Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 115

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Trial Begins, Death Invitation! The video touched the hearts of the American people.

Affected by this video, the number of people participating in the protest march soared.

Many people from other surrounding areas saw the video and were very angry.

They quickly rushed to San Francisco to join the demonstration.

There were even many people who did not make it to San Francisco in time because the court was going to hold a hearing that day.

They spontaneously held a demonstration in their own city in support of the people of San Francisco.

The scene outside the court was even more spectacular than the torches that filled the streets the previous night.

The entire court was surrounded by a sea of people.

At a glance, one could only see a group of people’s heads constantly moving.

From time to time, people in the crowd raised banners, and everyone was walking forward.

In the end, they gathered into a river and surged toward the court’s main entrance.

They were blocked by the police outside the court.

Soon, the crowd appeared.

Many police officers violently pushed aside the protesting people on both sides and pushed a path through the crowd.

A few court cars followed behind them.

They drove straight to the court’s entrance.

Harriman, who was wearing a robe, came out from the first car.

A few people followed him and walked into the court.

Five tall men in handcuffs got out of the car behind them.

Around a dozen police officers escorted them to the entrance of the court.

The five men were none other than the gut-wrenching group.

When they saw the intestines-digging group appear, the surrounding crowd instantly erupted like a piece of meat falling into a group of piranhas.

The entire street was filled with angry curses.

There were people who threw rotten eggs and tomatoes on the criminals.

There were also people who were even more hot-tempered who directly rushed forward, wanting to press them to the ground and beat them up.

They were pushed back by the surrounding police with batons and smoke bombs.

The angry people charged at the police cordon.

The people at the front were injured by the batons.

The gap formed after they retreated was filled by the people who continued to rush forward.

Both sides were in chaos and the situation was out of control.

As the five people from the court vehicle stepped into the court, the chaotic crowd gradually calmed down.

However, more than a dozen men in suits walked into the court.

Some people recognized these men in suits as the five-man team of lawyers, and the crowd became chaotic again.

Even more people in San Francisco who did not have the opportunity to come to the scene were watching the situation on their mobile phones.

It was the same for people all over the United States.

A video of a victim’s mother telling her story touched everyone’s hearts.

A trial that was destined to end provoked everyone’s anger.




In the court, Harriman walked into his office.

He passed by the court and glanced at the reporters and photographers in the gallery.

This was his compromise.

He did not want these reporters to enter the court.

These people would definitely attack him in the reports.

However, the news that the court had sentenced him to imprisonment had already leaked out.

If he did not let the reporters in, after the media’s operation, there would only be more serious consequences.

At this time, these reporters and photographers were debugging the network.

Inspired by the Death Inquisitor, several large media outlets had obtained permission through their connections.

They were going to broadcast the trial live.

There were many calls for the Death Inquisitor to make a move on the trial.

However, the Death Inquisitor had not yet responded.

Their live broadcast of the court trial could be considered to have replaced the live broadcast of death.

After the advanced publicity, the Death Inquisitor was able to broadcast the trial live, and if they were lucky, the ratings of this live broadcast could meet their one-year target.

In fact, they had underestimated the impact of this incident.

Soon, the equipment and network were adjusted, and the live broadcast was connected to several TV channels and Internet platforms.

Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM The moment the broadcast was connected, the number of viewers shot up like a rocket, rising exponentially.

At this moment, everyone in the United States who could watch television and live broadcasts was completely focused on the public trial.

In the NY Times Square, pedestrians and commuters who were walking in a hurry stopped to watch.

Behind them were cars blocked by the crowd, forming a long river.

However, no one honked or came down to urge them.

Everyone’s attention was attracted by the large cylindrical NASDAQ screen, which was broadcasting the live broadcast of the public trial.

In schools, many students were secretly watching the live broadcast on their mobile phones, even during classes.

Teachers could not be mad about it.

Instead, he used the television in the classroom to broadcast the live broadcast of the trial.

In office buildings, employees were lazily watching the live broadcast with their computers.

No boss came over to scold them because the boss was also watching the live broadcast.

“Chief Victor, can we win this time?” a police officer asked nervously.

Victor looked at him without any expression and said calmly, “I don’t know, but no matter what, we’ll do our best.

” As the police who arrested the intestines-removing hand, he was appearing in court as the prosecutor.

Although he said so, he knew in his heart that other than his prosecutor, everyone who participated in the trial had been bribed.

This was a fight that was destined to fail.

However, Victor did not have the habit of admitting defeat.

Even if he knew the outcome, he would do his best.

The lawyers of the gut-wrenching defense team looked at the prosecutor’s position with contempt.

Then, they looked at the camera with a relaxed smile and made a victory sign.

Of course, they knew what kind of criminal they were defending and how many people would despise them after defending.

However, the lawyer fees for this defense would be enough for them to live like kings throughout their entire lives.

Moreover, it would not be long before everyone forgot about this matter.

After a while, they could still come out and make money.

Sitting next to the defense team were the main characters of this trial.

The five gut-wrenching hands were also chatting with smiles on their faces, as if the five of them were sitting among the audience.

The people watching the live broadcast from the outside world had a deep impression of the appearance of the defense team’s lawyers, especially the crowd protesting outside the court.

When they saw the relaxed expressions of the five killers and the agonized expressions of the families of the victims sitting in the prosecutor’s office on the live broadcast, they instantly flew into a rage.

Soon, it was time for the trial to begin.

Harriman strode into the courtroom.

The entire court stood up and watched him together with all the people watching the live broadcast.

Harriman walked up to the front row and the most central seat of the judge.

The national emblem was hanging on the wall behind him, and the stars and stripes were hanging on both sides.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and the republic that it represents.

This country under the protection of God is indivisible, and the people enjoy freedom and justice.

” After saying that, he squeezed his fat body into the seat, picked up the gavel, and knocked three times to announce the start of the trial.

“God save America and this honorable court.

” Then, he opened the file in his hand.

The moment he looked at the file in his hand, he frowned and his expression was extremely ugly.

Even his breathing began to tremble slightly.

With his trembling hand, Harriman picked up a black card that was sandwiched in the file.

It was a death notice!