hand, as a human being, Victor wanted the Death Inquisitor to execute him.

Ross also had this feeling of struggle.

Everyone in the entire serious crime unit had this feeling.

However, the difference between Victor and him was that as a hero sheriff, Victor had never dealt with the Death Inquisitor directly.

He still had his own pride and thought that he could capture the Death Inquisitor.

Ross wanted him to search for the Death Inquisitor with all his might.

He wanted him to do what the police should do and try his best to uphold the law.

The police would find a way on how to execute the Death Inquisitor smoothly.

They didn’t need to worry about it.

No matter how hard they tried to investigate, it was useless in front of the Death Inquisitor.

After all, until now, the Zero Major Crimes Unit had not really achieved anything.

However, this kind of useless effort was all they could do.

At this moment, rows of words appeared on the big screen, displaying the crimes of these six people.

It immediately triggered a wave of anger from the audience in the live broadcast room.

They kept cursing the six people on the bullet screen, wishing that they could rush into the screen and kill these animals one by one.