Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 111

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Hope They Don’t Get Arrested Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL Ross led a search of Garcia’s home and found the bodies of the two victims in the refrigerator.

Concord City police also confirmed Ross’s conjecture that the popsicle was indeed frozen saltwater.

They also found a roller skating unit in Garcia’s car, and there was a video recorded by Garcia himself in the DSLR camera.

All the evidence was complete, and Garcia did commit the murder.

As for the torture equipment in the live broadcast, the iron chair and the double jaw ripper, Concord City police sent a police car to New York to be delivered to the Zero Major Crimes Unit.

After the investigation was over, Ross immediately returned to the police station and held a press conference.

Since Loggins’ fake news was exposed a few days ago, the New York Police Department had been trying to salvage its image.

All cases regarding the Death Inquisitor’s live broadcast had to be reported at a press conference.

Because of the high popularity and people’s support of the Death Inquisitor, the media was naturally willing to come to the police station.

“Officer, may I ask something? Since the Death Inquisitor is now going outside of New York to execute criminals, does that mean that the Death Inquisitor will often go to other cities to execute criminals in the future?” “We’re not sure about this at the moment, but Garcia committed a crime in New York.

He only fled to Concord after receiving a death notice.

” “Officer Ross, in the current case of the gut-wrenching case in Los Angeles, the people don’t seem to want the Los Angeles police to catch the gut-wrenching hand.

Instead, they want the Death Inquisitor to make a move.

Do you think this has anything to do with the Death Inquisitor repeatedly catching and executing criminals that the New York police failed to catch?” .



Ross frowned.

He seriously answered, “I have to remind the public that the Death Inquisitor is not a hero or a law enforcer.

He is a very dangerous criminal.

Although he made a mistake last time, there is no evidence that he would not attack ordinary people! Please be careful, New Yorkers.

If you meet a person who is suspected to be the Death Inquisitor, you must call the police!” “But at the moment, he hasn’t attacked ordinary people, has he?” “Excuse me, Officer Ross, do you think the Death Inquisitor will respond to the petition of the people of California this time and go to Los Angeles to have his intestines removed for execution?” “We’re not sure about that at the moment.

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COM “Officer, why are you holding a press conference when you know nothing!” The audience burst into laughter.

Ross gritted his teeth and angrily said, “This press conference is a report of Garcia’s crime, not the Death Inquisitor’s fan reception!” “Officer Ross, what do you think about the video of the gut-digging hand that was released online? Can it be used as a clue to catching the gut-digging hand?” “I’ll say it again! This is about Garcia.

What did you say? What gut-wrenching hand video?” “It seems that our officer Ross is very busy to catch the Death Inquisitor! During today’s live broadcast, an anonymous netizen released a video recorded by a citizen’s dashboard camera.

The five men in the video are suspected to be gut-wrenching hands!” “Today’s press conference ends here!” After hearing the reporter’s explanation, Ross did not have the time to be angry at the other party for mocking him.

He immediately announced the end of the press conference.

Ignoring the questions of the reporters behind him, he turned around and walked to the office.

For Ross, the case ended with the end of the press conference.

But for Jack, everything had just begun.

In the office of the Zero Major Crimes Unit of the New York Police Department… A video on the big screen finished playing.

It was the video of the gut-wrenching hand that had been circulating on the Internet.

Ross looked at the people around him and asked, “We’ve watched the video.

What do you think?” Willie scratched his head and said, “With this video as a clue, Los Angeles should be able to catch these five gut-wrenching criminals.

But what does this have to do with us?” “Of course it has everything to do with us.

The Death Judge’s live broadcast this time is meant to prepare for the trip to Los Angeles.

If the captain and I are right, then the Death Judge’s next target is the gut-wrenching hands, and the Death Judge must have seen this video,” Monica said.

“So, the Death Judge is going to compete with the Los Angeles Police Department to see who is faster?” Hart asked.

“Will the Death Judge be able to catch the eviscerator this time? He was just broadcasting live in Concord City.

Will he be able to make it in time to rush to Los Angeles?” Judy stopped her fingers that were flying on the keyboard and said, “Not necessarily.

This video is very blurry.

I tried just now, but it was very difficult to improve the clarity.

There is not much effective information that can be extracted.

The Los Angeles police might not be able to catch the murderer with it.

But the Death Judge is different.

With his technology and IQ, it’s very likely that he has already cracked the real identities of these five people before the Los Angeles police have any clues.

” “Do we need to contact the Los Angeles Police?” “No need.

There’s no direct evidence to suggest that the Death Judge is related to this matter.

Moreover, Los Angeles is in California.

The Zero Major Crimes Unit can’t manage such a far place.

” At this time, Loggins said, “I can solve this problem.

I have an old friend in the Los Angeles Police Department.

When I was chasing a transnational criminal, I worked with a sheriff in Los Angeles.

” “Okay! Then contact him immediately.

It’ll be faster if you can fight with the Death Inquisitor!” Ross did not hesitate.

He believed that the Death Inquisitor would definitely make a move.

At random, Loggins took out his phone and made a call.

The call was quickly picked up.

After a short conversation, Loggins put down the phone.

Loggins sighed and said, “He’s not here.

The Los Angeles Police have already found the clues.

He has brought people to pursue him.

There should be news soon.

I don’t know why, but after the last fight with the Death Inquisitor, I now hope that the Los Angeles police will catch the eviscerator, but I don’t want them to catch the Death Inquisitor.

” “The death penalty is too light for these five scumbags.

To be honest, I would rather they be caught by the Death Inquisitor than by the LAPD.

” As a woman, Monica could feel the despair of the three girls who were dragged away in the video.

“Execution in California takes a long time—maybe a few years or even longer.

” “From my standpoint, I hope that they will be captured by the Los Angeles Police Department.

From a personal standpoint, I hope that they will be captured by the Death Inquisitor.

Moreover, the bodies that the Death Inquisitor has executed are more valuable for research,” Bowman said coldly.

“It’s a pity that we don’t even know if the Death Inquisitor will make a move.

” Ross looked at everyone present and sighed.

It was rare for him to remain silent.

Even though he was the person who wanted to capture the Death Inquisitor the most, it was difficult for him to refute everyone at that moment.

The prestige of the Death Inquisitor had even begun to seep into the hearts of these policemen.