Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 102

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 102

Chapter 102: The End of the Family Monica panted slightly.

She could not imagine it, and she did not dare to imagine it.

She was afraid that any of her deductions or mental images would destroy the god-like image of the Death Inquisitor in her mind.

Willie, who was beside her, angrily said, “If that’s the case, then no matter what Loggins does now, nothing will change? Everything he does will be useless?” Hart said, “If he can hold on, he can still save Zangwei.

” “It’s impossible.

From his current condition, we know that he won’t be able to hold on,” Bowman said.

Ross sighed and said, “Keep watching.

Hopefully, a miracle will happen.

” Although he comforted everyone, he knew very well that miracles did not exist.

Buzz buzz buzz… Eight minutes had passed.

There were only two minutes left before the game ended.

However, the sharp steel pipe had already touched Zangwei’s clothes.

“F*ck! Hurry up! Hurry up and lift it up!” Loggins said, “I can’t hold on much longer.

I can only lift the steel frame to the highest position now.

” “Lift it! Lift it! Quickly lift it to the highest position!” Zangwei knew that it was useless to say anything and that he could only agree.

Between his face and his life, which was more important? Of course he knew which one to choose.




Once he was rescued, with Loggins’ current condition, he could easily kill Loggins and then escape from there.

What was important was that he stayed alive.

Loggins took a deep breath, and all the remaining strength in his body burst out.

“Ah!” Loggins roared and raised the steel frame.

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COM The steel frame was lifted up by Loggins bit by bit, and it was getting higher and higher.

The steel slots in the glass cover were also being pulled open bit by bit.

On Zangwei’s side, the sharp blade pierced into his skin bit by bit.

Under his skin, it slowly pushed forward.

The skin, flesh, and bones were peeled off, and blood kept dripping down.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” “F*ck!” Zangwei screamed miserably.

Loggins endured the intense pain from his ribs and used his last bit of strength to lift the steel frame to the highest position.

However, at this moment, the scene froze, and Loggins was also dumbfounded.

The end of the steel bar was placed on the edge of the steel trough and did not fall down.

“How could this be? Could it be that my guess was wrong?” Loggins was overwhelmed with confusion.

He originally thought that he had seen through the Death Inquisitor’s trap and that he could win against him.

But reality hit him hard, and he felt like someone had slapped him.

“Impossible! It can’t be like this! It can definitely be lifted higher!” Loggins roared crazily and kept pushing the steel frame up to no avail.

The steel frame had already reached the highest position.

Seeing Loggins’ lifeless and desperate expression, the audience in the live broadcast room became happy.

“Hahaha! You didn’t fall.

Are you disappointed? Do you think you can win against the judge? How is that possible!” “Zangwei is dead for sure this time.

That’s great! It’s worth celebrating!” “Looks like Loggins saw through a fake trap!” “Is this a fake trap? The judge is really amazing!” “You are wrong, I am from MIT.

According to my careful observation and research, I am sure that this is not a fake trap.

This is a double trap.

The mechanism above can fall at the beginning.

Loggins’ analysis is not wrong on this point.

However, every time the steel channel is opened and closed, the steel frame is lifted and lowered by Loggins.

The distance between the steel channels on the mechanism will be closer.

Therefore, after a few times of opening and closing, the distance between the steel channels can no longer make the steel bars fall.

It is that simple!” “Oh my god! Is there really someone who can see through the judge’s trap? As expected of an MIT student!” “Who said I’m a student? And this trap, I only saw through it by luck.

I didn’t find any of the previous traps.

” “Are all the viewers in the live broadcast room so high-level?” “If you ask me, the judge’s level is the highest!” The bullet comments kept rolling and the entire live broadcast room was covered.

At this moment, a close-up shot suddenly appeared on the screen, and viewers gasped as they awaited the outcome.

Hiss, hiss, hiss! Zangwei’s nose had been cut off by a sharp blade.

The entire face, skin, and flesh of his skull had been peeled off.

It looked like a human face floating in a pool of blood.

The scene was extremely bloody and terrifying! “F*ck! I’m scared to death!” “It’s too scary! There are always different kinds of horrifying scenes in the live broadcast!” “Although it’s scary and cruel, this Zangwei deserves it.

He deserves to die! He deserves to have his face peeled off!” “That’s right.

Don’t sympathize with him.

Think about how he treated that girl.

Not only did he peel off her face, but he also crushed her skull.

That’s what’s cruel!” “Do you even need to say that? Who would sympathize with such a person!” Just as the audience was sending out bullet comments, Loggins’ loud shout was heard from the live broadcast room.

“Ah! I can’t take it anymore! I can’t hold on anymore!” “No! No! Hold on for a little longer! Don’t put it down!” Hearing Loggins’ words, Zangwei could not help but feel fear.

He shouted loudly, and blood continuously spurted out from his mouth.

Clang! With another loud sound, the steel frame fell to the ground again.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! The power was connected, and the steel pipe continued to fall, stabbing at Zangwei.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz… The tip of the slanted steel pipe was very sharp, like the tip of a needle.

It directly pierced through Zangwei’s clothes and skin.

A flower of blood instantly bloomed, and the small flower of blood connected into a big flower of blood.

Zangwei’s entire chest was dyed red.

“Ah! Save me! Save me!” Zangwei screamed miserably.

When Loggins saw this scene, his eyes turned red.

“F*ck! Damn bastard! Why did this happen?” He lifted the steel frame again and heard the falling steel pipe.

Zangwei spoke in a weak voice.

“Hold on, hold on, save me!” He did not finish his sentence.

Clang! The steel frame fell to the ground again.

Buzz buzz buzz… Buzz buzz buzz… More than ten sharp steel pipes pierced into Zangwei’s chest this time.

Further down were his weak internal organs and trachea.

“Ah! This can’t be the end!” Loggins was anxious and angry because he knew that no matter what he did, it would be useless now.

However, he still lifted the steel frame again.

“Tell me, tell me, who the Death Inquisitor is!” “I don’t know! He is too fast.

I only saw a black shadow.

The old wizard once said that there is someone at the southeast coast who will end your family.

That someone is the Death Inquisitor!”