Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 100

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 100

Chapter 100: I’ve Found Your Trap At this moment, the sharp blade withdrew from Zangwei’s face.

The flesh on his face was completely twisted, and the open wound kept bleeding.

When Loggins heard Zangwei’s words, he was instantly furious.

He had been furious all night.

First, his plan had failed, then he had been teased by the Death Inquisitor.

Now, he had risked his life to save someone who was also constantly scolding him.

Those who did not know better would have thought that Zangwei was trying to save him again, and the pent-up anger in his heart suddenly erupted.

“F*ck you! If you want to die, I won’t save you!” Zangwei was stunned, and the audience in the live broadcast room became excited.

“Yes! That’s right! Be like a man!” “If you’re a man, then stay angry for five minutes!” “Hehe! I can’t even look at him.

At least hold on for one minute.

” “I believe that.

Look at him! He really can’t do it.

I give him ten seconds at most.

Just wait and see.

” Zangwei did not expect that Loggins would suddenly become angry, so his eyes turned to the side.

He looked at Loggins and said, “Don’t be like this.

I was wrong.

I was really wrong.

You should think of a way.

That thing is about to fall.

I will be stabbed to death.

Save me! Please save me! I have clues about the Death Inquisitor.

I have fought with him before!” Hearing Zangwei’s last words, Loggins was shocked.

When he got out of the car, he only felt a sharp pain on his neck.

He immediately lost consciousness, so he did not even see a shadow of the Death Inquisitor.

However, Zangwei had fought with him before, so he must know a lot about the Death Judge.

This was a very good breakthrough and would be a good opportunity for him to learn more about his opponent.

“Tell me quickly, what clues do you know?” .



“You have to save me first.

I will tell you.

Otherwise, you might not save me.

” Seeing that there was not much time left, Loggins did not have time to waste with him.

He nodded and said, “Okay.

I will save you, but you have to f*cking hold it in!” Hearing this, the audience in the live broadcast room launched another bullet screen.

“F*ck! This trash did not last a minute!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “If he really has a clue, then he should be dead.

We can’t let the police catch the judge!” “It’s your first day watching the live broadcast, right? Even if Zangwei really fought with the judge, do you think that the judge would not have thought of this with his IQ? Don’t worry, I’m sure that his clues are absolutely useless!” At this time, Loggins stood up again, took a deep breath, exerted all his strength, and lifted up.

Zap! The steel blade once again pierced into his ribs, squeezing out a thick stream of blood.

At this moment, the sharp blades on both sides of Zangwei’s face were pushed out again, cutting open the wound where the blood had just coagulated.

“Ahhhh!” “F*ck! Death Judge, you’re a pervert!” “You lunatic! A perverted murderer!” Zangwei did not dare to continue scolding Loggins, so he started cursing the Death Inquisitor directly.

The pain on his face made his entire body spasm and tremble uncontrollably.

He had not only cut off one face, he had also heard countless screams.

All he knew was that it was very exciting, but he had never thought that one day his own face would be cut off.

He had never thought that one day he would hear his own screams.

He had never thought how painful it would be.

Now he knew.

It felt like every nerve in his body had been cut off, and it was as if he was caressing his brain.

His entire body was numb.

At this moment, Loggins was clenching his teeth tightly.

His nostrils were wide open and he was breathing heavily.

His eyes looked like they were about to pop out.

One, two, three, four, five… As the seconds ticked by, Loggins only felt the pressure on his shoulders becoming heavier and heavier, until his legs began to tremble and his breathing became difficult.

Clang! A loud sound echoed in the room.

The steel frame fell heavily to the ground.

Buzz buzz buzz… The power was connected.

The sharp steel pipe continued to operate, stabbing down bit by bit.

At this moment, it was only about a meter away from Zangwei’s chest.

“Ah Ah Ah! Continue! You must save me, please! Save me!” Looking at the sharp steel pipes that were flashing with a metallic luster, Zangwei felt a cold aura penetrate his body.

It was as if his soul was about to freeze.

At this moment, Loggins’ gaze was not on Zangwei but on the machine above him.

There was a transparent rectangular box with two thin steel troughs inside.

The outside was dyed red and blue, and they were placed in parallel, it was like a train track, but there was a gap of about ten centimeters in the middle.

However, there were two common steel bars at the gap, which were placed in the steel troughs.

One end was fixed, and the other end was moving.

Every time Loggins lifted the steel frame, a force would be transferred there.

Then, the steel channel would stretch to both sides, causing the steel bars to move continuously in the grass.

“I understand.

” “Death Inquisitor, I know your intention.

I have found your trap!” Loggins suddenly became excited, acting as if he had caught the Death Inquisitor.

“There are two steel troughs in the glass cover.

If my deduction is correct, the red one is the line of fire, and the blue one is the zero line.

Every time I lift the steel frame, the steel troughs will stretch to both sides.

The higher I lift, the larger the gap between the steel troughs.

If I’m not wrong, as long as I lift the steel troughs to the largest position, the gap between the steel troughs will be enough for the steel bars inside to fall.

If that happens, the two steel bars will come into contact, and the line of fire and the zero line will come into contact.

What will the result be? The whole circuit will short-circuit, and the machine will be stopped forever!” Loggins said excitedly.

His pride shone through his eyes.

“I learned something again!” “You learned something? Are you a primary school student? I suggest you watch it with your parents.

” “You make a lot of sense.

Could it have been cracked just like that?” “It should be cracked.

He sounded so confident.

” “Ahhh! I’m so angry.

Do we have to let this scumbag get out alive? !” “No! The judge must kill him! This face-ripping bastard!” “The judge’s trap cannot be cracked forever.

There will always be people with strange ideas.

” “Although that’s the case, I still can’t accept it! How can I let such a scum get out alive? !” At this moment, the screen in the live broadcast room showed a close-up of the glass cover.

Ross and the others in the Zero Major Crimes Team also looked at it carefully.

“It seems to be like this.

This set of props has two sets of switches.

One set is to lift the steel frame and the circuit will be broken, and the other set is this rail-stretching device.

” “Yes, I agree, but don’t you think that this setting is a little too simple and shallow?” Ross said with a frown.

He always felt that it was so simple.

He vaguely felt that there was something they were missing.