Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 70

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Teamwork Viewers were used to watching the death broadcast at night, but this time, it started during the day.

It was both surprising and a pleasant change for the viewers.

The crimes of the seven people were being publicized, and their horrifying crimes ignited the anger of all the viewers in the live broadcast room.

“The judge is really good.

The whole world has long been looking for these human-eating scumbags.

And there are actually seven of them!” “Quick! Judge, hurry up and kill them! I can’t stand these scumbags who eat human flesh.

They can’t continue living in this world.

Judge, hurry up and do it!” “I suggest that we slice open their stomachs like in the previous episode and dig out their internal organs.

Let them see if their hearts have rotted!” “People like them should die slowly.

Use knives to slowly cut off their flesh, cook everything in a large pot, and let them eat it themselves!” “Right! I agree.

Don’t they like to eat human flesh? The Death Judge should let them eat their own flesh!” At this moment, the number of people in the live broadcast room instantly reached two million.

Countless bullet comments floated past the screen, covering up the scene in the live broadcast room.

Even people on Twitter were in a frenzy.

“Good news! The Death Inquisitor has made his move! The cannibals that the whole world has been looking for have all been captured!” “Live broadcast! Live trial! Everyone, quickly go to the Death Inquisitor’s live broadcast room and take a look!” “Where are you watching the live broadcast from? Give me a link!” “Open any live broadcast software and the front page will be filled with news and anything related to the Death Inquisitor!” .



Very quickly, people who heard the news about the cannibals being captured rushed into Jack’s live broadcast room.

In less than a minute, another two million people poured into the live broadcast room, and the number of people online instantly exceeded four million.

This was exceedingly large, and it was shocking even to professional streamers who were used to having millions of viewers.

At that time, even some well-known streamers also made way for the livestream of death.

After all, competing with the Death Inquisitor for popularity was not easy.

It was like courting death.

“The Death Inquisitor has started live streaming.

Now I’m going to switch to the livestream of death to watch the Inquisitor execute the scum.

After the Inquisitor is done, we’ll continue to dance!” “Hurry, hurry, hurry! Hurry up and push down the defense tower.

The death broadcast room has started streaming.

If we don’t push down the base, we’ll surrender immediately.

We’re anxious to watch the judge’s live broadcast!” At this moment, having just taken down a triple kill, a professional player and streamer who was also live broadcasting anxiously shouted to his fellow players.

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COM “Everyone, listen to me.

I’m not going to sing anymore.

The death broadcast room has started live broadcasting.

The cannibals who just appeared on the news today have all been captured and are about to be executed.

Everyone, come and watch with me.

However, the judge’s live broadcast is very bloody and terrifying.

Those who are timid shouldn’t watch!” said one singing host.

He immediately switched the scene to the death broadcast room.

On the other side of the city, in the New York City Hospital, meanwhile… From doctors to nurses to patients, everyone in the hospital was crazily discussing the death broadcast.

“How can Gardner actually do such a terrifying thing! It’s unbelievable!” “He didn’t just eat people! The crime announced by the judge included murder! He killed several homeless people and children!” “Could it be that the judge made a mistake? Dr.

Gardner usually seems very nice!” “What do you know! That dog Gardner is a wolf in human skin.

He is a beast.

I have long known that he is not a good person! The director actually gave up on me and let him be the director!” “That hospital is too scary.

After watching the live broadcast of the judge, let’s hurry and get out of that hospital! Who knows if there are such perverts in this hospital? I don’t feel safe here now!” “Me too! Why do I feel like no one in this hospital is a good person?” “You guys keep watching.

I had just asked to be discharged from the hospital.

I won’t dare to stay here anymore.

I’ll watch the live broadcast on the way!” “Wait for me.

I want to be discharged too.

Let’s do it together.

I won’t dare to wander around alone!” At that moment, Jack was quietly watching the livestream as the viewers kept pouring in.

He was not surprised to see the number of people in the live broadcast continuously increasing.

After all, it was a terrifying case.

It was beyond the understanding of ordinary people and had been fermented by the news.

It had long aroused the anger of the entire nation.

Five minutes passed quickly, and the crime announcement ended.

The scene in the live broadcast flashed, and a closed room appeared in the camera.

In the picture, seven iron brackets were placed side by side in the middle of the room.

On the brackets were seven iron cages in the shape of eggs.

Seven people were curled up and kneeling in the iron cages.

However, the size of the iron cages was different.

The larger people’s iron cages were larger, and the smaller people’s iron cages were smaller because the iron cages were custom-made.

They all seemed to have been cramped inside.

It didn’t look like there was much space for each of them.

Suddenly, the seven criminals woke up.

They were struggling to get out of the cage, but it was impossible.

It wasn’t something that could be broken by merely human strength.

“F*ck! What is this place! Who locked us up! Come out!” “It’s The Death Inquisitor! It must be the Death Inquisitor! He has his eyes on us! It’s over! We’re finished!” One of them started crying.

“Are we going to die here? Help! Is there anyone there? Can anyone come and save me?” “Don’t waste your energy.

It’s not like you haven’t watched the live broadcast of the Inquisitor before.

No one will come and save us.

Those useless policemen will never find us while we’re alive.

If we want to leave this place alive, we can only rely on ourselves!” Gardner looked around and said, “From now on, if you want to live, listen to my commands.

As long as we work together, we will definitely get out alive!” “Gardner, we know you are smart.

I’ll listen to you!” “I’ll listen to you too!” “I can listen to you too, but Gardner, you have to bring me out alive!” “That’s right! I can sacrifice a part of myself, as long as you bring me out alive!” Under Gardner’s promise, the seven of them quickly reached a consensus and promised to work together.

Jack’s lips revealed a cold smile.

Then, his cold and hoarse voice rang out.

It sounded as if it came from hell.

“Hello, everyone.

I am your host, the Death Judge.

Welcome to today’s live broadcast.

Today’s victims have already been introduced at the beginning.

The cannibal organization is led by this Doctor Gardner.

They sold human organs and used all kinds of cruel methods to kill vagrants, including children.

In just half a year’s time, they have taken nineteen lives.

After they removed the organs and drained the corpses of their blood, they turned them into human meat soup.

” Hearing this, the live broadcast viewers were enraged.

They knew that the seven criminals were guilty of cannibalism, but they were shocked and disgusted when they heard the horrifying details from the Death Judge himself.