Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 89

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Declaration of War The news of the dead on the streets of a busy city quickly spread on the Internet.

One of the biggest reasons was that the scene of the death was too tragic, and another reason was that it was related to the Death Judge.

“The Death Judge made a move again.

This time, he killed people on the streets!” “Really? Why isn’t there a live broadcast this time?” “It must be fake.

Didn’t the Inquisitor broadcast it in the afternoon? Why did it start again at night? It’s too frequent.

” “Who knows? Anyway, I heard that the words ‘Death Inquisitor’ were written on the windshield.

” “Hehe! Do you still have some IQ? No matter how I look at it, I feel like it’s framing the Inquisitor.

To think that there are still people who believe it!” As the incident was exposed, the identity of the deceased was quickly revealed.

However, the deceased did not commit any cruel crimes.

She was just an ordinary girl.

This caused another wave of discussion among the crowd.

“The girl who died was a good friend of mine.

I swear on my life that she is definitely a good girl.

She has never committed anything bad.

Whether it was the Death Inquisitor or anyone else, the murderer must pay the price with his life!” “She was still selling clothes in the mall on the afternoon of the day of her death.

That night, she died on the streets.

What’s wrong with our laws?” “Those who say that the victim is not a good person, why don’t you all go and die! Even if she is already dead, you can’t ruin her reputation and tarnish her name!” “The Death Inquisitor is a perverted murderer!” .



“Hey you, commenter on top, are you an idiot? Do you know for sure that she was killed by the Death Inquisitor? Did someone sleep with your wife and then write the Death Inquisitor on her body? Are you going to look for the Death Inquisitor too?” All of a sudden, all kinds of opinions appeared on the Internet.

Some people thought that the Death Inquisitor was the one who killed her, while others thought that the crime was meant to frame the Death Inquisitor.

Everyone on the Internet was calling out the police for their inability to capture the suspect.

At that time, Jack, who had already returned to his apartment, lit a cigarette.

In the darkness, the light of the cigarette butt grew brighter and then faded.

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COM What Jack did not expect was that so many people were still clear-headed and not all of them were confused.

Jack was a little surprised about this.

However, in his opinion, the suspect was not framing him.

The suspect probably doesn’t care.

Otherwise, whoever was responsible could have made a similar death notice and left it in the car.

In Jack’s opinion, the murderer committed this case with only one purpose, which was to convey a message to Jack.

“I’m coming.

” Yes, it was such a simple sentence.

The fact that “Death Inquistor” was written in blood on the windshield stirred people’s heads.

It was some kind of self-marking.

But there was another meaning behind it.

Whoever did it was declaring war! Because of the blood on the windshield, this case naturally fell under the investigation of the Zero Major Crimes Team.

“Through the investigation and appraisal of the scene of death, there are currently no handprints, footprints, teeth marks, bullet marks, tool marks, and the like.

The murderer is very cunning.

The location chosen is also a blind spot for surveillance.

Moreover, one of the key surveillance cameras for road surveillance is broken.

It can be seen that the murderer has a very strong anti-detection ability.

” “This is very similar to the Death Inquisitor, but judging from the traces we found at the scene of death recently, it seems to be different from the Death Inquisitor’s scenes because it’s too clean.

The Death Inquisitor’s previous crime scenes were not spotless.

There were some traces left behind.

Even though they are all useless clues, this is enough to prove that there is a huge disparity between their ways.

” Hart finished his analysis and closed the folder.

Judy frowned and said, “Are you saying the opposite? Shouldn’t the murderer be more brilliant than the Death Inquisitor?” “You’re wrong.

Although it’s very impressive to be able to erase all traces of the scene, it’s more complicated to be able to leave some useless clues.

Obviously, the Death Inquisitor is much more brilliant!” Hart’s mouth twitched slightly.

“Oh, I see.

” Bowman also nodded and said, “The examination on my side showed that the time of death of the deceased should be between 6:00 and 6:30.

The time of discovery was 7:00.

We can conclude that the scene of death is not the first scene of death.

In addition, through the identification of the skull and skin tissue, there are obvious contusions and bruises on both sides of the skull.

The cause of death of the deceased is consistent with the skull fracture under the pincer attack.

In other words, the head of the deceased was most likely crushed by the killer.

However, the mechanical structure of the human skull can be said to be close to perfection.

A fresh adult skull has a very strong resistance to compression.

In theory, it would be more than 3,000 newtons.

Therefore, to crush a head, it would probably require some tools.

However, no such tools were found at the scene.

This also means that the scene of death that we found is not the first scene of death.

” After listening to their reports, Ross spoke with a pensive look.

“Obviously, this does not match the style of the Death Judge.

There is no death notice and no live broadcast of the death.

The body is not at the scene of the first death.

The difference is too big.

This should be someone deliberately imitating the Death Judge.

” Ross paused as he suddenly thought of something.

“No! This is not imitating, this is a challenge!” “That’s right! This is a challenge, a signal to declare war on the Death Inquisitor,” Monica said.

Willie, who was at the side, was surprised.

He actually dared to declare war on the Death Inquisitor? Is there something wrong with his brain? It was shocking because it was as though a normal person was actually declaring war against an undefeatable enemy! Loggins, who had been silent all this time, swept his cold gaze across everyone, and then the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, revealing a strange smile.

It seemed to be a kind of ridicule, but also seemed to be a kind of appreciation, which people could not understand.

“Your analysis is not too bad, not too bad.

Why did you spend so much effort to capture a Death Inquisitor?” ‘F*ck! You dare to say such words! Now pretend you’re at one of the Death Inquisitor’s crime scenes! You will surely be in despair!’ the others thought.

No one spoke, but no one thought highly of him.

‘You think you can deal with the Death Inquisitor?’ Looking at the reactions of the people, Loggins could tell what they were thinking at a glance.

He just pretended not to know.

“All right.

This case, whether it was done by the Death Inquisitor or not, will be treated and handled as though it was done by the Death Inquisitor.

Later, we’ll hold a press conference to report the case and say that it was done by the Death Inquisitor.

” “It’s not very good to deceive the people by doing this,” said Ross.

Loggins snorted and said, “We have to use a different method to deal with him.

What he has done requires the support of the people.

If the people oppose him, he will definitely fail!” Ross’s face became very solemn.

In his eyes, this Loggins was simply courting death by provoking the Death Inquisitor.

It was very dangerous to do so!