Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 84

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 84

Chapter 84: The Art of Flesh and Blood The heavy iron wall were still advancing mercilessly.

It’s only 50 centimeters apart.

Ka-chow! Ka-chow! Ka-chow! The sound of bones breaking could be heard through the broadcast, and blood mixed with bone fragments splashed out.

The four people had perfectly explained how weak and fragile the human body was.

The sound of every breaking bone was even more audible because the room was sealed.

“Ah! Help! Help me!” “My leg! My leg is broken! Ah ah ah! Please stop! Please, stop.

I was wrong!” “Please, Death Judge, let me go.

I can give you all my assets!” .



“F*ck! It hurts so much! Ah ah ah!” The four of them wailed mournfully.

Their arms, thighs, and shoulders were torn, and their bones were broken.

Fresh blood poured down like rain, flowing into the crystal coffin that was lit up.

“F*ck! There’s so much blood!” “We can use it to make a hamburger right away.

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COM “Are you that hungry? How can you think of food in such a situation?” “It’s too wasteful.

I suggest the judge remove their organs and drain their blood for those who need it, just like what they did to those homeless people!” “Even I find it dirty.

Even if they gave it to me, I wouldn’t dare to use their organs and blood.

Who knows, their genes might have a violent gene.

Whoever comes in touch with it will surely become a murderer!” The audience in the live broadcast room kept sending bullet messages.

Tens of thousands of bullet messages popped up every second, directly covering up the scene in the live broadcast room.

It was like a white screen.

The timid people hoped that it would be so.

After all, the scene in the live broadcast room was too terrifying and horrifying to watch.

The distance between them was only 20 centimeters.

Bang! The lampshade on the roof let out a loud sound.

It was directly crushed by the wall that was squeezed from both sides.

However, the lamp was not crushed.

It was still emitting a dim light.

Under the illumination of the light, only four people could be seen being squeezed in the middle, and blood was still dripping non-stop.

There were a few bones in each person’s body that pierced through their skin and flesh.

They were like firewood that had been randomly stacked together.

However, the four people did not scream anymore.

They did not have the strength to make a sound.

Only the faint sound of labored breathing could be heard.

There was still a distance of ten centimeters between them.

Bang! The light bulb above was also crushed by the pressure, and the light instantly dimmed.

The only source of light left was the light inside the crystal coffin.

However, the crystal coffin was now covered with a thick layer of blood.

The bottom had already solidified, and the top layer of blood was still flowing.

From time to time, flesh and skin would continue to fall from the top of the corpse.

Therefore, under the cover of blood and flesh, the bright light became blood red.

It was as if the entire narrow space was bleeding.

Under this kind of light, the four of them could no longer tell where the blood was and where the flesh was.

It was as if it was sealed in red amber, like a strange, mysterious, and crazy work of art created by a crazy artist.

One centimeter apart… Bang! The last ray of light disappeared, and the entire scene in the live broadcast room darkened.

“F*ck! This is too scary!” “They died so miserably! Their deaths are probably the most miserable!” “They were indeed miserable! They were directly turned into minced meat paste!” “I don’t know if it was the most painful, but this will be a challenge for the police! An autopsy cannot be conducted on those bodies!” “Those people deserved to die like that!” “That’s right! Those scumbags are only worthy of death under such torture!” Just as the audience in the live broadcast room was shocked and discussing this horrifying scene… Kacha! Weng weng weng! A sound was heard.

The thick and heavy iron wall suddenly opened slowly.

Under the dim light, the room was in ruins.

Gardner and the other three had completely disappeared.

Then, the crystal coffin made a sound and slowly rose up.

The bones, broken flesh, and frozen blood on it slid down one after another.

Soon, Kanasan’s body was revealed.

Under the protection of the Crystal Coffin, it was still intact.

“What is the judge doing? Is she going to be resurrected?” “What are you thinking? No matter how powerful the judge is, he is not a god! How can he resurrect the dead?” “Oh right, where is the bomb collar on Gardner’s neck? Was it crushed? Why didn’t I hear the explosion?” “If it was crushed, it could have been detonated, right?” Just as the audience was discussing again.

Bang! A loud explosion was heard.

Kanasan’s neck was instantly broken by the explosion.

However, her blood had long been drained.

There wasn’t much blood.

Only countless pieces of bright red flesh mixed with bone fragments were splashed onto the crystal coffin.

Then, the politician’s head fell down and rolled to the bottom of the crystal coffin.

Her two widened eyes happened to look through the gaps of her messy hair.

The scene was very eerie.

“F*ck! I was scared to death!” “When I suddenly saw this, I was so scared that I almost fell off my chair!” “So what if I fell off my chair? I was so scared that I almost peed!” “She really looks like a female ghost in a horror movie!” “Hahaha! I’m dying of laughter.

There was actually someone who was so scared that she peed! But it was indeed very scary.

It was too scary!” “I feel like the judge has the potential to be a horror movie director.

This scene was really scary!” “This scene is better than many other horror movies!” Jack looked at the bullet messages sent by the audience and then looked at the scene of death.

It was bloody, violent, and had a hint of artistry.

This was a near-perfect execution.

The corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing a satisfied smile.

“Today’s death trial ends here.

Let’s meet again next time.

Thank you for watching.

” As Jack finished speaking, the screen disappeared, and the live broadcast was closed.

— “This death trial has ended.

The verdict has been successful.

” “The difficulty level of this death trial is being reviewed.

” “The review has been completed.

The difficulty level of this death trial is excellent + 1.

” “Reward: 2,100 trial points.

Unlock scenario: None.

One death gift bag obtained.

” “The reward for this livestream is 7,768 dollars.

” — Jack heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the excellent evaluation.

He nodded his head in satisfaction.

His wish had been fulfilled.

It was really not easy to obtain an excellent evaluation.

“Oh right, what is in the gift bag? This is the first time I’ve obtained it.

” Jack quickly opened the grand gift bag.

— “Stun card x 10” “Soundproof card x 10” “Lighting and sound effects composite card x 10” “Scene experience card x 1” — Jack nodded slightly.

He was quite satisfied with this grand gift bag, especially with a scene experience card.

The next time he used a scene, he would not need to spend any judgment points.

In addition, there were five lighting and sound effects composite cards.

In his past live broadcasts, he only used a simple light card and didn’t use sound effects.

If he used sound effects to enhance the atmosphere next time, then his live broadcast would really be comparable to a horror movie.

He felt like he could even sell tickets to those who want to watch it.

Jack was in a good mood.

He turned, and his gaze suddenly fell on the table.